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- - - - - BASICS:: - - - - -

FULL HUMAN NAME: Russell Lee Sang Stamford [OR] Tan Lee Sang.
MEANING: Russell Lee comes from a famous writer, Sang is the first name of the founding Srivijayan Prince, Stamford is from the modern-day Singapore founder, and Tan is the most common Singaporean last name.
NICKNAME: Sing, Singa, S'pore, Temasek, Kota Singa, Lion City, Sea Town, Sit-lat-po, Lóngyámén, Púluōzhōng, Batu Berlayar, Syonan [Shonanto].
MEANING: These are all short forms, translations or literal descriptions of Singapore. Syonan however is the Japanese re-name of Singapore, coming from the saying "southern island obtained in the age of Shōwa," or meaning "Light of the South."
ACTUAL AGE: 1710. [well, the island's fisrt documentation age; not from independence... he was stuck with the appearance of a child for many years.]
RESIDENCE: Singapore, Singapore. HOW SURPRISING.
BIRTHDAY: August 9th. [Complete independence: though also acknowledges January 29th (colonial founding) at times.]
SPECIES: Humanoid Nation Personification?
GENDER: Male. But In the fem!boat as it seems everyone says lols.
RELIGION: More neutral on religion, [having such strict policies for religious tolerance and a rate of "no religion" at 14.8%] but knows//follows mainly Buddhism, [at 42.5% followed by Islam and Christianity at 14.9% and 14.6%.]
ALLERGIES: More like a reverse-allergy: he will eat just about anything you throw at him. Not an obsessive eater; but appreciates all food.
SEXUAL PREFERANCE: He doesn't actually have any idea [many factors influence this.] Thus, he has a problem admitting some type of orientation because he'll always feel as if it's some kind of lie.
OCCUPATION: ...Nation Representative? Though his work is more military directed as politics are not really dealt with by the general populace [which he, well, represents].
WAY OF SPEAKING: Respectfully and politely. [In more formal situations//towards those he does not know or are foreigners, Singlish is used in colloquial sitatuions.] The British influence on his English is audible, as well as the Chinese and Malay.
MARITAL STATUS: Unmarried. Er... yes. Since, well, marriages are most entirely political for nations.
THEME SONG: The Singaporean national anthem, "Malujah, Singapura!" [Onward, Singapore!]

- - - - - APPEARANCE:: - - - - -

HAIR COLOUR: An almost black, dark chestnut.
HAIR STYLE AND LENGTH: Partially uneven, yet straight-cut side bangs that go down to the chin, with a right part and left swooping frontal bangs. Also has relatively long sleek black hair kept in a short, tidy braid just past shoulder length.
EYESIGHT: Very slightly myopic. Not anywhere near requiring glasses, however.
HEIGHT: 174 cm [5 ft 7 in].
WEIGHT: 61 kg [134 lbs].
OUTFIT//CLOTHING STYLE: KHAKI is a staple, along with shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts. Has a [hidden] soft-spot for punk. But has an great fashion sense and can coordinate basically anything really well, though he ends up usually wearing business casual, or military//police uniforms most of the time when around other nations.
PHYSICAL ABNORMALITIES: None. [Has the sixth best health-care system in the world according to WHO.]
DISTINGUISHING MARKS (SCARS, MOLES, ETC.): Faded scar from a wound just below his ribcage on the left from the struggle for Singapore between Siam and Majapahit Empire. Faded burn scars up his outer right thigh from the 1613 burning of the island by Portuguese raiders. An extensive, raised scar on his left shoulder blade from being shot and having the skin ripped apart, caused by the Sook Ching Massacre. Small scar on the right side of the ball of his right foot from the Malayan Emergency. Another small scar just above the left knee from the Spyros disaster.
SELF CARE (MAKE-UP): Besides various creams and whatnot, the most he would do is some sort of foundation and light eyeliner. [Unless punk makeup was required.] Not that he would ever tell anyone.
SKIN COLOUR: Slightly tan, with the typical South-East Asian complexion.
BODY TYPE//BUILD: Thin, but relatively well muscled for his size due to his constant exercise, despite how much he eats.
DEFAULT EXPRESSION: Appears somewhat blank-faced (akin to Hong Kong, save for a slight smirk that he wears at times) until you engage him in conversation that he finds interesting, where he animates himself significantly.
POSTURE: When in the company of most, will hold himself tall and proper, although not too stiffly. When having fun, he's much less conscious of that.
MEASUREMENTS: [Not yet sure.]
PIERCINGS: Although he does not wear them often, he actually has his tongue pierced, five up his right ear and two on his left. [The holes almost never close; he's had them since the early days of punk in Singapore.]
WEAPON OF CHOICE: MATADOR-MP (A Man-portable Anti-Tank, Anti-DOoR rocket launcher developed between Singapore and Israel) [OR] SAR 21 (Singapore Assault Rifle - 21st Century)

