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Ever since I saw the Season 4 Finale which brought back a revamp of the G1 villain Tirek the centaur, I've been thinking of my own ways that they could revamp more MLP:G1 villains, and 1 of them in particular caught my greater interest, the G1 villain known as Grogar(the necromancer/big-horned ram), after watching the original G1 episodes that first introduced Grogar to the world, I realized that he was about the 2nd baddest G1 villain only to Tirek, so I tried to figure a way to revamp him for the Friendship is Magic Generation, and thinking that this could be a little dark for the series, or even long enough to be a 3-episode event, I later thought why not make this story into the fan-made script for a movie event, because if it were on the TV show it would have to be Y-rated, but if it were a movie it could be G-rated so that it can have a darker, more intense tone to it without causing too much trouble, or have to be interrupted too often by the usual commercial times, hey it worked for both Equestria Girls movies so why not something like this.

Meanwhile I kept thinking of how to bring Grogar to FiM, I soon came to a realization, what is Grogar basically supposed to be, a Necromancer, and what is it that necromancers are believed to do, they use powerful dark magic to summon & control the dead, or at least supernatural/paranormal entities, such as ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghouls, demons, etc, some may even summon monsters from other dimensions, so I thought about making Grogar able to summon & control creatures from a "Dark Dimension" that is made entirely out of Dark Magic, so the best I could come up with was monsters I call "Dark Goblins", picture them as human-looking, demonic beings, with bat-like wings, small devil-like horns on their heads, pig snout-like noses, mouths full of fangs, clawed 5-fingered hands, pointy ears, glowing red eyes, rough dry skin as black as soot, they're about the size of the ponies and are mindless drones, with feral beast like personalities, Grogar would control them as though they were but mere extensions of his own will, what's most dangerous about them is that they can possess living things & inanimate objects, then turn them into horrible monsters, because they are monsters of darkness they are vulnerable to sunlight which can destroy them, and since they are para-natural creatures made of nothing but Dark Magic, they were never truly ALIVE in the first place, so it would be OK to just kill them, because they're not living things at all, they're just Dark Magic in physical forms.

As for Grogar himself I wanted to think of something to use as his origin story, I'm well aware that in the G1 series he had a sniveling, bungling lackey known as 'Bray the Donkey', but by today's standards a sniveling, bungling lackey would have almost no place with a dark & serious character like Grogar, so I came up with a crazy idea: What if Grogar used to be Bray the Donkey before Bray was exposed to some extremely powerful dark magic, and mutated from a weak little donkey into a powerful big-horned ram/necromancer, I know that may sound stupid, but hey if the FiM creators could take Tirek & Scorpan and make them brothers, then why not make it to where Grogar was Bray transformed, in my vision FiM Bray would have resembled Cranky Doodle Donkey wearing G1 Bray's clothes & hat, and when he transformed into FiM Grogar he became as big & buff as Big Macintosh, but still maintained a general resemblance to his G1 counterpart, if not with a darker-shaded coat of blue fur, and maybe some larger, pointier curved horns, plus he has red glowing eyes which are always an intimidating sign of being very evil, now with Grogar's personality think of him as being similar to DC comics' Darkseid or Imperiex, or Marvel comics' Thanos, or Apocalypse, or Mortal Kombat's Shao Kahn, or even The Legend of Zelda's Ganondorf, as for his voice I'd like to think of it as a deep & demonic style voice provided by someone like Kevin Michael Richardson.

I also wanted to come up with some kind of gimmick to make this story more interesting, so I thought why not have it introduce a new species of magical equine, one that would be even more powerful than even the Alicorns, but what type of pony could possible be more powerful than Alicorns you may ask, I then came up with the idea: TWONICORNS(unicorns with 2 horns, pronounced as 2-nicorns), I know you may think that's stupid, but it would make sense when you think hard enough about it, the 4 main magical ponies on FiM are Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns and Alicorns, all of them have their own special kinds of magic, now Pegasi have wings which they use to fly & have an involuntary form of magic that lets them naturally walk on clouds & manage the weather, while Unicorns have single horns that act like magic wands which lets them use physic abilities & cast spells, the higher level of magic they wield the more powerful the spells, where as Alicorns have both wings & singular horns, so basically their a cross between a Pegasus & a Unicorn, meaning they can fly & cast spells, so they have the magic of a unicorn combined with the additional magic of a pegasus, which would enhance the magic within them so that they could perform greater feats of magic than a regular unicorn, now imagine the Twonicorn, it has 2 unicorn horns instead of just 1, unicorns are already capable of great feats of magic with just 1 horn, now double the horns and envision how much more powerful they could be, mathematically an alicorn is a unicorn plus a pegasus, and a twonicorn would be a unicorn multiplied by 2, unicorns are magic-wise more powerful than pegasi, and alicorns are more powerful than unicorns because they also have the additional power of a pegasus to amp up their magic, but a twonicorn has 2 horns so they have the power of at least 2 unicorns in just 1 pony, meaning that Twonicorns have to be more powerful than Alicorns, Unicorns can usually only wield certain kinds of spells with only limited magical power, where as Alicorns can usually wield more powerful spells but can only use certain types of magic, but Twonicorns could wield all types of magic & use all kinds of spells with even greater power than any other species of magic equine, at least that's how I see it, and for those of you that think that a 2-horned unicorn is still stupid get this, according to Norse Mythology, Odin had a wingless flying horse with 8-legs, while Hindu Mythology has tales of a wingless flying horse with 7-heads, so a unicorn with 2 horns is not the stupidest horse related thing out there, so I'm asking you to just give this a chance.

