Pre-FEX concept - The Big Boys Picture

Pre-FEX concept sketches, detailing a few of the more over-powered characters from the game. From top we have:

Kax is a famous hero from the Dark War, and one of the few escapees from the Dark Elf Project, which sought to magically alter and manipulate human beings into having the same strength and characteristics as the mythological Elves. He has dark purple hair (yay!) as a mark of the experiments done on him.

Despite all this, Kax is very out-going and generous, and generally tries to think the best of people. He was a good friend of both Mendar and General Hadriac (AKA crazy bald dude), before the first one ran away and the second one went crazy. He comes as a Level 8 Mage Knight very early in the game, so he can be a total EXP hog. However, he has very, very good stats and growths, and can be one of your most powerful fighters, being able to use weapons (Lances, in his case) and offensive magic. Oh, and he rides a horse, too!

Kax develops a huge crush on Nephire during the course of the first game, and if he has a maxed support with her at the end of FEX they will have an ending together.

Kax was based loosely on Zack, from Final Fantasy VII.

The obligatory boyfriend. Only he's interesting. Really. Mendar is another escapee from the Dark Elf Project, and was close friends with General Hadriac until the man went insane. He left soon after that, and formed his own band of Freedom Fighters to try to oppose the Elven Army. He is killed by Hadriac in the first quarter of the game, and passes his unique Cleaver Sword on to Nephire.

Due to the unusual experiments done on him, Mendar sports bright blue hair and is rather psychic in his own right. He senses the Tactician's presence in Nephire (though he doesn't say anything), and he also knows the secret behind the Dark Elf Project (TBR). He is quiet and thoughtful, kind-hearted, but doesn't speak very much. He plays things very close to the chest, and tends to get the present and future mixed up sometimes. He is an NPC ally in the Prologue of the game, and un-recruitable. He is a Level 15 Hero, with an S in swords and good stats all around.

If certain requirements are fulfilled, you can recruit him during the Endgame of FEX, where he comes as his own unique, third-tier class Blue Lightning and is one of the more badass characters you can get. (Yes, even though he's technically dead. This should tell you something about what the Endgame of FEX will be like XD).

Mendar was supposed to be based on Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, but that made him too boring so I scrapped that and gave him his own character.

Finally, we have GAAR…
Gaar is a Dragonlord, the promoted form of a Dragon Tamer, not unlike Nuril. He speaks for the Dragon Therangaar, and unlike Nuril he has done the traditional thing of sacrificing his own name and taking on a portion of his dragon's name. His own character is rather overpowered by Therangaar, but he still retains some form of autonomy. He is eccentric (harf, DUH) and doesn't speak much on his own, but he takes an immediate liking to Nephire and helps convince Therangaar to aid her.

Therangaar is an ancient dragon that guards the Temple of Anthyne, one of the three Legendary Weapons of the FEXverse. She finds humans generally amusing and beneath interest, but is not by nature evil. She gives Nephire a fair shot at winning the sword, and afterwards keeps an eye on your party from afar. She and Gaar will join you during the penultimate chapter and help you to defeat the final boss. In this regard she is similar to Athos from FE7.

Both Therangaar and Gaar return and are playable characters in FEX. In contrast to Armadoros, Therangaar is more magically orientated, but it is truly splitting hairs: once trained equally, they are both powerhouses of awesome.

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