Hunahpu Picture

A fast sketch of one of the Mayan Hero Twins, adapted to the CUETZPALIN Mythos: This is an aged Hunahpu, brother to Xbalanque, and here he has a dragon arm he got after his own arm was severed by the family of the Vovin (dragon) Vukub-Caquix (whose sons are Zipacna & Cabrakan and whose wife is Chimalmat).

Like his brother, they were born around the 24th Century before the common era in altepetl Chicomoztoc, a city-state from Aztlán, and he used to serve the war god Huitzopoca as the head of a special militia, the Otontin, being one of the only hunahu (humans) to attain such a position, that were mostly occupied by Cuetzpalin. After avenging their dead father (Hunhunahpu) and uncle (Vukub-Hunahpu) by killing the twelve sovereigns of Xibalba, they have delivered a fatal blow to the supporters of the Ors Ohorela (they were born in the midst of a century-lasting galactic war, the Topakhon Wars, though that wasn't known by most of the Aztec Confederation's population, just by some gods). They've also been employed by Huitzopoca to destroy the occupation of Metnal by Yum Kaax and Yaxcocahmut, who intended to release Kukulcan and Cipactli from their prisons. During that mission, however, they have learned about how Huitzopoca has been manipulating the life of all through the suffering of those immortal beasts, and they've instead gathered a rebellion inside Chicomoztoc to destroy Huitzopoca. That had been rhoughly a century after Coyolxauhqui's own unsuccesful rebellion, and in their way they managed to free Kukulcan and Xochiquetzal for a short time, but ended up defeated anyway, in a dangerous act that has cost the lives of their magician friends -Xulu & Pacaw- and mother -Xquic- to the war god.

After their escape from punishment, however, they've breached through security and got fruits of immortality hidden by Huitzopoca, what made them immortal. They kept planting those fruits on the realms they roamed through by the next centuries, with Xbalanque always more present in Aztlán and Hunahpu always more present in Tredius. That way, with a lifespan surpassing thousands of years, they've met again only on some few occasions.

Hunahpu has met Asclepius, who aided him greatly in spreading the fruits of immortality throughout Tredius, besides escaping some irate elemental gods, and also Wilhelm, who ultimately aided him in liberating Kukulcan and Xochiquetzal while in Tlalocan.

This is a piece of my sketchbook related to the CUETZPALIN Mythos
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