As for the description of a FiM style Twonicorn, I vision them as having their horns both the exact same size, width & length as each other, and they are lined up with one in front of the other so that they don't look like goats or something, the horns would be facing in the same direction as the Twonicorns heads, and they would be positioned to where they are angled to be pointing at at least a 30 degree angle of separation from each other, in other words they're not pointing in the exact same direction, one is just pointing in a higher direction than the other one, However unlike how it is with Alicorns, Twonicorn is NOT something one can ascend into, it's something they Need to be born with by having Twonicorn in their heritage, like how it was with the Cake Family, Carrot Cake is an Earth Pony with Unicorn in his blood, while Cup Cake is an Earth Pony with Pegasus in her blood, which is why their Son Pound is a Pegasus & their Daughter Pumpkin is a Unicorn, Now then as to what it is that Twonicorns do in the Pony's World, since they have 2 Horns instead of just 1, they naturally have a stronger connection with all of the mystical forces that bind the Pony's Universe together, so they have a special "Twonicorn Sense" which allows them to detect any form of magic at a far higher level than that of the Alicorn or the Unicorn, they can also use it as a magical form of echolocation, enabling them to find any differences in the mystical forces that surround them, the more naturally mature they are and higher the level of magic they wield, the farther they can sense something, they can even tell when there are Supernatural and/or Paranormal forces at work, this made them seen as a threat to Supernatural/Paranormal beings, so the Twonicorns were constantly being hunted down by Supernatural/Paranormal creatures, such as Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, outer-dimensional demons, etc., and since the Twonicorns had more than enough magic to fight back, they became the Pony World's protectors from Supernatural/Paranormal forces, but because they were constantly being hunted down, they decided to be separated from all other beings around the world, so that nopony would get harmed because of the Twonicorns basically being targets for the Supernatural/Paranormal, leaving almost no trace of their existence from other inhabitants of the lands that would be later known as Equestria & beyond, losing any & all connections they had to all other types of equines, so they pretty much became a SECRET race of magical equine, until Grogar came along & became an apocalyptic threat, so the Twonicorns reveled themselves to the world & became the ones that defeated Grogar long ago, once Grogar was taken care of they left as mysteriously as they arrived, and disappeared into legends & myths(at least in the Pony World).

Sadly though today the entire Twonicorn race is extinct, all of them are gone, except 1, that one Twonicorn is the last of his kind, so he is the mandatory new character needed for this story to work, he is depicted as a warrior who specializes in wielding a pair of swords, which is why I call him "Claymore", named after a type of sword, he also wears some belts with pouches that can carry some other weapons, including a special chain & some ninja-style shuriken throwing stars, he holds his weapons through FiM style magical telekinesis, which in itself sounds really cool, he's been trained in every form of the Martial Arts & the Mystic Arts, so he knows some ass-kicking moves, & knows some extremely powerful feats of magic, including the Age Spells so he can remain young & in his prime no matter how old he gets, his body figure is like that of the Flim Flam Brothers or Cheese Sandwich, so he's tall, and he's strong, but not bulky like Bulk Biceps, that's so he can have better agility & speed, both his horns are about as long as Princess Luna's, Shining Armor's, Cadence's, Fancy Pants', Fleur Dis Lee's, or Prince Blueblood's, he also has very short hair on his mane & tail, so short that it looks like the same level of baldness as Curly Howard of the Three Stooges, he also is always seen wearing black sunglasses even at night so we rarely see his eyes, as for personality he's totally anti-hero, he's a real bad-ass but still has some heart, he's very Asocial but mostly to keep others from following him so that no one around him will get hurt, he fights for the side of good, but he's willing to kill the bad-guys, especially if they're demonic monsters, he's violent but means no actual(or permanent) harm to the innocent, and he has zero respect for society, authority or royalty, but hey his magic power level surpasses even that of Celestia, so there's not really much anyone can do about it, and he takes his work Extremely seriously, with very little to no sense of humor, personality wise he's similar to (the Dark & Broody)Batman, or Blade the Daywalker, or Hellboy, or the Punisher, or the Ghost Rider, or Spawn, or Wolverine, or the Hulk from the Planet Hulk film, or Shadow the Hedgehog, or Leatherhead from the 2012 TMNT series, or even Wheeljack from Transformers Prime, or Auron from Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts, maybe even a hint of Afro Samurai, and perhaps just a little bit of Dust from An Elysian Tail, he's a total ass-hole but due to his origin story you just can't help but feel sorry for him, he's someone that gets the job done even if he has to break the rules(or break some bones which ever comes first), but he does have reasons for why he's like this, some of which the blame belongs to Celestia(of course), but being the last of the Twonicorns has brought some very heavy burdens for him to carry, burdens that only he can handle & endure, as for voice I'd like to think of it as a deep & serious toned voice, provided by someone like Steven Blum.

