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Note: Thor's hammer has what is like a shock effect.. like shocks on a car, as the hammer strikes, the lightning can be ejected from it, but have you ever wondered.. if Thor is the God of lighting and Thunder, where does his thunder come from outside his chariot?? The Hammer, as the mystical rune stones hit one another on Thor's hammer as they land on the object, they release a powerful Thunder sound, that can also be used as a sonic weapon of sorts, and knock opponents out..just as the lighting in the sky is controlled by the same Hammer.. Truly a powerful relic and weapon of the Gods!!


Another member of the Guardian Legion, Thundara the Daughter of Thor, and Aryla Queen of the Valkyries..

She also wields the Hammer of Thor and can join and fly around the world as Lightning inside a storm..with the hammer of course..

Back Story:

Susan Connors Was a Prominent and successful Model on the New York pop scene, she appeared in many Music videos and magazine covers, she even was dating a high profile and wealthy playboy by the name of Jason Murdock. Murdock was very secretive about his finances, until Susan Stumbled upon one of his business transactions....

Jason Murdock was the infamous Crime King, a warlord of Criminals in the underworld, who even had FBI agents and Local Judges and Police in his pocket...Susan tried to escape her Boyfriends rage and agreed to testify against him and his cohorts, until she was betrayed by the FBI agents in her care and brutally Murdered..

Awaking in a grand field of flowers and wheat stalks, Susan began to wonder the countryside in search of anyone who can help her..she happened upon a lonely old man and a small campfire, with a large and strange Stone altar.. Susan had asked the Old Man as to where she had come, the man responded that she was in the elysian Fields the gateway to the heavens and with that he pointed north to a large and majestic mountain with atop was a huge and wondrous group of palaces and buildings set in a brilliance of light. The Old man asked Susan if she had come to join their grand feast, and her reply was NO that she had to stop the criminals who were after her, and their organization..

With that Response the old man grew to a great height and in a flash of Brilliant light called out to Susan and told her his name was Odin the All father!! He recounted to Susan her legacy and origin, once thousands of years before during the time of the Great Norse King Oloff, Susan was known as Thundara, the daughter of Thor and Aryla Queen of the Valkyries.

He explained to Thundara that Loki, Thor's Brother, had played a cruel Prank on her and had convinced her and the Connors family that she was their daughter, and just a human. Her death at the hands of Villainy must be avenged, and with that Odin called forth his lightning and struck the altar, a light flashed out at Susan, gaining her memories of countless ages of her feats on Earth as various women through out history, even the great Joan of Arc in France!

Odin cast a Spell that would forever keep Thundara in her right frame of mind and would not allow Loki to ever trick her again, with that Odin called to Susan and told her that she must go back to the Earth as his champion, and find the Hammer of her Father Thor lost in the Netherlands, for she will then be able to smite the wrong and bring Vengeance to evil. With that he also told Thundara that in the event of her death she would always return to their great Hall and from now on would be able to return to Earth again and again to fight.

He granted her with the strength of 10,000 Men and the Speed of the eagle, the cunning of the Wolf. and the ferocity of the Great Bear. with that the light got brighter from the Rune stone, and Susan left Valhalla.

On earth in a coroners autopsy room, Jason Murdock oversaw Susan's Body and made sure that the coroner was certain that she was dead. After Jason left, the coroner was about to carve her body up and open it, when Susan Grabbed his hand, startled the coroner fell tot he floor fainting. Susan grabbed some clothes, and promptly headed for the East to the Trials of Odin and to find the Hammer of her Father Thor. She must wreak revenge on those who had Murdered her, for Susan Connors is will now be Known to the World as Thundara!!

Susan Kept her secret identity and struggled whether she should tell her parents of her deity status, but opted not to, so that they can still call her daughter, the memories implanted by Loki still linger and made Susan more Human then she realized..Thundara eventually found the Hammer of Thor and Briefly she fought Liosabre in England and Star Superion, but in the aftermath of a Battle with General Void and the Supreme intelligence, she eventually joined the Guardian Legion to protect the world with an alliance of Heroes.

She is sometimes plagued by her jealous Half sister Valkyra, who is also a Valkyrie...
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