Seven Sins - Mammon, Prince of Greed Picture

Mammon is the Prince of Greed and the Hands of Therion. Whereas the other princes who were convinced by Lucifer and Satan to join the Legion left because they tired of Lucifer's behavior, Mammon went his own way because he was ratted out for being the ultimate scam artist instead of the Legion's treasurer which was the job they had assigned him. He would've wanted to stay because the Legion was wealthy enough to suit his materialistic desires, but Lucifer fired him personally upon discovering the scandal, and he's been scheming to recreate his precious hoard of riches and power since then.
As for his backstory, well, you know Fafnir and how he was turned into a dragon when he got too greedy? That's basically what happened to Mammon and that's also what happens to the guy he possesses and takes over in Heroes of Yonder. He tempts you by offering valuable things from his hoard, but it's really a big scam - he reneges his offers and adds your valuables, powers, even your soul to his own collection. However, his possessiveness over said collection keeps him from redeeming himself because he's too busy trying to protect his hoard to spend time brushing up on Atonement 101. For this same reason, the contractors I plan for him to hire in the Yonder series have pretty low opinions of him, because when they fetch whatever he asks them to obtain, his selfish desire means he almost always ends up scamming and seizing whatever they get before they get the chance, thereby preventing the contractors from enjoying the opportunities themselves.
At least two other depictions I've seen of this fella made him a wolf-dragon of some sort. Now, I can understand the logic - wolves were seen as symbols of greed in medieval lore, and the reasoning is that like the wolf, greed is a powerful, vicious force, which takes what it can and runs off without paying. But in terms of the logic pattern I set up for the Sins, a regular wolf-dragon wasn't going to cut it. Mammon's name is also used as a term for wealth itself, and upon realizing that, I thought about how Smaug was seen sleeping within his treasure heap near the end of the Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey) movie. Then it hit me... What would happen if Mammon had plopped down his ass upon his treasure heap for so long that he literally BECAME the treasure heap? With this in mind, I made him into an animated, vaguely dragon-shaped pile of bling. Ya know, gold and silver coins for scales, jewel-colored spikes on the back and limbs, etc. It's like he's an ambush predator, camouflaging himself and enticing you to take some of the treasure and put yourself in a very vulnerable position. Awesome!

Ultimately, though, the dragon-wolf body shape just didn't work out for me. The treasure-heap idea was good in itself, but it needed a base and I needed to think a bit more creatively for such. Being forced to start from scratch again led me to think about what other motifs I could use for him. ~Crystaldemon93 kindly suggested a magpie or raven of some sort, since corvids have been used as symbols of greed in some mythologies (I remember reading about Native American myths painting Raven in this light, at least). However, I was thinking more of Christian myth and such, and after some reading I found that in some forms of Christianity the animal representing greed was the frog or the toad. Cue me greedily (ba-dum-tsh) drawing a toad monster with legs converted into wing-arms with webbed human-like hands/feet, hypnotic eyes (ALL GORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD), and lots of precious stones sticking out of his back. The raven part manifested as his tongue, which becomes a body of its own with two more sets of arms, and a raven's head with a frog's inflatable throat sac and wolf's ears. The cumulative total being less about directly ferocious but more like a combination of creepy and "HOLY SHIT, WTF IS THAT?!", which works just as well.
I was originally going to put tooth-serrations on the beak, but in light of the WTF-ness requirements I changed it to a four-lobed beak just minutes before scanning... I'm so glad I did.
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