Of Course I can explain this a little more, but that can wait until later, right now let's just get this story started already, now as for the name of the film idea, I wanted to try to think of a something that would still sound kid friendly & make it so that families would like to go see it if it really were made into a movie event, so the best I could think of was the title listed here:

the *My Little Pony* movie: Return of the Twonicorns

Our story opens on a dark and creepy full moon lit night, the Mane 6 plus Spike are wondering around a creepy old graveyard, naturally Rainbow Dash is trying to take advantage of the situation my acting scary, telling the others that this would be the perfect place to tell some Scary Stories, and AppleJack is telling Rainbow to knock it off, Fluttershy then asks Twilight to remind her again why they have to be in a creepy old graveyard in the middle of the night, Twilight reminds the others that Princess Celestia sent them there to meet somepony making a special delivery of absolute importance, Spike latching himself onto Twilight's leg wishes that they could have had the meeting place be somewhere else, Rarity agrees with Spike then tells about how filthy & drab this place is, complaining that the groundskeeper really needs to do a better job, naturally Pinkie Pie tries to make light of the situation by trying something weird like I don't know make a puppet show out of nothing but some sticks, leaves, vines & moss or something, then when Pinkie turns around, Rainbow Dash wearing a changeling face mask goes BOO!, scaring Pinkie so bad that she jumps up & down through a cloud in the sky leaving 2 holes in the shape of her body(which if positioned right would be a great opportunity for Pinkie Pie to break the 4th wall right in front of the audience), then Rainbow takes off the mask & starts laughing hard at that, the others are all frustrated at R.D. right now, then as R.D. is enjoying the moment, a wisp of smoke-like shadow comes out of the ground right behind her, then it forms a Dark Goblin sneaking towards Rainbow, the others see the creature behind Rainbow & try to warn her, but they're so freaked out that they can't even say a word, so they keep pointing to the monster behind Rainbow, Rainbow is confused saying "Come on girls, it wasn't that bad", a second later she asks "What's up with you guys?", then another second later she figures it out and says "There's something bad right behind me isn't there?", she turns around, then she freaks out while zipping away from the Dark Goblin as it slashes it's claws & turns her changeling mask to shreds, our heroes then try avoiding the Goblin's attacks, suddenly a strange glowing disk-like object comes flying towards the Goblin, then when it hits the Goblin it turns to smoke & evaporates into nothing, the disk-like object then passes through the smoke a second time, then it stops right beside the face of a mysterious figure(Claymore) and once it stops we see that it's a 4-pointed shuriken throwing star being held by levitation magic with a Platinum colored aura, the ponies then gasp at the mysterious imposing figure, then at a close up of Claymore's face all he says is "Run", then Fluttershy begins flying away while saying "You don't have to tell me twice!", but before she can escape more Dark Goblins appear above her, then she squeals & heads back down, then several more Dark Goblins appear all around the ponies, Claymore leaps in and everyone forms a circle looking at the swarm of Goblins as they keep coming closer & closer, AppleJack asks "What the hey are these things?", Rarity says "Ghosts?", Spike says "Zombies?", then Claymore answers "Dark Goblins", then as the Goblins begin their attack we see Pinkie saying "D-Duh-Do-Dee-Doh-D-DARK GOBLINS!" and as she shouts "Dark Goblins" she has her hooves placed on her cheeks in the style of "Macaulay Culkin" in "Home Alone", then we cut to the opening sequence.

At the end of the opening sequence we see a slash effect that returns us to right where we left off with Pinkie Pie, who then takes her hooves off her face and says "Wait, what's a Dark Goblin?", AppleJack then replies "I don't think I wanna find out", Claymore then starts blasting some Goblins with his horn & says "Get out of here now!", the Mane 6 try to flee but they're completely surrounded & Rarity says "There's nowhere to run", Rainbow Dash then clops her hooves together & says "Then we'll just have to make a way", then our heroes try to hit the Goblins but they move too fast, and keep shifting from solid to shadow to solid again & again, Applejack states "It's like trying to buck against the wind", then suddenly one of the Goblins phases into Spike's body then possesses him, Spike then grows twice his size, becomes very dark shaded, has a black aura emanating from his body, gets longer claws, fangs & spines, and his eyes are glowing red, then Spike turns to his friends & starts acting like a feral beast, Twilight says "Spike?! What happened to you?!", Claymore then says "He's being possessed!", Claymore then leaps into the air & then punches Spike with his hoof, knocking the real Spike out of the possessed Spike, then the Dark Goblin that was possessing him evaporates into nothing, the girls then gasp at what they saw, then Spike gets up, rubbing his nose and says "Ow, what did you do?", Claymore then punches another Dark Goblin behind him, then holds up his other hoof pointing at Spike & says "Iron & Silver Laced Horseshoes", Rarity then asks "Iron & Silver?", Claymore then pulls out his special chain & magically unhooks 7 of the links and places each link on the tails of the Mane 6 & Spike while saying "They're vulnerable to those 2 metals, as long as you're wearing iron and/or silver they can't possess you", He then levitates out his 2 swords, makes a serious pose & says "Now stand back", then he charges in with both swords swinging too fast for the eyes to follow, galloping around at ninja speed, slashing Goblin after Goblin, leaving nothing but a trail of evaporating smoke in his path, whittling down dozens of Goblins, as they watch this Twilight makes a slight angry face.

