Vilgava World III: Gunnrota Picture

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This is a world map of one of the locations in a series of books that I'm working on, currently coded as [AM-D]. This world is called Gunnrota (Gūn-ROW-ta). The series follows Nimbus, a colonial worker from this world, as his girlfriend Cherry is kidnapped by an immortal sorcerer and he goes to seek out the descendants of Hashem, a legendary hero who defeated the wizard over three hundred years ago. After returning from the island of Thule where the kidnapping took place, he travels through the main and southern continents following clues as to where Hashem's descendants may be.

The main idea of the universe in which the series takes place is that there is only one known solar system. In actuality, the system's sun--Vilgava--is the World Tree that grants life to the planet. The thing is, the people of Gunnrota are completely and totally unaware that their world is but one of nine. Each of these nine worlds is home to nine "Great Races" which, aside from human beings, are unique to that world. There were nine worlds in Norse mythology, each of which was home to one race; the world in which humans lived was called Midgard. Each world reflects a different time, place, and technological level of our own history. Gunnrota represents the modern period, approximately dating to the first half of the 20th century, and its people most closely resemble those of the people in the real-world modern states that border the Baltic and North Seas, such as Norway, Sweden, and Germany. The native "universal" language of this world most closely resembles Old Norse or German.

The interesting thing about Gunnrota is that, though it is tilted on its axis like our own world and experiences seasons, it is tilted in such a way that the southernmost portions of the planet experience nearly constant sunlight and the northernmost portions experience almost no sunlight. The area between is known as the Middle Realm. Essentially, the southern continent is in eternal summer, the northern in eternal winter, and the Middle Realm experiences both during the course of the year.

You may notice that Gunnrota's geography is familiar. I like to base maps of my fictional worlds on our own real-world geography. In this case, much of the geography was based on Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Greenland, and the northeastern islands of Canada.

-- green areas represent areas that are warm year-round or for periods of the year. These are only in the Middle Realm and on the southern continent.
-- light gray areas represent areas that are cold year-round. These areas are almost constantly experiencing snow.
-- blue areas indicate "phantom land bridges" that appear and disappear during the course of the day. The northern land bridge is the primary home of a race called the Huldra, or Werelions, and the southern one is home to the Jatta, or Trolls.
-- the dark gray and brown areas indicate mountains
-- I decided to not color in the oceans because that would have used too much of the ink from my COPIC markers
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