Bestial: Hydra Picture

My fascination with bestiaries is not new, but recently I've started drawing creatures with the illustrations of the medieval bestiaries in mind. There are a lot of gorgeous pictures here, and more lovely pictures as well as a ton of background info here.

The Lernaen hydra is a multi-headed serpent that Hercules has to kill as one of his twelve works. Unfortunately, every head that is chopped off immediately grows two more. Keep choppin, Herc. Bwahahah.

'course, he ended up cauterising the stumps and killing the thing anyway. Heroes are jerks.

This one required some major, major digital touchups because my pen started dying while I was drawing it. Strangely enough, it stopped dying enough to draw Quetzalcoatl. Maybe my pen hates hydras.

See my journal for a full list of all creatures.
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