Then as Claymore slashes the last Goblin that's currently in his path, Twilight magically pulls Claymore by the tail towards her, then she says "Are you crazy, you just sliced & diced those guys", then another Dark Goblins starts coming towards Twilight from right behind her, but she doesn't notice because she's too busy lecturing Claymore by saying "You can't just go around turning living things into a tossed salad!", then Claymore takes his sword & plunges it towards Twilight then Twilight dodges the sword just in time to have it stab the Goblin right behind her, Claymore then pulls back his sword & lectures Twilight by saying "These are Shadow-Based Entities, Physical Manifestations of Pure Dark Magic, They were never ALIVE to Begin With", then he channels his own magic through his sword to light it up like a Star Wars style Light Saber, then swipes it to unleash an energy wave similar to the Star Saber from Transformers Prime to take down even more Dark Goblins right behind himself without even moving a muscle or looking away from Twilight's face, then he says "And don't ever pull me by the tail again, got it?", then Twilight says in a frightened manner "Yes", then as the others gather around Twilight, Claymore says "More are coming", then as more Goblins rise up Claymore then says "Got to get them into a confined space", he then tells the others what they have to do, he splits them in teams of 2 to herd the goblins in a certain direction so they can drive the Goblins into a small alley in the nearby town, R.D. & Fluttershy keep the Goblins from flying away, while A.J. Spike, Pinkie & Rarity herd the Goblins from the Left & Right, and Twilight is watching Claymore's back as the Goblins follow them, then as Twi & Claymore come to the dead end of the alley Claymore places a spell on the walls & ground to make it so that the Goblins can't just phase through anything and he then grabs Twilight & high-jumps them both up onto the rooftops, then as they get all the Goblins together the Ponies barricade the exit to the alley pining the Goblins against the wall, then Twilight asks Claymore "What now?", then Claymore says "Now this!", Claymore then uses his Twonicorn magic to quickly raise the sun into the perfect position to destroy all of the Dark Goblins at one time(at least for now), then when the last of those Goblins evaporate, Claymore then quickly sets the sun back down.

After which the Mane 6 & Spike gather around Claymore & are all seriously surprised by what he just did, then Twilight asks "Did you just Raise & Set the SUN?", then Claymore says "Claymore", everyone then says "Huh?", then Claymore says "My Name, it's Claymore", Rainbow then says "Claymore? You mean like the Sword: Claymore?", Claymore then replies "What tipped you off", then Pinkie tries telling ways that would have tipped them off that his name refers to a sword, then Claymore uses his magic to close Pinkie's mouth & states "Clearly someone doesn't know what RHETORICAL means", Twilight then asks "How could you control the Sun like that?" Claymore replies "Practice, this wasn't my first time", then Twilight starts getting frustrated & says "That's not what I meant, What makes you capable of that?!", Rarity then butts in asking "Don't take this the wrong way or anything but could it possibly have something to do with the fact that you are a Unicorn with TWO HORNS?!", Claymore then shows his teeth in frustration and says "It's Twonicorn!", Applejack the says "eh, TWO-NICORN? because of your 2 horns?", Claymore then says "Do you always state the obvious?", Fluttershy then asks why those things attacked them, Claymore then opens up one of his pouches and levitates out a small round bell that's black and emanating a black aura, and shows it to the others while saying "They were after this", Rainbow then says "A Bell?! we went through all of that, just for A BELL?!", Claymore then explains "Not just a bell, A Dark Soul Bell, one of a set of 13 that if all brought together, will bring forth Armageddon", Pinkie then says "You're-a-gettin' what?", Spike then says "No Pinkie, Armageddon, it means the end of the world", Claymore then says "I wouldn't need to explain that to you if you were the elite guards I told Celestia to send", Twilight then asks "Oh, so then that's the delivery she sent up to pick-up?", Claymore angrily says "Pick-up?! I specifically told Celestia this was an escort job!", then he puts the bell back into his pouch while saying "This bell doesn't leave me until I'm looking Celestia right in the eyes", Twilight then says "Wait, seriously what's going on here?", Claymore then says "Tambelon is returning, and with it, The Necromancer", the others look confused & Rainbow says "Neck-what?", then the scene transfers over to Canterlot early the next morning.

Where we hear Celestia angrily saying "How many times have I told you not to take control the sun without my permission?!", then we see Claymore saying "When You're up against a Swarm of Dark Goblins you don't have Time for asking Permission!", Celestia then says "You know I have certain responsibilities that I can not take lightly", Claymore then says "You should have thought of that before you sent a bunch of kids to meet me", Rainbow then butts in and says "Hey we're not kids, we've saved the world several times", and Pinkie adds "And a couple of other worlds as well", Celestia then continues her argument with Claymore as she says "You were supposed to give the package to them", Claymore then says "Tambelon is returning Celestia, and you need to be ready", Celestia says "I'm well aware of what is going on", then Claymore gets right up in her face and says "Well then you need to start Acting like you are and get Serious!", Celestia then pulls away from Claymore and says "Do you have the bell?", Claymore then magically pulls out the bell & hands it over to Celestia, Celestia then locks the bell in a special safe while saying "The bell will be secure within this Magic Dampening Safe(which dampens the powers of magical objects from the inside only)", then suddenly the safe is magically ripped out of the wall, and Celestia shouts "HEY!", then we see Claymore levitating the safe then he shrinks it down to the size of a Honeydew-Melon, then stores it into one of his pouches, and says "Your Safe will be safer with Me", but as he starts walking out the door, the royal guards stop Claymore for his actions telling him "Halt!", Claymore then says to Celestia without even looking at her "You Know you can't stop me, so Don't even Try to hold me back", Celestia then makes a frustrated expression and says "Royal Guard, Stand Down", one of the guards then says "Huh, but your Majesty", then Celestia interrupts and says in a very serious tone "STAND, DOWN!", then the Royal Guard step aside and let Claymore go, and he just walks out saying "That's better".

