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I feel the need to comment that I have intense dislike for dA's category system. It is highly confusing and I don't think very well organized. I don't know how to categorize this. I do not consider it painting, and 'drawing' to me implies lack of color.

Anyway. Color version of Arkham for ~NalshayKuDu's project. Have had this finished for a couple days, but figured I should try to pull his info together before I posted it. So, here is the information I've got for him -- I may edit it later, and if so will probably follow the trend of making a journal post for it.

Name: Arkham
Asura: Iadalbaoth
Atma: Cosmic Inception

Tribe: Solids
Hair: White/Pale Yellow
Eyes: White/Pale Yellow
Weapon: Dual Pata sword/gauntlet hybrids

Notes on appearance: 5'9" -- Arkham is of an average height. Water collects in the brim of his hat, which shields his eyes from the rain. His hair and eyes are something of a gradiant -- white at the roots of his hair and center of his eyes, to a light yellow at the tips of his hair and around the edges of his irises. His pupils are very light and have a sort of milky look to them -- despite this defect, he seems to have little issue with his vision.

Background info: Arkham is one of the Solids strategists, and directs a small contingent of his tribesmen -- he relays orders from Mick to his men, and when none are present, he falls back on his own judgement. Lately, Arkham has begun to doubt some of their leader's orders, however he has yet to question them outright. Arkham is rarely in the midst of real combat, more often than not he is at the back of the ranks, moving his tribesmen like pawns on a chessboard -- that isn't to say that he risks their lives without reason, however. He is a very cautious individual, and if not given orders otherwise, will call those under his direction to retreat should a situation turn sour. He is very loyal to his tribe, particularly those under his command, however this loyalty does not carry over fully onto all of the tribe's members. Arkham is uncomfortable with Mick, the leader of the Solids -- he has begun to think that what their leader plans is not beneficial for the continued survival of the Tribe. He has yet to question the leader outright, although given enough time and incentive, he may yet do so. The main reason that Arkham has been loathe to question Mick's authority thusfar is that he does not see himself as having the potential to replace him, nor can he see that potential in any of his tribesmen. Arkham is highly uncomfortable with the prospect of *not* having an authority to oversee himself -- while he leads his own men, he does so in following orders; without a leader to give those orders, Arkham fears he would fail to act and that the failure would lead to the deaths of his tribesmen.
Notably, while Arkham is very careful and concerned with the wellbeing of his tribe, he views the competing tribes as less than human. He considers the warriors he fights in skirmishes as something like drones -- not creatures with minds of their own, so much as extensions of their leader's will to dominate and destroy opposition; they are the arms and legs of their tribe, not individual people. As such, he feels no remorse for them, and if given the chance will slaughter enemy tribesmen without mercy. It's interesting to note that, while he does not think of it that way, this idea that he holds of the tribe being nothing more than the will of it's leader is somewhat how he acts in accordance to his own tribe.

Habits: When not directing his men, Arkham rarely speaks. When he *does* speak, his manner is fairly genteel -- he defers to those of higher rank than himself, and while he does affect a sterner manner around those lower, he is never disrespectful. He unconsciously toys with the brim of his hat -- tugging it down or readjusting it -- when he is uncomfortable or deep in thought. When entering a building, Arkham will momentarily doff his hat to shake the water off of it.

The 'Original' Arkham: "Rhys Gershom" -- born low-class, contracted Cuvier syndrome, joined a rather small scale terrorist-gang (obviously unaffiliated with the Lokapala), had the good luck to die in an attack on the Dome-city instead of dying slowly due to the disease.

Asura info:

Notes on appearance: The small face at it's collar is roughly the size of an average human face -- thus, Iadalbaoth is fairly massive.

Mythology: "Iadalbaoth (Ialdabaoth, Jaldabaoth, Ildabaoth, etc.) - the 1st archon of darkness. In Hebrew cabala and gnostic lore, Iadalbaoth is the demiourgos, occupying a position immediately below the 'unknown Father.' In Phoenician mythology, he is one of the 7 elohim, creators of the visible universe. In Ophitic gnosticism, Iadalbaoth is said to have generated the 7 elohim (angels) in 'his own image,' the 7 being: Iao, Sabaoth, Adonai, Ouraios, Eloi, Astaphaios, and Iadalbaoth's own mother, Achamoth! Origen, who also refers to Iadalbaoth as one of the 7, or as the creator of the 7, speaks of him as 'Michael's second name.' In Enoch I, Iadalbaoth is equated with Sammael as the fallen angel and as the supreme hierarch of the order of thrones." - A Dictionary of Angels by Gustav Davidson

Stats: High STR and AGI, decent MAG, low VIT and LUC
Strong: Expel, Ailments
Null: Phys, Death
Weak: Element (Fire, Ice, Elec, Force, Earth)

Mantras: Protection, Fallen Hero, Fierce Spirit, Shura, Battle Demon, Demon Lord, Demon God, Cruel Leader, Angel, Thrones, Cherubim
Skills (equipped): Diarama, Analyze, Taunt, Executioner, Revelation, Ingest, Mute Blow, Hamaon

Blah blah blah, giant block of text, hi. Will provide more info on the demon-form when I get around to uploading it -- it will probably also have very cheap color. I'm also intending to do a couple detail-sketches -- mostly of Iadalbaoth, however, and possibly of Arkham's gauntlets. If there's anything on him that y'all would like a better look at or anything, do tell.

Oh! And uh. Yeah. ~NalshayKuDu? Is it okay? Is there anything I should try to alter/edit? I. Think I had a couple other specific-like questions to ask, but I can't seem to remember at the moment.

Ohwell. Next up: Iadalbaoth reference.
Original sketch-stuff can be found here, which includes a cruddy sketch of Iadalbaoth: [link]
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