Coalescent Crisis: Melody Fairka and Cirane Lanski Picture

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Summoner: Melody Fairka
Guardian: Cirane Lanski

Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height/Weight: 5'4"/119 lbs
Date of Birth: May 24th
Blood Type: B-
Pokemon: Xarie (Dragonair)
Division: Espionage (Intelligence)
Room: E-205 - Roommates with Cameron and Jena from Technology

Weapon: Cirane wields duel short swords through which she channels her attacks, she does not launch the attacks from her blades but instead the attack stays with the blade till contact with the target occurs. The gems glow when she uses one of her pokemon based moves, but not for normal hack-and-slash type attacks or a quick defensive maneuver.
~Pro(s): Good for up-close-and-personal attacking style(short range), they are lightweight and easy to maneuver
~Con(s): Lacking for long and mid range attacks (if Cirane needs to attack a far off enemy she must run up to the opponent), her fighting style can leave her open for attacks as she often takes long(nearly exaggerated) swipes and jabs
Armor: Light silicon like fiber makes up her clothes, and it is resistant to high heat resulting from either the elements or a fire based attack(causing half damage) but is weak against extreme cold, hail storms or an ice based attack(doubled damage), her shoulder pads and leg guards (which also serve as sheathes for her swords) are made of a light weight, reinforced aluminum type metal which is highly resistant to heat. The visor gives something of an enhanced reality, able to identify incoming attacks, target individuals, and important locations. It can not however, analyze anything on its own, it only utilizes previously compiled information from a research database combined with visual context.


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