The Mane 6 and Spike then gather around Celestia and Rainbow Dash says "Augh! I can't believe that guy!", Twilight then says "How could you just let him talk to you like that & just get away with it?", Celestia then says "1. He's more powerful than me, 2. It's not his fault he's like this, and 3rd. He's our only hope of stopping the threat of Tambelon", Twilight then asks "What is Tambelon anyways?", Celestia then says "Tambelon is an ancient disappearing city that returns every few centuries, and when it returns so does the necromancer that was imprisoned within it", Pinkie then asks "What's a Necromancer?", Celestia then says "A necromancer is a being that wields powerful dark magic to summon & control Supernatural or Paranormal creatures to do their bidding, such as ghosts, zombies, vampires or werewolves, some even summon other worldly demons, and of all the necromancers ever to exist, none have ever been more of a threat, then the one known as, Grogar!", just the sound of his name makes Fluttershy gulp in fear, Celestia then continues "Those Dark Goblins you faced were but a few of Grogar's Minions and there's bound to be a lot more of them later on, Only the Twonicorns have ever been able to defeat Grogar & his Dark Goblin hordes, so Claymore has a very important role to play in all of this", Twilight then says "Forgive me for sounding ignorant Celestia, but I've never even heard of a Twonicorn until now", Celestia then says "I'm not surprised, because the Twonicorns are extinct", Rarity then says "Extinct? You mean they're-" then Celestia butts in and says "Gone, all gone, Claymore is the only one left, the very last of his kind", Applejack then asks "But then what happened to all the other Twonicorns?", Celestia then takes out a large stone tablet with a big octagon shaped gem stone in the center, sets it on a nearby table and says "This ancient tablet contains the complete history of the Twonicorn Tribe", she then waves her hoof across it, then the gem starts to glow and it then displays a holographic presentation of the story Celestia is about to reveal.

As the presentation plays forth, Celestia narrates/explains what's going on, we then hear Celestia saying the following -> As you may know our would is full of magical equines, such as, Earth Ponies: who have a Magically Ingrained Connection to the very Earth we walk upon & depend on for survival, Pegasi: who can fly, walk on clouds & manage the weather, Unicorns: who can control mystical forces & cast spells, Alicorns: who can fly & cast stronger spells than most Unicorns, even Zebras possess a unique magic of their very own, but the one species of equine that doesn't possess any magic what so ever, is the Donkey, and 5000 years ago this known fact aggravated one particular Donkey known only as Bray, Bray despised all ponies for having magic while he had none, and he despised himself even more for being a Donkey because he had no magic, to rectify this, Bray decided to read & study as much about magic as he possibly could, eventually his studies lead to a discovery that could grant him more magical might than he could ever imagine, Bray then gathered the necessary objects, as well as a set of 13 small round brass bells, then he performed a special ritual, that allowed him to pierce through dimensional barriers, enabling him to reach out to a world known as The Dark Dimension, a universe composed entirely out of Dark Magic, ravaged into an endless void by it's own inhabitants, the Dark Goblins, a race of mindless, savage, para-natural monsters made completely out of dark magic, who tore their own world apart piece by piece, Bray was able to tap into the primal forces that make up the Dark Dimension, then transferred it's power into the 13 brass bell, turning them into a set of 13 Dark Soul Bells brimming with unspeakably powerful dark magic, upon placing all 13 Dark Soul Bells on a collar & wearing it around his neck, Bray was granted incredible Dark Magical Powers, but it all came at a tragic cost, his body was forever transformed from that of a regular old Donkey, to that of a large Big-Horned Ram that could no longer age, and his mind was warped to focus only on his deepest, darkest, most evil thoughts & magnify them exponentially, not only could he wield all that dark magic, but he also gained complete control over all of the Dark Goblins from the Dark Dimension, and was able to summon them into our world through miniature black-holes, it was on that day that Bray the Donkey was no more, all that was left in his place was Grogar the Necromancer.

Soon Grogar began using his Dark powers to terrorize entire cities, sending out Dark Goblins to attack innocent by-standards, what made the Dark Goblins so dangerous was the fact that they could possess any living creature or inanimate object, transforming them into horrible monsters completely under Grogar's control, as though they were mere extensions of his own will, fortunately since the Dark Goblins were beings of dark magic, they could not survive in direct sunlight, so Grogar could only strike at night, or would have to form dark clouds to block out the sun so his goblins could survive, to resolve this problem, Grogar decided to utilize the full extent of all 13 of his Dark Soul Bells to forge a massive black hole capable of pulling our entire planet into the Dark Dimension, so the sun would never shine on the earth ever again, and all of the dark goblins in existence could roam the Earth all the time with no limitations, everything in our world would fall under Grogar's complete control, only 1 force was able to stop him, the 1 species of equine whose magic surpassed even that of Alicorns, The Twonicorns.

