LH Aden Maverick Carter Picture

Real name: Aden Maverick Carter
Fake alias: Angela Novak
Superhero name:
Angel Star
Gender: Male

- Magic ( Mainly spells, hexes, potions and tarot reading in his spare time. He does not use a wand, he mainly use hand gestures or say spells out loud. Also, he is unable to use healing spells, but he can brew potions that may help accelerate healing.)

- Enhanced condition. (But still vulnerable)

- Flight

- Many of his magical abilities require for him to be able to speak or make sounds in order to work. If someone or something manages to impair his ability to speak, He will be unable to use those abilities; the same thing applies if he wants to negate certain spells.
- Some spells require a line of sight or touch.

- At least one novel and an old looking spell book.
- A pencil case full of weird ingredients for spells
- Charms
- Tarot cards
- Old cellphone
- Old camera
- Spare clothes
- a few small snacks
- a bottle of water
- a few pens and pencils
- his wallet

Job: Works full time at a small café
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
- Tease ( mainly the pestering and making fun kind )
- Brutally honest at times
- Adventurous
- Realistic
- Hard working
- Deceptive
- Loyal if you manage to earn it


Aden is the 3rd child in a family with 4 kids. Ava Mia Carter, Adrian Kyle Carter, Aden Maverick Carter and Adam Ryan Carter. When he was 10, His father left his present family to go build a new one with an other woman. Needless to say, his mother did not take it well. At first she tried to take care of her kids like she could while on her own, but his mother had always been dependant of the men in her life and had always had a need to have someone loving her and caring for her. She tried to date other men, but unfortunately all of those she ended up with were not too keen on having to raise not only one, but four of an other man’s children. Only one tried to make it work after that, but he already had to take care of his mother and being in a relationship while also taking care of four kids on top of that ended up being too much for him to handle. He decided to end the relationship there but offered to still be friends with her and that he would still try to help out from time to time, but that at the moment, he had too many things going on to help out full time. Anna Prescott, previously Anna Carter, mother of four eventually snapped. Why was it that she could not find someone to love her and cherish her? That was the only thing she had ever wanted. Her ex-husband had wanted kids so she bore him kids. Yet even after that, he ended up leaving her. She cried and tried to understand why all of this was happening to her. She came to the conclusion that her four children were the reason. She started to blame them for her lack of success in her relationships. The eldest sibling, Ava was 16 at the time. She found a job and put all the money she was acquiring aside. After a year of work and enduring their mother’s verbal abuse, Ava got legally emancipated and convinced her mother to relinquish legal custody over her remaining siblings. Ava told their mother that if she did relinquish custody, she would take her 3 siblings and take care of them, which would ensure that they would not be the cause to her problems anymore. That they would leave and she could go on her merry way and live the life she wanted but couldn’t because they were in her way. Eventually Miss Prescott came to the conclusion that it was the right thing to do for herself and relinquished custody to Ava. The eldest took her younger siblings with her and left, she made sure to take care of all the legal steps and received a lot of help from her step parents, friends and her friends’ families. At the time they moved out, Ava was 17, Adrian 14, Aden 10 and Adam 5. Once she finished High school, Ava then started working full time and found a second job part time. Adrian took care of things at home, occasionally helped by Ava’s boyfriend Ian, so Ava could focus on getting money to support her family. At 15 Adrian found a part time job. Ian also had a part time job while studying to become a cook. Ava quit her part time job and started studying to become a nurse. She got her diploma in nursing at 21 and started working as a nurse. By that time, Adrian was 19, studying and planning on becoming a business major. Aden was then 15 and the one taking care of Adam most of the time. Like his previous siblings, he found a part time job while in high school and switched to full time once done with High school. It has been about a year and a half and Aden is still working full time in a café, earning money to pay for eventual studies to become a flight attendant.

During the beginning of his last year in High school, Aden stumbled upon a weird old man being harassed by two teenagers and helped him. The man started babbling nonsense about getting a new champion. The man muttered gibberish and a symbol glowed on Aden’s left hand. Spooked, he ran. After the incident, Aden started to notice changes, like certain things seemed a bit sharper than before. Things like being able to hear a bit better, or his stamina being a bit better than before. He couldn’t hear what happened 5 streets away, but he could hear things about 2 houses away at best. And then one night he woke up hovering over his bed. The fall was painful. And so he decided to try to find the old man. Once he did, the man explained to him that he and some old friends had decided to bestow powers to whomever they saw fit to prove to each other which powers were the best. It took Aden a while, but eventually he decided that he might as well try to understand and control these powers since the old man was not going to take them away anytime soon. He has been practicing since and a month ago or so he decided to start the debut of his hero career. It gave him an opportunity to be someone else and it kept him active and helped him vent some of the anger and helplessness he felt at times from his familiar obligations.

He loves his family and is conscious on how much his older sibling have done to keep them all afloat, but sometimes it’s suffocating to always have to be so strong all the time.

Note: The part about the father is not 100% accurate considering it follows the information Aden got from what he saw and was told. In truth, even if their father did leave for an other woman, he mainly left because he couldn’t stand his wife anymore and he tried to call and talk to his children once he had emotionally recovered, but his wife claimed that none of them wanted to have anything to do with him after he left. She actually never even told them that he has been calling from time to time since to try to one day manage to talk to his kids, too afraid of how they would react if he actually went to see them. He is unaware that his kids are not living with their mother anymore and even pays some sort of child support. Obviously, it isn’t being used how it is meant to.

Likes / Dislike:

+ Food and sweets, especially sweets.
+ Flying
+ Circle skirts. Deal with it.
+ Halloween
+ Mythology
+ Reading
+ His siblings
+ / - His father
- Injustice

- His mother

- The empty space under beds

Extra information:

- He takes pictures of himself dressed as a girl and sells them for extra cash.
-Sometimes when he can’t take it anymore, he dresses up as the fake persona he made up to sell his pictures and pretend he’s someone else.

- When he meets people as a girl, he makes sure to keep the charade up until they realize because he find their reaction pretty entertaining.
- He doesn’t wear the outfit that’s supposed to come with the powers the creepy old man gave him, but still keep it hidden far away in his closet.
- He learned to sew because he didn’t feel at ease at letting his sister know about his extra curricular activities by asking her to fix his very much not for a guy clothes. Not yet at least.
- And even though Ian and Ava eventually broke up with each other, Ian is like a best friend to Ava and he sees her siblings as family, even more so when they all helped him deal with his parents’ unexpected deaths.

- At the present time:
Ava Mia Carter is 25, Adrian Kyle Carter 23, Aden Maverick Carter 19 and Adam Ryan Carter 14. Ian, Ava’s best friend and ex is 24

- The main thing he remembers about his father is how he’d try to teach him Polish as a child. A part of him hates the man for abandoning them, but at the same time he can’t help but remember how loving he used to be. Aden took polish classes.
- He has been dreaming of traveling for a long time now.

-His staff is just for show, it’s 100% useless.
-He used to dislike the fac that he has such a small stature and feminine voice, but he has found peace with it and now finds it rather usefull.

Roleplay style:
I’m more used to script rps, but with a bit of practice, I’m pretty confident that I would manage ok with paragraph. I’ll just need a little time to adjust especially since I haven’t role played in a while but I’m pretty confident I’ll get the hang of it back in no time! <3 <3 <3

I don't mind rping via comment, notes , skype or via chatroom. Though for skype, I may want to wait until I've interacted with you before adding you~ Also if anyone wants to have known / interacted with Aiden in his past, just poke me and we can discuss about it~<3 <3 <3


Anyone want to try figuring out what book he’s reading? Though I don’t expect many to actually know

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