Akasha of the Records Picture

Another totally revamped character? I am on a role lately.

Anywho here is the design and final image for KAS Akasha...of the Akashic Records. You know that big metaphysical plane that contains the locus of all knowledge and experience some new age religious groups talk about? That's the one.

Akasha's character was one I had difficulty with as her new name is a result of a struggle I've had with placing a certain character I've had in a fitting place within KAS.

Akasha, formerly Natalia, is one of my oldest characters that has been posted to dA, sure Salaruis and Kyra are older, but Natalia was the first one whose really had a dA *presence*, and unlike the other two who I don't have a written or drawn record of their full evolution, 'Natalia' I do have.

Natalia I created around late Middle School when I was playing the ever lasting shit out of the Elder Scrolls Oblivion, she was a Elder Scrolls OC alongside the Argonian Kaiju ( I just discovered the Godzilla fandom around that time as well...surprise, surprise) but it wasn't till High School I actually *drew* her. It was shitty to be sure, copy-face, odd proportions, and a odd sense of "tallness". Anywho, she was the character I first mooched a lot off of and primary one I asked fetish requests and drawings for. Despite my attempts another character in the fetish community also named Natalia shortly after got all the feedback and drawings in mines stead, but damaged high school ego's aside they were unrelated. And Natalia, like most of my characters it seems, still remains obscure.

Natalia went through a myriad of redesigns all present in my gallery, going through one which increased hair volume and turned it into a braid, and her most recent one of which was the one before this one and revamped her color scheme and made her main color trio Brown-White-Dark Blue instead of Yellow-LightBlue fitting in with her Ice-Mage theme. Which I had intended to write a full story out for a time after Skyrim came out. However the story never came to be, and despite me planning a new redesign for her, never really got off the ground. Like most Fanfic ideas, my ideas for my Skyrim head-canon never really get off the ground even though it involved Argonian Dovahkiin and his Mage Breton Buddy (Natalia) fighting off dragons whilst dealing with a cheeky Imperial thief who is also a Werewolf and the Argonian's brother who is an Agent of Sithis.

That story never got off the ground though Umiryu (formerly Kaiju..) and his brother Shadow-Fear (tried to go for Hist naming on that one) never gotten off the ground though I did have an idea for a Fate/Stay Night with figures from Elder Scrolls mythology with Umiryu summoning Caster (Natalia/Agent of Uriel Septim) Shadow-Fear summoning Assassin (Night-Mother), Lyka Wolfblood (Imperial Werewolf) summoning Saber (unsure) along with Serana summoning Rider (Dovahkiin), A noble named H. A. Skill summoning Archer (Hero of Kvatch!...AKA Sheogorath) and some poor Thalmor summoning Lancer (Nerevarine) and Berserker being Umbra. That never went anywhere though I had the idea of a Fate/Stay like take on Elder-Scrolls instead of outright crossover featuring various figures from the past appearing in Dragonbreaks all over Tamriel and bound to certain "proxies" as the figures from the past try and fix the future or get a wish ALA servants...but that never went anywhere either...see a trend here?

Natalia's story as such never really got anywhere. At first she was just a young-girl with an abusive anti-magic, adopted "father" who tries to kill her, meets Umiryu and then goes off on Adventures resulting in them ending up in jail (due to corrupt Guardsman you have to do a quest to prove guilty) which is why they were in the cell that wasn't supposed to be used and as a result...Oblivion happens. She becomes Arch-Mage, yadda yadda.

Newer revisions had her being a descendant of Vanus Galerion, you know the guy who FOUNDED the mages guild and her magical necklace she's had in all her incarnations sans the one now, being his. Or in the fate/stay inspired version she WAS Galerion, genderbent of course, because Nasuverse inspired.

However as mentioned, the Elder Scrolls stuff and stories would never really go *anywhere* so I've been trying to find ways to include her in KAS.

Her incarnation before now was just a magus who serves as K's maid ALA Sakuya Izayoi if she was a shrinking violet uber-mage who had her family killed by anti-magic templars and her body warped to where she's now a walking magic conduit. Didn't quite like that one....

And thus, we reach...the present.

For the past few months I've been thinking of a way to tie "Natalia" to some sort of powerful mythological occultist like Merlin or Semiramis. Genderbent Merlin was proposed, but I received a whole influx of knowledge from someone who knows more about Arturian lore than I ever could to decide that was a bad idea. Then I went to being the retainer of the lost library of Ashburnipal or Alexandria, and then I get...to the Records...the Akashic Records... and after some thinking I came to what I have now.

Her story will be further explained in KAS proper, but as for now, she is a powerful Magi, maybe even one of the first, forever bound to an inner-plane called the Akashic Records where she has to archive and preserve all human experience, writings, and knowledge. This is forced by the Fae, who intentionally screwed her over, so now she's practically forever trapped there unless she finds a way to break out of it. Her body is essentially immortal, by intense enigma (see: pretty much mana to those unfamiliar with KAS) energies which prevent anything fatal from taking hold, but her body has an immensely weakened immune system due to being cooped up so long, and so gets sick very easily, and her eyes aren't the best in the world, being a bookworm in a massive-country spanning library complex...okay its a shitty justification for glasses. But a good one I feel!

She is also prone to depressions and bouts of immense loneliness being the only one there outside of summoned familiars and one or two people who will get covered more extensively in KAS. As such she's prone to some bad habits such as Blazing it up and Drinking all of ze wine all ze time. She has heavy oriental mysticism traits which is why I wanted to include some sort of Japanese or Chinese smoke-pipe of sorts. (she's also likely Buddhist, having reached "Nirvana") Unsure of WHAT she smokes, something that makes her "feel" good to be sure. Being technically immortal means lung-cancer can't claim her, so no downside outside of coughing fits.

I also added in smoking, as I feel my characters need a bit more "bad habits" as I'm too tied in to my comfort zone of never drinking or never smoking the latter more so, as occasional drinking is something my characters DO in fact partake in. Except for canon!K, though thats a major character point (namely as he can't acquire pleasure from such things). So what the hell, may as well add it to Akasha.

The rest of her story won't come until I get around to her bio in KAS...and woah boy...it'll be a doozy, but she plays a major role in it regardless.

So there you have it! Akasha.
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