Since the Twonicorns have 2 horns instead of just 1, they possess a stronger connection to all of the mystical forces that make up our world, giving them a special form of Extra-Sensory Perception often refereed to as a, "Twonicorn Sense", that they are able to use as a magical form of Echo-location to detect certain types of magic, this also allows them to be able to sense all forms of magic and any shifts in the magic around them, the higher the level of magic they can wield, the farther & better they can sense mystical forces, they can even sense things that neither unicorn nor alicorn could sense, from the faintest forms of magic to the strongest, Twonicorns could sense them even from all around the world, including Supernatural and Paranormal forces, this made them seen as a threat to Supernatural/Paranormal beings, so the Twonicorns were continuously being hunted down by monsters & demons, but they had more than enough magic to fight back, so the Twonicorns took on the responsibility of protecting our work from Supernatural/Paranormal Evils, the Twonicorns could also sense that nearly all Supernatural/Paranormal creatures had 3 common weaknesses, Sunlight and the 2 minerals known as Iron & Silver, so the Twonicorns created a special magical forge that could melt any material, and use it to smith more valuable crafts, since the forge was magic it's fire could only be lit through magic, it would only take a tiny amount of Twonicorn magic to ignite it's flame, but it would take a moderate amount of Alicorn magic to lit it, and an enormous amount of Unicorn Magic to lit it, the Twonicorns used this forge to smith weapons & armor made using iron, silver and other various materials, to help them better combat Supernatural/Paranormal adversaries, but because the Twonicorns were targeted by so many dangerous forces, they decided for the betterment of all innocent by-standards, they had to isolate themselves from any other beings, to keep everypony else safe from Evil forces beyond their control, taking nearly all evidence of their very existence with them, ultimately the Twonicorns became a secret race of equine, no pony even realized they were still around, until the day Grogar became an apocalyptic level threat, then the Twonicorns could no longer remain a secret, for the future of the Earth itself, they had no choice but to reveal themselves and take on Grogar & his endless army of dark goblins, the Twonicorns fought long, hard, and valiantly, soon enough they managed to deliver a tactical blow to Grogar that made him lose 8 of his 13 Dark Soul Bells, the Twonicorns then confiscated those 8 Dark Soul Bells, with his power greatly diminished Grogar had no other choice but to flee into the abandoned city of Tambelon.

Once there Grogar got to the center of the city, he made a last stand & used the power he still had to continuously summon army after army of Dark Goblins, the Twonicorns knew they couldn't get Grogar out of the city, so they decided to leave him there, under their terms, the Twonicorns then took the city's ceremonial giant bell, and while most of the Twonicorns kept the Dark Goblins at bay, some of the more powerful ones used the full extent of their power to tap into the primal forces that make up our own world, and use them to transform the ceremonial bell into a LIGHT Soul Bell, that would counteract Grogar's dark magic, the Twonicorn's then all worked together to place a curse on the city of Tambelon, upon ringing the Light Soul Bell, the entire city was exiled from our world & sent into the Dark Dimension taking Grogar along with it, thus putting an end to the threat of Grogar for now, after which the Twonicorns vanished back into the shadows as mysteriously as they came, they soon enough disappeared into legends & myths, even Starswirl the Bearded knew very little about the Twonicorns, the Twonicorns then took the 8 Dark Soul Bells they confiscated from Grogar & scattered them across the globe, hiding them in places they thought would be safe, though over the centuries other beings had found some of the Dark Soul Bells & used their dark power to fulfill their own dark desires, but our world had not seen the last of Grogar, it turns out that the curse that the Twonicorns had placed on Tambelon was only powerful enough to last for only 500 years, and when Tambelon returned, so did Grogar, he then began sending out Dark Goblins to wreak havoc across the lands, so the Twonicorns were called back into action, they held off the Dark Goblins long enough to ring the Light Soul Bell again, to renew the curse they had first put on Tambelon, thus sending the city and Grogar back into the Dark Dimension, from then on out, once every 500 years Tambelon would return to our world bringing Grogar back along with it, then the Twonicorns would return to fend off against his Dark Goblin hordes, then ring the Light Soul Bell again to renew the curse, and send Grogar and the city of Tambelon back into the Dark Dimension for another 500 years.

But the wily Grogar would not take this lying down, and came up with a devious plan, when Tambelon returned about 1000 years ago, Grogar sent a multitude of his Dark Goblins underground, spreading them across the globe, the Dark Goblins traveled to various areas that were already filled with a sublime amount of dark energies, the Goblins then went into a hibernative state that reduced the presence of their dark magic, making them too faint to be detected amongst the dark energies that already surrounded them, making them act as Grogar's sleeper agents, and when Tambelon was sent back to the Dark Dimension, Grogar's Dark Goblin sleeper agents remained in our world awaiting the next time Tambelon would return, and right before Tambelon returned 500 years ago, the Dark Goblins awoken to perform a surprise attack & steal the Light Soul Bell and bring it into Tambelon to be guarded by Grogar's forces, without the Light Soul Bell the Twonicorns could not send Tambelon back to the Dark Dimension, this left Grogar ample opportunity to spread more of his Dark Goblins out across the lands, during that time the Goblins were able to recover 6 of Grogar's 8 missing Dark Soul Bells and bring them back to him, with each of his Dark Soul Bells returned to him Grogar kept regaining more & more of his lost power, the Twonicorns knew that they could not allow Grogar to be restored to his full power, so they did the only thing they could do, every last Twonicorn in the world young & old gathered together, they all then went into Tambelon to battle against Grogar's forces, until one of them managed to reach the Light Soul Bell, they then committed the ultimate sacrifice, upon ringing the Light Soul Bell, Grogar and the city of Tambelon was sent back into the Dark Dimension, taking all of the Twonicorns along for the ride, the Twonicorns could not have survived in the hostile world of the Dark Dimension for very long, so it was presumed that the Twonicorns became extinct, but before they even left for Tambelon they did not leave our world completely defenseless against any Supernatural/Paranormal threat that would rise in their absence, they left all of their vast knowledge of powerful magic, this very tablet containing information about their history, and their magic forge so that other ponies could smith weapons & armor for their own protection, but since it takes very powerful magic to ignite the forge's flame, only I had sufficient enough magic to lite it at the time, so for centuries I've had the forge stored in the basement of Canterlot Castle, since that time all other ponies of all types had to defend their world against the Supernatural/Paranormal, and there have been many victories & casualties along the way, but there was still the matter of what to do when Tambelon would return the next time, without the Twonicorns all hope seemed lost.

