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There's good in everyone, miss. You just have to dig far enough. - beowulf

Label: Medium weight - Heavyweight

Please remain obvlivious to the abnormally long arms and my inability to draw older people.

Aaah, Beowulf, tha father of the Beowulf family. Beowulf is a good man that believes in the best in everyone, and devoted himself to his family and his work.

He's a paladin/white mage, and i personally find him an interesting character. He's origined from the same roleplay with Dax as his two sons Fenrir and Akriloth, and is/will be played by Dax.

Even from young, Beowulf prooved to be a fast learner, although a bit tough to harden as he seemed to care about most everything around him, much to the joy of his mother, a white mage. It was from her, he learned his healing and holy abilities he is trademarked for today.

Beowulf had no big trouble joining his fathers paladin order, the Aalkaid order, a holy order of Ifrit. Known for their harsh training, exstraordunary dicipline and both physical and elemental strenght.
He slowly and nicely rose in ranks as his talents rolled out and flourished under the harsh training, while his caring nature kept him from making too many enemies.

Around the age of 30, he saved a young woman - a young stripper actually, though Beowulf was oblivious to this - from a bunch of city tugs. The girl was only a young adult, so she was eager to talk her heart out to someone trustable - guess who - and soon, Beowulf took her under his protective wing as a friend.
It's a longer story, but in the end, they ended up marrying and having two kids - Akriloth and Fenrir - both named from mythology creatures, as a joke on Beowulfs name being similar to the northern mythology hero 'BeoWOLF's name.

The girl - or rather Beowulf's wife - was studying to be a nurse, having been forced to the stripping job due to lack of money. With Beowulf's help however, she managed to get through studies and quit her old job, soon serving in the medical departments of the local town and by some of the worse clan wars around.
This proffession lead to her death however. On the battlefield, she was wounded while treating another heavily bleednig patient. She survived, but unfourtunatly, the mix of blood had given her a sickness he had gottenhimself just recently - AIDS.
This all happened as she was pregnant with Fenrir, causing the boy to have a bad health and a weak heart from birth. She managed to survive 'till she rounded 29.

Beowulf took over the parenting from there, trying to maintain his job and being a good father for Akriloth and the weak and sick Fenrir, while dealing with the sorrow of loosing his wife.

After a few years, he recieved a mission from a couple, whose daughter had been kidnapped by clan Borzoi for unknown purposes, and having a soft spot for children (and being goodhearted in nature) he agreed, as long as his sons could be taken care of in the order. Soon, he was on the hunt for the girl, Gillian.

He got deeper and deeper involved in a outmost serious case clan Borzoi was causing, about revolution against the castle with a new superweapon.

When beowulf finally found the girls location... the parents of the child had been already murdered by the Borzoi for hirering help (aka Beowulf).

He was set on getting the girl from their claws though, and managed to fight his way into the current maincamp... just to find the girl WAS the weapon mentioned in their plans.

She had been driven insane with dark overloads from the borzoi, and stuffed full of powerfull magic. And Beowulf, of course not knowing this fact, was the first to taste the power of a surprise attack from that weapon. Hit by a humongous blast of magic to be flung back, pierced on a broken pole through the chest. He died there, only having managed to free the girl from the claws of the Boirzoi.

<spoiler alert!> Beowulf's soul returned to his god, Ifrit, here he served as a holy diety, briefly visiting the mortal planes, invisible to mortals mostly, to watch over his sons, the girl and all that happened on earth. Later, however, during the Ygdrasil's rebirth of the univers (not game cannon) he was revived. For how long is still unknown.

Beowulf is here well over his 40's, around the age when he died, itself he don't really look like it (damn my inability to draw older people). He looks harmless enough here, but don't be fooled, he's possibly the most powerfull Beowulf for several generations - which will be illustrated soon enough. Some of his specialities are holy attacks and his talent with a sword. His favorite colour is white, due to it's pure and soft nature.

New Fenrir design: [link]
New Akriloth design: [link]

Beowulf (c) me an Dax
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