Toki Picture

Verse: This universe

Full Name: Toki Tangent
Pronunciation: toe-key tan-gent
Nickname/Alias: chips lord, lord of the chips,
Meaning: the time of opportunity
Origin: Well I just realized that he reminded me of a certian character i liked who was also named toki so there you go
Title: nope
Pet Name: couch potato, sloth,
ID Number: 40439
Signature: he never bothers to write his name so he signs with a quick drawing of a sloth

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Doesn't care
Real Age: 16
Age Appearance: 19
Birthday: Feb 15th
Birthplace: In a garbage disposal bin
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Immediate Family: Mom and dad
Distant Family: Uncle
Parenting: strict but gave up with telling him how to live his life
Upbringing: "Keep your promises."
Infancy: he had health problems since he was born in a garbage disposal bin
Childhood: Toki was one of those boys that would collect bugs and sometimes eat them. He was a strange kid that got into trouble
Adolescence: Toki's a total couch poato, doesn't do much for himself except for getting food and using the bathroom.
Adulthood: Probably would still be lazy and get a job that pays well that lets him stay at home
Coming of Age: he's never grown up
Evolution: He doesn't take care of himself

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese
Blood Type: AB
Preferred Hand: ambidextrous
Facial Type: normal face for a human
Eye Color: green that really stands out from his hair
Hair Color: Dark grey-ish
Hairstyle: Short and floofy
Skin Tone: pale for a japanese person
Complexion: (Self explanatory)
Makeup: nope
Body Type:
Build: string bean
Height: (In inches)
Weight: (In pounds)
Shoe Size: (Self Explanatory)
Birthmarks/scars: he has a birthmark on his left butt cheek as well as on the bottom of his right foot
Distinguishing Features: none he's a simple one

Health: average except for his diet
Energy: a very small amount
Memory: pretty good memory to the point of remembering how many bugs he caught when he was just 7 years old
Senses: he has good hearing and good smell
Allergies: cactus juice
Phobias: Being without electricity, the dark, his many exs
Addictions: video games, chips, flirting

Style: the casual don't really care style
Mode of Dress: tie worn loosely, vest over shirt, belt on arm loosely fitted
Grooming: messy yet floofy
Posture: very slouchy
Gait: slow and flexible
Coordination: hand and eye cordination to the max thanks to video games
Habits and Mannerisms: puckers lips when thinking, rubbing cheeks when deep thinking, pouts when upset, blurts out random facts when nervous
Scent: a surprisingly nice spicy smell despite his sweat

Mood: a very i don't care lets take it easy laid back mood
Attitude: he just does what he feels like
Stability: pretty stable unless he loses at video games
Expressiveness: let it all out
When Happy: hums the attack on titian theme song
When Depressed: locks himself in his room and surrounds himself with his many sloth plushies
When Angry: calls people scrubs, pouts, waves hands into the air, rolls around on the ground screeching inhumanly

Current Residence: In an apartment his parents pay for. Good quality with electricity and warm running water as well as heat
Community: small city
Family: Mom, Dad, Uncle
Friends: he doesn't have any irl but he has online friends
Enemies: trolls and smurf accounts
Bosses: no one
Followers: no one
Heroes: most of the creators of the animes he watches
Rivals: no one
Pets/Familiars: a puppy that looks like the dog from kuroko no basuke and he named it kuroko

Wardrobe: so casual
Equipment: chips, sloth plushie, all the game controllers and systems
Accessories: just his tie
Trinkets: his tie
Funds: he's got a good amount to buy his own food and of course snacks. But he has his own separate account for his video game expenses
Home: very simple with piles of games and manga. couch has a fuzzy blanket and his favorite sloth plushie named 'mr.snuff'
Neighborhood: normal neighborhood
Transportation: little scooter he calls his 'dream ride'
Collections: all the games and manga he likes
Most valuable possession: all of his game systems and his flat screen tv
Prized Possession: His 'mr.snuffs'

Lovers: has a long line of exs, cause he just can't handle relationships right
Marital Status: single and not sure if he should mingle
Sex Life: a huge joke
Turn-Ons: cute, funny, cuddles
Turn Offs: tell him what to do too much, doesn't like video games at all, hates his way of living
Position: Dom

Occupation: full time video gamer
Wealth Status: middle
Experience: worked at some fast food resturants, kept eating the food so he got fired

Education: doesn't want to finish high school
School: good school
Grade: D- cause he doesn't care
Social Stereotype: couch potato

Motivation: video games, chips
Priorities: having fun, being kind, living good
Philosophy: life's whatever
Etiquette: pretty bad manners
Superstitions: knocking on wood

Main Goal: Live a fun life
Minor Goals/Ambitions: find a soulmate
Career: video game designer (if he had the energy)
Skills/Talents: none except video games
Hobbies/Interests: video games, manga, biking
Likes: many things
Dislikes: being outside, cactus juice, being told wht to do
Sense of Humor: he goes by all types of humor mostly ones that are about himself
Pet Peeves: trolls, people not reading everything that is shown, broken promises, people saying "its a lovely day outside."
Quirks: rolls around on the floor when really bored
Guilty Pleasure: yaoi

Strengths: confident
Flaws: blunt
Perception: the world is just a place that you exist
Conflicts: He wants to use as less energy as possible yet he uses all of his energy when he plays video games
Instincts: he can remember all of the names from the games and manga he has used
Lures: sloths and if someone has chips he will follow them
Soft Spot: sloths, little kids (when the behave)
Cruel Streak: muscle heads

Favorite Colors: orange, peach, black
Favorite Animals:sloths (duh)
Favorite Mythological Creatures: griffins
Favorite Places: anime conventions
Favorite Landmarks: tokyo tower
Favorite Flavors: strawberry, mint,
Favorite Foods: cheese burgers, pizza, CHIPS
Favorite Drinks: any sort of soda and milk
Favorite Characters: King (7 deadly sins), Link (legend of zelda) Yoshi (mario)
Favorite Genre: action
Favorite Books: none
Favorite Movies: Wolf Children
Favorite Games: too many to count
Favorite Shows: too many to count
Favorite Music: anything not country
Favorite Numbers: 4411, 69, 42 and 9
Favorite Words: scrub, smol, fite

Least Favorite Colors: purple
Least Favorite Animals: spiders
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: sirens
Least Favorite Places: school
Least Favorite Foods: cactus
Least Favorite Drinks: cactus juice, plain water

Languages: English, fluent
Accent: none
Voice: can range from low to high
Speech Impediments: says uhhhh way too much
Greetings and Farewells: yo, see-ya
State of Mind: bored and chill
Compliment: "I like your way of thinking."
Insult: "Just stop talking you scrub."
Expletive: scrub, shiz, frick, caca
Laughter: sweet sound but deep
Tag Line: dude seriously?
Signature Quote: "Want to hear a joke? It's my love life
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