PJO- Percy Jackson and the two dracanae Picture

In the elevator foyer on deck eight, a couple of dracanae slithered across my path. From the waist up, they were women with green scaly skin, yellow eyes, and forked tongues. From the waist down, they had double snake trunks instead of legs. They held spears and weighted nets, and I knew from experience they could use them.
"What isss thisss?" one said. "A prize for Kronosss!"
I wasn't in the mood to play break-the-snake, but in front of me was a stand with a model ship, like a YOU ARE HERE display. I ripped the model off the pedestal and hurled it at the first dracanae.
The boat smacked her in the face and she went down with the ship. I jumped over her, grabbed her friend's spear, and swung her around. She slammed into the elevator, and I kept running toward the front of the ship.

Oookay. So this drawing is based on the small scene in the story where Percy is running on the Princess Andromeda to distract the monsters from going down to the machinery, where Beckendorf is setting a trap. I don't know why I loved this scene so much, probably because he's just lost his sword but can knock out those snake ladies in one blow. He's just that cool. And in particular the move with the swinging around of the spear.
This is how I experienced the scene, it's not exact, but I got in the YOU ARE HERE, and one elevator.
The most trouble I had with this drawing was probably the legs, the angle was so hard.
The coloring... God, I love these pens. They're like different colored magic wands.
Anyway, hope you like it, i worked so hard on it!! <3
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