Until about 200 years ago, when an arctic exploration team came across a miraculous discovery, a frozen young twonicorn colt(who didn't even have his cutie mark yet), perfectly preserved in the arctic ice for who knows how long, the twonicorn colt was then brought back to the mainland, where he was thawed out, then a reanimation spell was used to awaken him, due to the fact that he was frozen alive for an unknown amount of time, the twonicorn colt lost all of his memories, he could not remember where he came from, who is family was, or how he got frozen in the first place, he couldn't even his own name, the twonicorn colt was later brought before the Cosmic Council(as mentioned in the MLP storybook "Under the Sparkling Sea", which I assume is similar to the United Nations in the real world) to decide what should be done about him, since he was perhaps the only twonicorn left in all existence, we knew that as long as 1 of them was still around, there would still be hope of defeating Grogar the next time Tambelon would return, unfortunately seeing as how Supernatural/Paranormal threats were already at an all time high, matters had to be taken immediately if not sooner, it was decided by the Council that the young twonicorn had to become combat ready as soon as possible, the Council decided that to help speed up the process, he was to be forbidden from all forms of childish distractions, to be isolated from normal society, never allowed to interact with every day ordinary civilians, cut off from all attachments of friendship, love or emotions, to focus solely on becoming a force against evil, naturally I was against that decision, but it was majority overruled.

Since then the twonicorn colt was sent all over the world, being forced to train in every known form of the mystic arts, the martial arts, and weapons handling, being trained by the greatest masters in the world including myself, and since he was a twonicorn he could not only perform all of these forms of magic exceptionally, but could take them to levels we didn't even know were possible, presumably because we still knew very little of what Twonicorn Magic was truly capable of, once he even showed me that he learned how to control the Sun & the Moon from just watching me do it, though he was able to control them even better than I ever could by myself, he was even able to perform various tricks with them, naturally I got on him about that, telling him not to do things like that because I had to maintain order in my responsibilities, but I do admit I was seriously impressed that someone so young could have so much power, making me realize that there was a lot more to a twonicorn's true potential than I could ever imagine, all day everyday, the young twonicorn did nothing but eat, train, sleep, train, bathe, & train some more, often times he was disciplined for not taking his training seriously, or getting distracted for childish things, it was a lot of pressure to put on one so young, but being the last of the Twonicorns brought him a lot of burdens that he never even asked for, but given the circumstances he had no other choice, though I did try my best to become the closest thing he would've had to a friend, but I was only allowed to go so far based on the Council's decision, that little colt went through a lot of Psychologically Traumatic events that no foal should ever have to experience.

During his weapons training he proved to be very adapt to sword wielding, when he later received his cutie mark, it was a Coat of Arms made of a set of swords, after that happened I suggested to the Council that we start addressing the twonicorn colt as "Claymore" because of his connections to swords, the Council agreed and from then on the colt was named Claymore, all of his training & psychological traumas lead to him developing certain emotional instabilities, such as excessive rage, hostility, and severe Asocial traits, but ultimately most of the Council thought it was all worth it, for he had also became a hard-boiled, fearless, tough as nails combatant, ready to take down anything that got in his way, when he reached his later teens, we used the Twonicorn's magic forge to smith a special set of weapons & gear made specifically for him, which included a pair of double edged swords, a set of 3 dozen Hira-shuriken throwing stars, a special chain that can only be unlinked through powerful enough magic, and his own set of horseshoes, all made using a perfect mixture of iron, silver & dragon's tooth(because dragons can chew diamonds it's safe to assume that dragon teeth are the hardest known substance in the pony world) to not only guarantee that they would be able to dispel Supernatural/Paranormal forces, but so they would also be unbreakable(now the swords themselves look like a pair of Double-Edged Chinese Jian/Japanese Tsurugi/Korean Geom Straight Swords, other than being indestructible & deadly to Supernatural/Paranormal creatures they're not all that special, but in Claymore's possession he can channel his Twonicorn Magic through them to light them up like *Star Wars* style light-sabers with just as powerful slashes, and can swipe them to unleash destructively powerful energy waves similar to *Kirby/Meta Knight's* sword-beams from the *Kirby* video game franchise, or Optimus Prime's Star-Saber/Megatron's Dark Star-Saber from *Transformers Prime*, so don't underestimate this Steed's swords), since then Claymore became one of our world's greatest warriors, who traveled all across the globe protecting us from evil forces that threatened to concur or destroy us all, he was even taught how to use the Age spell, to keep himself young & vital so that no matter how old he got, he would always remain at the top of his game, which he will need to be at for when Tambelon makes it's return, so he will be able to face-off against Grogar.

Then the holo-display ends and the tablet deactivates, Celestia then says to our heroes "So now you know the truth about Claymore, and what is at stake here", everyone remains quiet for about 2-3 seconds then Spike says "Wow, no wonder why that Claymore guy is such a jerk", Fluttershy then says "Ohh, poor Claymore, can you imagine having to go through All of That as a mere foal, it must have been just horrible for him", Pinkie then says "Yeah, I don't blame the guy, I'd be a Meany-Mc-Grumpy-pants myself if I never even got the chance to just be a kid & make some friends", Celestia then adds "Indeed, Claymore has never had any friends, and I doubt he'll ever Want to have any friends at all", then Twilight makes a look in her face like she has something on her mind but doesn't want to talk about it, Applejack then asks "So if this Tambelon place is returning, when's it supposed to get here?", Celestia then says "Tonight at Dusk", everyone gasps, Celestia then says "Exactly, that is why we must locate the other Dark Soul Bell before the Dark Goblins find it, so we can keep Grogar from obtaining it, and prevent him from regaining his full power", everyone then realizes the seriousness of the situation and Twilight then asks "Where's Claymore now?", Celestia then shows them, she takes them to a balcony and points to the highest roof at the highest point in all of the castle, where we see Claymore lying on his knees and in a zen like state of meditation, and he's sending out these transparent waves from his horns, Rarity asks "What is he doing all the way up there?!", then Celestia says "Since Claymore has already identified the form of magic from the Dark Soul Bell recently recovered, he is most likely using his Twonicorn Sense to try and find the only other one left", AJ asks "So why is he doing it way up there?", Celestia says "The bell is most likely well hidden, and giving off only a very faint magical presence, so the higher the elevation, the less interference from other forms of magic he can detect", Twilight then asks "But can he really pull of something like that?", Celestia replies "If anypony can, it's him, hopefully he'll find it soon, for time is of the essence".

