Son of Peter Pan, Page Pan. Picture

Updated design of my Ever After High Fan character/ Original Character. He is the son of Peter Pan, Page Pan. He’s changed a lot from his last two designs, for the better of course. I did want to stray away from all the other Peter Pan Oc’s and make him different. And by different I mean having less of the color green ;; Tried to incorporate as much designs as I could, like, for example: The Neverland Map on his shirt and the starry night on his hoodie as well as the second start to the right. And then there’s the feather print on his shorts as well as four shadows on the bottom. And lastly the leaf design on his shoes and the clock that strikes 9. Oh he also has a fairy dust necklace around his neck.

Page Pan
Son of Peter Pan

Parent's Story: Peter Pan
Age: 16
Height: 5'6 ft
Weight: 155 lb
Birthday: February 24th
Star Sign: Pisces
Division: Royal ( secretly a Roybel )

Heya! Page here, Page Pan to be exact. Y'know son of Peter Pan. Okay so as you already know the name's Page and I'm the eldest brother ~ Cool right? I have two younger brothers, making me the leader of them of course. Eheh, well moving on, I'm known as the school's troublemaker. Life is boring so I make it more exciting, y'know by starting food fights, pranking the headmaster and other innocent students, that kind of stuff. You only live once upon a time after all. So because of that I'm also usually in detention, but I gotta say it's worth it. I do fairly well in school, I'm not some princess magnet like Daring nor am I as smart as Humphrey or Dexter, but I get average grades. Can't complain there. Ah what else... I have a few friends, they're pretty wicked...hmm..was there something else I needed to say?...Oh yeah! Son of Peter Pan, blah blah blah... Wait, didn't I say this already? I think I did. Never mind then. Moving on ...To be fairy honest, I ain't sure I wanna follow in my pop's footsteps. I mean it ain't a bad destiny to follow but I don't exactly wanna stay young for 100 years and then grow old and lose all my buds and watch my brothers get older then me! My old man makes it sound like a grand old time and I don't wanna disappoint him... Argh this is such a fairy fail.

Interview Questions:

-What is your heart's desire?
To change my story, y'know one where I don't stay young until a certain period of time. What's the big deal? After our story gets told it's done right? The perk is the adventure, I want that. Just don't wanna stay on Neverland for 100 years. That's the biggest one, the next after is that is to find out what I'm gonna do with my life. Maybe travel or open up a Beast shelter or something..

-What "Magic Touch" makes you special?
Hmm...I can fly? ..Oh! I'm also pretty good with kids and animals. I can handle and tame my younger brother's so there's that.

-Does anything make you shout "Oh Curses!"?
Whenever I get caught pulling a prank. Though dad never gets mad, the better the prank, the more he congratulates me for pulling it off. He's cool like that.

-What's your storybook status?
Single, but I think Mei is pretty awesome and kinda cute, though I'd never tell her. She wouldn't let me live it down. We're prank rivals after all.

-What's your favorite subject at school?
Huh that's a tough one, I enjoy woodshop, mythology and I guess Hero training as well, we get to fight dragons so that's pretty cool.

-What about your least favorite subject?
Let's see, there's crownculus and cooking class-ic.

-Who are your best friends 'till the end?
Easily Winter. He's my roommate and the one who helps me pull off some of my pranks. Though he's really bad at jokes, it's a shame really.

Additional Info:

-He's a flirt and quite the charmer, he literally sweeps the girls off their feet. But he has a tendency to look innocent, don’t fall for that trap, he’s quite quick witted and sassy. He is a rebellious type, always the one to cause trouble around school and usually ends up getting detention, though he always says it's worth it in the end. He's very cocky and a very energetic boy, usually always seen with a smirk on his face. He's also a very good actor, he can easily switch from airheaded and innocent to smug, sly and seductive, there's no in between sometimes. He's a pretty cheerful fellow and it's pretty difficult to ruin his happy go lucky mood. He's also very challenging, always up for learning new things and bettering his abilities. All in all he's a boyish, playful, cocky and friendly type, who's easy to approach and talk to, though if you're a friend of his, you can easily become one of his next prank target. He's also very imaginative and likes to write but keeps this to himself. Sometimes he really is absentminded though, you can catch him staring off into space in deep thought. The elven boy is also very unpredictable but you probably guessed that didn't you? He has a tendency to sneak up on people. And lastly he can be very childish when something doesn't go his way and will often be very dramatic afterwards about said topic.

- His Va is Andrew Francis.
- He has a beanie and usually wears it when he doesn't feel like styling his hair.
- He loves to eat and you'll almost always find him chewing on a snack.
- He's a flirt and everyone knows it, no one can escape it. He likes to use cheesy pick up lines, he likes seeing the girls reaction to them.
-He used to play bookball but was benched when his pranks with the Headmaster went too far.
- He has freckles and has been nicknamed Spotty by Winter
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