Astrana, English Party Picture

Four out of five of major player characters when I was in England.
The fifth wasn't so much a party member as he was a party nemesis so I've decided to rather then slide him in between these four misfits, to do a separate picture for him.
Though this is a shot of their characters ten years after they last played them in the campaign, kept them on as important NPCs.
Things in this campaign got out of hand pretty quickly, but it was great fun.
(please note: this was 3.0/3.5 DnD and a LOT more crazy stuff could happen in the normal rules, combine that with my extravagant DM style at the time and buckets of homebrew and some truly wacky stuff went down.)

Left to right they are:

Demon Exarch Will.
Strangely enough the guy who was the most "normal" of the party at the start of the campaign, an ambitious young pirate, about a campaign and a pact with a demon later, he's an abyssal terror of the seas and a mighty arch-fiend in his own right.
He still stubbornly uses his mortal name, the last original piece of him.

King Thadeus.
Dark Elf Paladin, or rather, Dragoon of Tiamat*, he started out morally questionable, which seems fitting for one who follows a dragon god by near the end he was a renowned and respected hero, to the extent where he was given a small country to rule over before the sundering of the great Mulder Empire and it became autonomous.
I considered adding his wife and noble steed to the picture but then decided against it. (especially considering his mount was a bloody wyvern.)

Raz Bomblast
Assassin's Guildmaster, Dark Ring Agent, Royal Assassin, inventor and U(nited).G(oblin).E(nterprises). Manager.
Raz has been around, what was once a scrawny goblin rogue is now a not-so-scrawny legendary goblin assassin.
Despite some leg grafts to replace the ones he lost in a violent battle against some demons, Raz has perhaps stayed the most true to his original being.
He's a deadly opponent and world knowing veteran.

Fire Sage Simon
Once a humble Lynian* wizard, now a grand master in the arts of pyromancy.
Simon traveled the world and even beyond in his arcane studies of fire, to the extent where he even poured his very being into it, he has literally been one with hellfire, flames of holy light, the burning embers stolen by Prometheus and last but not least, ever so briefly, dragon flames.
His mortal shell has long since burned away but he watches the world still, a master in his art.

*Tiamat is in my setting a slightly more benevolent deity, synonymous with Ryujin from Japanese mythology.
She is the great dragon mother and bore them into the mortal world.
She dwells deep beneath the sea.

*Lynians are an Astranan race which are the primal ancestors of the Elves, a few small pockets of them remain.
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