Then Claymore opens his eyes, then he gets up, then leaps around the rooftops ninja style, then lands on the balcony with Celestia & the others, he then says "I found the final Dark Soul Bell, it's in the place now known as, The Crystal Empire", everyone then let's out a "Huh?, Spike then asks "What would the Dark Soul Bell be doing in the Crystal Empire?", Celestia then replies "You have to remember the Twonicorns scattered the Dark Soul Bells across the globe millennia ago, most likely the Crystal Empire was build right on top of it's location without anypony even knowing about it", Claymore then says "If they didn't before, they're about to find out once I get there", Celestia then says "The only train leaving for the Crystal Empire is leaving in a few minutes, if you hurry you can make it", then Claymore doesn't say a word and just leaps off the balcony and keeps leaping on & off and running on rooftops, until he reaches the train & lands on top of it riding on the roof of the train so he can skip getting a ticket, then we see the others having seen that from the balcony telescope, then Rainbow says in a surprised manner "So, Awesome!", Twilight then says "Don't worry Princess Celestia, we won't let you down", Celestia then says "No Twilight, this is no longer your concern, if I had known that the Dark Goblins had already returned I never would have gotten you and your friends involved, this is something you must let Claymore handle alone", everyone then shouts "WHAT?!", Rainbow then says "Uh, no offense Princess but Come On, you're talkin' to the team that down Lord Tirek here", Celestia says "I'm well aware of that, but you were not my first choice to stop him, the truth is, that once I learned that Tirek began making trouble, the first one I would have turned to for help was Claymore, unfortunately at that time he was busy in the Griffin Nation trying to prevent the Evil other worldly deity Cthulhu, from entering our dimension and turning every one in this world into his tentacled slaves long story(namely someone in the Griffin Nation tried to use the grimoire known as the Necronomicon, to try and summon Cthulhu into the ponies' dimension, and Claymore had to take care of that before Cthulhu arrived & started turning everyone in their world into monsters known as Shoggoths, so he was too busy to handle Tirek, but I'm getting off topic here), so I had to go with Discord, when that didn't work I had no other choice but to get Twilight involved", Twilight then says "Wait, so, I was your THIRD choice to handle Tirek?", then Celestia says "I'm sorry Twilight, but Claymore is the best choice for this, it's what he was trained for in the first place, now if you'll excuse me, I must prepare for Grogar's immanent return", then Celestia walks out the door.

Twilight then tells the others to come with her, then they all run out of the castle, as they're running Rarity asks where they're going, Twilight then says "We're going to follow Claymore", then Pinkie asks "But didn't Princess Celestia just tell us to not get involved in this?", Twilight replies "I know what she said, but this is one time I Have to get involved", Fluttershy then says "Uh Twilight, I think that Claymore is more than capable of handling this all by himself", Twilight then replies "Look, I'd hate to admit this, but Claymore & I are actually a lot alike", Applejack then asks "What in tarnation are you talkin' about Twi?", Twilight explains "When I was just a filly growing up as Celestia's prized student, I became so obsessed with learning magic, that I refused to be social with others, I wasn't in the least bit interested in making friends, heck when I first came to Ponyville I was way more interested in researching about The Elements of Harmony, and didn't think making friends was important, but that all changed when I realized that Friendship was the most important form of magic there is, it's basically the reason I became a princess in the first place, but the big difference between me & Claymore, is that back then I chose to be Asocial just so I had more time to learn & study, but Claymore was never given that choice, he was forced to become Asocial against his will, just because there was no one else who could take on all of the responsibilities of the Twonicorns", everyone just looks at Twilight wondering if she's trying to make a point, Twilight then says "Look, no one should have to go through the things Claymore went through, everypony deserves the chance to make friends, and I vow by my title as the *Princess of Friendship*, that's exactly what I'll give him" Rainbow Dash then asks "And just how are you going to do that exactly?", then Twilight answers "By making Claymore except ME as his friend(Twilight is convinced that if she can get someone as Asocial & bad-ass as Claymore to embrace the Magic of Friendship and except her as a friend, it would be one of her greatest accomplishments since earning her Princessly title, so she pretty much has her work cut out for her, but hey if Fluttershy could convince Discord to go from bad to good, then Twilight can do this) Spike then says "I don't know Twilight, don't you think you're aiming a little high here?", Twilight then answers "Of course not Spike, if I've learned anything it's that nothing is impossible when you have the Magic of Friendship on your side, and right now Claymore needs that magic more than anypony else", Rarity then says "Well if you're planning to accomplish that, then we'd better get on that train immediately", then the Mane 6 & Spike board the train just before it's about to leave.

To be continued in part 2: How they could Revamp Grogar for MLP: FiM part 2
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