She, The Viper Picture

Yet another drawing of Ekhidna, a Drakaina. Here, she ferociously swing her Tartarean Blade, a Cozauhqui Blade which can shatter even the Omphalos, or act as one on its own, drawing the powers of the earth's darkest depths into it. She's just about to slash her great enemy Zeus (as the Djin Khasathra Vairyia inhabiting the body of the Helladean landlord Días, forming an Olympian), who she believes to be responsible for the orders concerning the death of her brother and the persecution of the Vovin kind, one that even though she despised, was the only respite for the life she was about to take from the steps ownwards: that of a fearless, independent and assassin monster, boundless to any hierarchy as it was always on the fight.
In the mythology, she's reputed to be the "Mother of All Monsters", an immortal beast, half nymph, half snake, that never grows old and there lives to serve as a "test" against any daring hero. She was involved in the unholy attempt to cast down Zeus and Olympus, when the raging spirit of Typhon, in a vengeful art, took out the sinews of the Olympian and left him immobile, and scared all the gods of the Olympian abode, except fearless Athena and lately, the noble Hermes.
On the APKALLU Mythos, the entire concept of Drakaina is of a certain species that lies in the evolutionary tree as between Triton (Amphibian) and Nymph, being somewhat a poisonous reptile with some mammal glands and a whole different kind of blood running in their veins. She is the daughter of Nymph Ceto and Vovin Phorcys, prominent aristocrats of Corinth and colonialists of Atlantis, in "the Third World", off-bounds of their native Helladeas. Her color scheme (present in other versions) is based on the Pelamis platurus Sea Snake.

This Always-Young Drakaina was born some 40 centuries prior to the day, in a war-thorn galaxy. Despite that, her position was kind of privileged, until she recklessly stood against the powers which historically controlled the Civilization on which she was inserted into. As a wild spirit, she found no allegiance on a war that ever-lasting as it seemed, became much more a corporative competition which stepped over colonies. As the fourth of eight daughters of the Water Vovin Phorcys and Nymph Ceto, she not only stood against the deeds of her younger sisters (the Gorgons), but as well confronted the comfortable position her parents stood and the manner they treated her older sisters (the Graeae). While guiding her youngest sister (Scylla) and their youngest brother (The Ladon Drakón) in the search of a proper place in a decaying Helladean society, she found a secret conspiracy against the Vovin forces (to which they were included by parental blood).

Once ostracized (for the assassination attempt to the major god), she would arrive in Tredius, and she would help local people to understand the mysteries of Nature, being known in history as a goddess, regarded as one of the most important cultists to have originated the Minoan, Typhonian and Rustic Mysteries, as well as spreading the practice of Seiðr. All this experience would make her finally understand that the reality of the Topakhon Wars and political struggle was but an illusion of something far more simple - a war of the Gods.

Among her most vile act, she just released Apep from the grasp of Aten, setting a series of earthquakes and volcanic activities across Mediterranean, on the intuit of it returning to Chaos and thus setting the world of Helladeas in a state of Anarchy, for the Vovin to avenge the deaths of their kind and understand its role in overthrowing the very Gods which betrayed them. She did so giving up on her weapon by placing it on Tredius, on the mistlands of Avalon, from where Apep was heading through, in direction of Atlantis (where Chaos was about to surface through Pontus and Telchine Magick). Through other factors, her plan was to fail and through a re-born, newly christened avatar of Zeus, she'd have lost the battle.

Her retreat, however, was an unexpected one. Powerless, she was to be victim of the tides of yet another Olympian. Her return unlikely, she was petrified and her conscience was lost into Chaos...
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