Grimmwoods Rama reference Picture

...I just want to say that Hindu mythology is awesome. And this man in particular is a prime example--Rama, the hero of the Indian epic The Ramayana. Not much to say, design-wise, aside from paintings of the man along with his depiction in Smite playing a role.

Rama, king of the nation of Brahman (the Grimmwoods equivalent of India). An ancient land, formed around the same time when Gilgamesh was seeking immortality, it stands as a marvel due to the fact that its Golden Age has yet to come to an end, unlike the other lands it corresponded with (Camelot, the Northern Kingdom, Aire, etc.). This is due largely to their ruler, the seventh avatar of Vishnu. He has formed a just state where the people flourish. His rule began thousands of years before the beginning of the Golden Age and he plans to rule long after the current one, alongside his beloved wife, Sita (who is an avatar of the goddess, Lakshmi). He rules and protects the kingdom of Brahman with his preferred weapon, a bow originally owned by the god of destruction and transformation, Shiva.

He is a wise and benevolent ruler whose reign has ensured his land's happiness and prosperity, but is not afraid for fight for its benefit. He refers to reincarnates by the names he previously knew them as (calls Arthur "Artorius", Bjorn "Beowulf", and so on). He's also one of the few people Gilgamesh has even a shred of respect for, telling him that "Out of all the filthy mongrels in the world, you are the LEAST filthy"...which, from him, is a compliment.
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