WIP: 2 self-portraits as TURIN Picture

First of all: Merry Christmas everyone!

No, this is not a Christmas drawing in the least, but.. umm.. ehh.. nope, no connection at all. So.. I'll just wish you happy holidays and all that and take a look at this completely unrelated drawing while you're at it!
Two Self-portraits as Túrin

My first completely digital drawing ever! Yay! Finally allowed myself to try out that new tablet of mine.. It works, but it's really quite difficult to draw with it! This looks like a pencil drawing, but it is all drawn in Photoshop with 1 pt brush. It's slower and much more difficult than with a real pencil it seems.. and it wasn't until I was finished with Turambar (almost 3 hours!) that I found out it makes a difference if I choose the brush or if I just drag the brush size gauge to 1 pt like I had done!
So.. on the left Túrin, son of Húrin of Dor- Lómin as Mormegil, the Black Sword of Nargothrond, where he named himself Agarwaen, son of Úmarth (Bloodstained, son of Ill-fate) and the elves called him Adanedhel (Elf-Man). On the right, Túrin during his last years in the forest of Brethil among the Haladin, where he named himself Turambar, Master of Doom.. though the name would not help him avoid him destiny. One just has to love all the names that Tolkien came up with for a single person.. I only mentioned about half of them..
Like the title says I used myself as a reference. I'm rather sure that these will correlate with no-one's view of Túrin save my own -- I am really not at all suited for a model of Túrin, since he was supposed to be tall, dark and handsome and I'm… not. Certainly he doesn't look like a man whose face was "more beautiful than any other among mortal Men, in the Elder Days."
But the reason for doing this is that I can relate to Túrin.. When I first read the Silmarillion I didn't like him for of all the evil things that happened because of him.. But then again, at that time I was very young and hadn't yet realized the whole point of the Silmarillion -- that everything is SUPPOSED to be destroyed and all things high and beautiful are meant to come to ruin.. it is a mythology of the Fall, a heroic but futile struggle where the idea is to bring everything to an epic end worthy of a song and then give a faint glimpse of hope in the end. Túrin is a tragic hero in the spirit of Kullervo (from Kalevala, the Finnish national epic), who is cursed to wreak havoc everywhere he goes, bringing about the destruction of everything and everyone he loves. So yeah, I can relate to him -- he's almost as unlucky as me!
Now it has to be made clear that these don't look too much like me.. Anyone who knows me will still recognize me, I guess. The eyes, the mouth and the general proportions of the face are mine but I gave him a new chin and nose and a more angled features. I guess my hair would look like that -- if it would be dark and long, that is! Haha.. and I really wish I could grow a full beard like that.
Gurthang, the Iron of Death, is a strange weapon too.. I'm very much a fan of realistic, simple and functional weapon designs, but Gurthang to me has always seemed a fantasy sword. I have made dozens of sketches for it, but I never seem to be completely happy with it. Together with Gothmog's axe it's something that I just don't seem to be able to get right. Somehow I'd like it to be a very simple and unadorned black sword, but with something in it's shape perhaps that would make it a threatening and evil-looking blade; sometimes I feel like putting in those demon-heads. I'm not too sure about this design, so you can expect to see a different kind of Gurthang the next time I'll draw Túrin.

I'm still branding this as WIP, even though I'm most likely not going to touch the drawing too much any more. The thing that I might do is break it up to two separate drawings without the scribbled text (that's actually the hardest part of the entire drawing – handwriting with a tablet is way difficult!) since I think they would look better on their own. What do you think?
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