Rakel Osirian-Keket Picture

Name: Rakel Osirian
Age: 25
Hometown: Little Bohemia, Metropolis
Occupation: Ancient Egyptian civilization/mythology expert at Metropolis University
Bio: While teaching a Egyptian mythology class Rakel was fused with a mental exobyte minutes before Brainiac teleported her into a harvester ship. After being place into a containment pod she quickly broke out, not wanting to be digitized. Being descended from Egyptian nobles it didn't surprise her to find herself changed into a mummy appearance. Rakel was contacted by a woman called 'Oracle' and fought her way off the ship, she managed to meet Superman. After arriving in the China town police station she was contacted by Wonder Woman and agreed to train under her. She trained her mental powers and also took up archery, for Egyptians were famous archers. Rakel found a co-worker, Mirai Sairin, had also been fused with and changed by exobytes. However Rakel was furious to learn Miria had taken up employment under Lex Luthor. Rakel had always viewed Ancient Greeks with great disdain because the last 'Egyptians' to rule over the fair kingdom were the Ptolemies...and she loaths Cleopatra the most of all. Rakel doesn't approve of her co-workers new life style, and often fights with her while Miria tries to explain her views and establish a friendship of sorts with her former co-worker.

During trainings with Wonder Woman, Rakel found she had a better resistance to being hit, her strength was increased, she could fly, and she could heal a little faster then she could before. Wonder Woman consulted with Doctor Fate and they came to find Rakel had been blessed by the Egyptian gods and had become a goddess herself. She decided from then on to call herself Keket, she chose this name not just for the 'goddess of darkness' quality but for the 'bringer-in of light' quality, hoping to bring light and justice to the world.

Working with Wonder Woman and the Justice League she hopes that they can put an end to Brainiac once and for all...and with advice from Wonder Woman, try to reduce her hatred of Greeks so she can get along better with Miria.

This is one of my oc's from DC Universe Online. The beta closes on January 11th and dad is the one getting the full game. Even without the game I will still have these characters in my heart.

Scene: Standing on her apartment near Metro u.
In game pic: DCU
Character costume: Egyptian Style top, gloves, belt, pants, and shoes: DCU
Character Background: Me
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