Multiverse: JLA-6 Picture

Earth-6 is a world of heroes and villains with familiar names, and even skill sets, but who are completely different from the heroes we know. FOrmed to stand against the evil Reverend Darkk and his forces, the Justice League of America stand united against all forces of evil.

Atom: A street punk named Robin worked under Reverend Darkk during the JLA's first battle. Betrayed by his employer, Robin was badly injured. Green Lantern exposed the boy to the energies of Yggdrasil, transforming him into the being known as The Atom. In his new form, Atom has the power to rearrange the atoms of anything, altering its form, structure, and phase of being.

Batman: Wayne Williams' father was a police officer who was gunned down during a shootout with a group of mobsters when he was a boy. Wayne focused all his pain and rage into intense physical training, eventually becoming a professional wrestler who created the costumed character of "Batman". A crowd favorite, Wayne soon became extremely wealthy from his endorsement deals and merchandising. All this, however, was a facade, allowing the Batman to use his great fighting skills to bring down organized crime from within.

Wonder Woman: Maria Mendoza is Wonder Woman. Daughter of a local judge (called a "Juez" in Peru), Maria worked as an activist protesting against the ruthless excavation of an ancient holy site in Cuzco. The man in charge of the endeavor was Armando Guitez, a man who sought the power of the runes within the site to gain enough strength to rule the world. When Maria's father was killed by Guitez, she snuck onto the site to get revenge, however she stumbled upon two runes. Armando arrived and shattered the dark rune, gaining the mystical powers of dark spirits. The second rune, one of light spirits, was shattered by Maria and she was whisked away by the sun gods of the Incan people. Attempting to save the life of Steve Trevor, the man who had saved her from Armando himself, Maria was given the Tapac-Yauri and imbued with incredible powers.

Shazam: Interpol agent Robert Rogers was exposed to eldritch energies during an investigation that bonded him to an imprisoned spirit called Shazam. Now, simply by calling the creature's name, Robert can transform INTO the spirit's exact likeness, becoming a hulking, winged brute with amazing power.

Superman: Salden was a Law Bringer on his home planet of Krypton, a member of a side-family of the Great House of El, famous for forgoing genetic enhancement to bring in criminals with his own skill. After his wife was murdered by an escaped convict he had captured years before, he followed the criminal into space, only to crash on a distant, primitive alien planet called "Earth". It was here he discovered the planet's lesser gravity and younger, warmer star granted him amazing powers. Discovered by press agent Lois Lane, Salden became an entertainer, calling himself "Superman", while adopting the human name "Clark Kent".

The Flash: Mary Maxwell's father, Philip, was a geneticist working on a process to splice animal genes into the human genetic code to combat genetic disease. On the day he had perfected the formula, a group of masked men broke into his lab, intending to steal it for themselves. During the fight, Philip was killed and Mary was inadvertently injected with her father's formula, which had been laced with hummingbird DNA for the test. Almost immediately, Mary developed superhuman speed and reflexes. Vowing to avenge her father, Mary designed a costume and took to the streets as the Flash, fastest girl alive!

Aquaman: Ramon Raymond was a marine biologist and environmentalist living in California with his girlfriend Amelia. During one ocean expedition, he was exposed to a strange glowing green substance and gained the ability to transform himself into living hard water. Immediately forced to use these new abilities to protect his girlfriend from pirates, he began calling himself Aquaman. His brother, Frank, a member of the LAPD, was shot in the leg and crippled as revenge for the arrests caused by Aquaman when he was followed. Deciding that this was a sign of his higher calling, he decided to use his new powers to more permanently become a crime-fighter.

Green Lantern: Leonard Lewis, professor of archeology, had dedicated the bulk of his career to proving the existence of Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life spoken of in Norse Mythology. During an expedition in Africa, he finally found it, only to be betrayed and left for dead. The ancient spirit of Yggdrasil came to Leonard's aid, healing his wounds and granting him immense powers. As the Green Lantern, Leonard fights to protect the Earth and the balance of nature.
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