Midnight Wonder Picture

My MLP OC! What do you guys think?
Name: Midnight Wonder
Gender: Female
Age: Old enough to be a guide of wisdom, young enough to be your little sister
Magic Aura: Black, eerie green, vivid purple (like King Sombra (took up some magic lessons from him during her travels))
Cutie Mark: A moon crescent and an X
Eye Color: Green
Mane Color: Orange with streaks of purple and turquoise
Coat Color: Black and lavender
Favorite Accessory: Haven't decided (what do you think she should wear? Bow? Hat? Scarf? Ribbon? Flower?)
Likes: Helping others, history (mostly mythology), books, art, music, fantasies, daydreaming, heroes, animals, being alone, darkness, freedom, video games, movies, creepypasta, creativity, magic, dancing, nighttime, the moon, dreams, ghosts, loyal friends, fillies (anxious to become a mother one day), fairytales
Dislikes: Bad people, swearing, destruction of nature, animal abuse, cruel realities, horror movies, science, math, big crowds, being center of attention, losing loved ones, failure, writer's/artist's block, disappointing someone, scary animals (sharks and snakes), zombies, mornings, bright lights, the cold
Occupation(s): Bronyville Museum Director, author, illustrator
Dream: To become a great author and illustrator with stories that inspire others to do what's right
Backstory: Midnight Wonder was born the daughter of two pony/draconequus-hybrids in a land far from Equestria. Growing up, her parents immediately noticed that she was learning at a slower rate than others. After many visits to several doctors, it was discovered that she was autistic and would not be able to live a normal life. Due her *ahem* uniqueness, she was often bullied and never felt like she ever belonged. Her shy and quiet persona also kept her from properly connecting with her otherwise upbeat and outspoken family who always seemed to succeed while she only seemed to failed. Her only comforts in her struggling life were her drawings, books, and animal friends. After an incident in which she indirectly endangered her baby sister, she ran away to a place where she would hopefully never be able to hurt anypony ever again. During her travels, she became acquainted with King Sombra and took on dark magic lessons from him in hopes of proving to have some use to her. However, she failed to ever use her dark magic in the way King Sombra had hoped and banished her. After years of traveling aimlessly, she became lost in the Everfree Forest where she befriends many wondrous creatures (even the scarier ones). When a lost kitten injured its paw and became very scared for her life, Midnight Wonder comforted the kitten by telling her a story she made up on the spot which gave the kitten enough courage to calm itself and let her help her. Midnight gained her Cutie Mark upon this action, symbolizing her love of stories and her strong desire to inspire those around her. At some point, she crossed paths with a Pegasus who was attacked by a pack of Timberwolves. Midnight Wonder used her powers to save the Pegasus and the two instantly became friends after realizing how much they had in common. The Pegasus brought her to Bronyville where she met many who were similar to her. Finally finding a place where she truly belonged, Midnight Wonder became a resident of Bronyville and began living in the Bronyville Museum where many Bronies can come to visit to learn about the past and catch up on some fantastical tales of Equestria. Midnight has since begun to reconnect with her distant family by sending them letters of her new life and her new friends.
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