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I love to play games and I am here to describe my favorites. They are the reasons I am a gamer. Here are my top 10 favorite video game franchises.

NUMBER 10-the Metal slug franchise

This game is my favorite shooting game, or technically a run n' gun, and their are many reasons why. First of all, it's 2-D. I am not saying that 3-D is bad but 2-D just has a better feel to me. This is just a fast paced. I also like that you can almost shoot the life out of everything that moves. This game is just over all fun, but if you have a friend who also likes the game and you will have a blast, literally.

NUMBER 9-super monkey ball

This is one of the first games I have ever played and I still enjoy it to this day. It is a really good game to play if you have younger siblings (which I do). I only like to play it on the advanced mode because beginner is way too easy and don't even get me started on the extreme difficulty, that is just intense. The characters are decently designed and their expressions are also funny. It is by far my favorite party game series.

NUMBER 8-Super Smash Bros. Brawl

This game is one of the best game nintendo has released in years, even with all of these other great games that the company has released after this one but it still holds up. The character roster is huge, with some of my favorites being donkey kong, captain falcon (FALCON PUNCH!!!), Bowser, luigi, fox, meta knight, and the plumber in red. This game is extremely fun to play with friends. As an upgrade too melee they added many new things to the gameplay like new items, assist trophies and the smash ball. But the multiplayer is not the only great thing about this game. Their are other things you can do like the subspace emissary(might have spelled that wrong), collecting trophies, creating stages, and even playing demos of some of the classic games. No wonder this game was a hit.

NUMBER 7-sonic the hedgehog franchise

These games are mostly classics and the new ones still hold up rather well, like generations and colors. I love the universe that these games have created. The characters are probably my favorite parts of the games. They are each cool and interesting designs. I don't just like this series for the main games, sonic riders and sonic the fighter (I don't care that it uses the virtua fighter engine) are also extremely fun to play. He also was a fun suprise in brawl.

NUMBER 6-soul calibur (soul) franchise

"This is the story of swords and souls". These are my all time favorite 3-D fighting games. I love this games characters also. About all of them are fun too use and have unique and cool personalities. These games have samurai, ninjas, knights, pirates, and even a demon (ASTAROTH). The atmosphere these games are creating is extremely memorable. How long are all of these characters going to be chasing that sword anyways? Cervantes already has one, doesn't he?

NUMBER 5-The king of fighters franchise

Some may call these games street fighter knock offs, but in reality all they really do is look the same. Sure it has all of the basics every fighting game has but adds a lot of new too the genre as well. It brought us roll dodges, 3 on 3 team matches, and was also the first crossover fighting game ever. I also love the characters in this game, and their are a lot of them. Some of my favorites are daimon, chin, terry bogard, clark steel, joe higashi, king, rugal, tizoc, duck king, oswald, blue mary, ramon, and heavy D!. One more thing I have to mention, the snk boss syndrome. This is where in every boss in this series is extremely cheap and hard to beat. The hardest to me being magaki from XI.

NUMBER 4-Pok'emon franchise

These are my favorite rpg games I have ever played. I guess it might be because of the simple and addictive gameplay or the character designs. Don't even get me started on how much I like the pokemon designs. Their are just so many ones that are so good. My favorite type would have to be fighting. The reason why is probably because I like fighting games so much. Even though the game is practically the same thing over and over again I still wait to buy each new installment when they are released. On a final note I can't wait for pokemon x and y.

NUMBER 3-Mortal kombat franchise

"Choose your destiny". This is one of my favorite fighting game series because of the characters and the universe it creates and the mythology that surrounds it. The characters were great at first but when it went 3-D they became hit or miss. Who even came up with mokap or meat in the first place? The series had its ups and downs, but all has been forgiven for mortal kombat 9 (2011). That game is fun! I hope too see some of my favorite 3-D characters make it in MK10 including fujin, shinnok, kai (mortal kombat 4), bo rai cho, havik, onaga, nitara, mavado, and li mei (deadly alliance).

NUMBER 2-Mario franchise

"MAMA MIA, ITS A ME. MARIO!" Mario kart: double dash is the first video game I have ever played. That is probably one of the reasons mario is so high on this list. This series is one of the biggest and most beloved video game franchises that ever existed. Mario is the face of gaming. Every single game in the series is a blast to play. These include the original, super mario bros, 2, 3, world, 64, sunshine, mario kart, paper mario, mario party, superstar saga, and all of the sports games, etc... It also spun-off the warioware, warioland, donkey kong country, and yoshi series which are also extremely good. Every single game is fun to play and it will always be one of my favorite game franchises.


"Welcome to the world of street fighter". Ever since I have played street fighter 2: championship edition I was hooked. The gameplay is fun, the characters are extremely creative and original (except for that cheap t-1000 rip-off seth), the moves are rewarding to pull of every time, and it even returned the world to the scene of the arcade back in 1991! I can just go on and on about how much I love this series. Every game in the series I have played I have loved. Street fighter 2, championship edition, super, turbo, super turbo, alpha, third strike, EX, and last but not least 4. Every installment brings something new to the series including characters, stages, and new gameplay mechanics. This series will always be my favorite game series of all time.


guilty gear
samurai showdown
capcom vs
earthworn jim
Conker, a bad fur day
crash bandicoot
hydro thunder
plants vs zombies
dead rising
final fight
streets of rage
kingdom hearts
final fantasy
god of war
ape escape
star fox
dance dance revolution
katamari daimacy
bloody roar
killer instinct
world heroes
parappa the rapper
golden axe
comix zone
crazy taxi
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