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Aka what jenny does when she should be working on other things. TL;DR ahead.

So I've been watching a lot of crappy fanimes on youtube lately, which reminded me that I once tried to make one myself. I dubbed it "Lunar Fighters" and had two seasons planned out. But it was your generic completely idiotic magical girl fanime, with two teams, one good and one evil. I can't remember a lot about it, but i have a folder full of character sheets.

This is Eris, the main antagonist. She's the goddess of darkness (even though her team's motif is the sun, hence the sun tattoo on her collarbone) and her personality is basically that of a stereotypical fanime villainess.
The only things I actually like about her are
1) Her side's motif is the sun (as mentioned before), and the protagonists' motif is the moon. I think that's pretty clever of me, especially considering how uncreative all the characters are. It's kind of a nice contrast to the normal fanimes which always depict the heroes fighting on the light side.
2) The sun tattoo, which is branded on all of her minions in the same place. Depending on their rank, it will have more or less "rays" coming from it. Again, pretty clever of me at the time in my opinion. (seriously I was such an idiot I don't even)
But other than that, her character is run-of-the-mill and unsympathetic.

SO I decided to redesign her. Her dress got an upgrade and I changed her skin back to the color I originally made it, which was blue, obviously. I also renamed her Hemera, and if you know your Greek mythology well enough you'll know she's the goddess of the sun.
I'm still trying to work out her personality and backstory, but what I've got is essentially this:
She's a very socially high-ranking demon/vampire/whatever that is the heir to an even higher position of authority, but something is standing in the way of that. She also is very powerful in the way of magic and such, but doesn't really use anything damaging. All she does is make things flash and bang, usually to threaten her servants into getting what she wants. She has a very strict control over her legions because of this.
When she's bored, however, she mainly likes to kill them various ways for cheap entertainment. So basically, I'm pretty sure she has a superiority complex of some kind.

I don't really know what the point of me doing this was, since I'm likely not going to use her for anything henceforth, but it was a fun exercise nonetheless.

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