Gundam FC - Zeta Xueda Picture

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Born: 1042
Mobile Weapon: TBA
Alignment: Zeppoles Empire(Currently), Galaxy Wolves (Later)
Genetic Type: T-Breaker
Love Interest(s):
Asali Adoyo
Luósī Tǎntǎ Xuēdá(羅斯 坦塔 薛達)(Mother)(deceased)
Pòpǔluó Xuēdá(珀普羅 薛達)(Father)(deceased)

She and her class mates, Asali and Chanel, were sent on a mission to steal five mobile suits(they piloted three of them).

She happens to be an expy of
Fa Yuiry
Is a
Dogged Nice Girl to Asali(Like Fa to Kamille).
Cares about him.
Likes to hang out with him.
Having the skills of a technician(Like fa's initial occ(short for occupation) in the AEUG).
Being an anime Chinese girl.
Being team mates with Asali(Like Fa for Kamille).
Being childhood friends with Asali(See above)
Would get together with her childhood friend.
Claiming eachother to be just friends.
Being a plucky girl.
A type-B tsundere.
Being Asali's neighbor.
Having strong feelings for him.
helping her comrades.
Surviving the conflict.

Has white hair and red eyes.
Has no belligerent sexual tension.
Wears pants.
Is more competent.
Her mother tried to kill her for insurance money, but got killed by Insteaf for attempted filicide(parallel to Franklin Bidan firing on his own son, Kamille, and subsequently getting killed by Quattro(a.k.a. Char)), which goes to show that even evil has standards.
Also the greedy woman may also have been become a victim to this trope:…

Zétǎ(澤塔) and Xuēdá(薛達) are Chinese words for Zeta.

Luósī Tǎntǎ(羅斯 坦塔) is an anagram of Tǎn tǎ luósī(坦塔羅斯) which is Chinese for Tantalus, a King from Greek Mythology who got his comeuppance from the gods for filicide, who then have cemented it as a taboo.

Pòpǔluó( 珀普羅 ) is derived from Pò luó pǔ sī(珀羅普斯), Chinese for Pelops, who was the victim of the above(thankfully he(Pelops) got resurrected by the gods).

Zétǎ Xuēdá, the Zeppoles Empire, the Galaxy Wolves, the T-Breaker Concept, Asali Adoyo, Luósī Tǎntǎ, Pòpǔluó, Chanel and Insteaf belong to me.

Fa, Kamille, Franklin, Char, and the rest of the Gundam Franchise belongs to Sunrise
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