- - - - - PERSONALITY:: - - - - -

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Overly polite and respectful when needed, enthusiastic toward things he enjoys, helpful.
NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Tendency to be severe or harsh, strong-minded, opinionated. Secretly quite haughty, boastful, and egotistic. Does things for not the reason he seems to be doing them for... Will also go to extreme lengths for "justice".
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Red and white. Royal blue, light blue, yellow and greys and black are also colours he likes.
FAVOURITE FOOD: DURIANS. As for meals, anything well done, really. [And especially if it is traditionally Singaporean.] He really does love all food. [Ex. Hainanese chicken rice, fish and chips, marmite, fried chicken and steaks, satay.] Like trendy foods liek Bubble tea as well.
FAVOURITE ANIMAL: Lion. [Therefore, cats in general.] Or, the mythological merlion.
HOBBIES: Eating, and shopping. Although, he does like to try new sports on occasion. He also enjoys the radio.
DRINK//SMOKE//DRUGS: He'll drink on occasion. He isn't fond of smoking anymore, also he may go out to do it in secret. Drugs were a huge issue for him due to opium trading, so nowadays, he's absolutely militant against drugs, his attitude against it is almost as severe as murder.
DARK VERSION OF THEM: Japanese Occupation!Singapore. Also, the post-war years of "anomie" following.
LIGHT VERSION OF THEM: His self nowadays. Or, before 1587 and the Portuguese raiders.
HOW SERIOUS THEY ARE: Almost all the time, he finds it hard to show his "fun-loving" self to outsiders. At home, however, it's much the opposite.
BELIEVE IN GHOSTS: Yes, thanks to England's influence. Chinese influence had him believe more so in "spirits" and such.
(IN)DEPENDENT: Independent after quite a long time of various colonization and ownership stages.
SOFT SPOT//VULNERABILITY: Food, seriously. The way to his heart is through his stomach.
OPINION ON SWEARING: Does not really swear in general since he's conscious on where he does it. Has quite the sailor's mouth due to England however, so once in colloquial situations [or once provoked], can [and will] swear quite harshly.
MUSIC TYPE: Punk, Rock, some Metal, Pop, and Folk... very diverse.
MOVIE TYPE: Mostly comedies. Basically "Hollywood" movies in general.
BOOK TYPE: Lots of books, such as books about social and patriotic themes, or analysis of the individual and their motivations. Also quite enjoys military tactic books.
GAME TYPE: INTERNET. Table tennis, football, cricket, rugby union, swimming, badminton, basketball, parkour.
COMFORTABLE TEMPERATURE: 22 to 34 °C. [71.6 to 93.2 °F.]
CLEANLINESS//NEATNESS: Extremely neat. [For the most part.]
BIGGEST SECRET(S): He really isn't as sincere as he appears to be at times. [What should I even put here?]
HERO//WHO THEY LOOK UP TO: Tries not to look up to anyone, and stand on his own.
FEARS: People attacking him, in any way shape, or form [from his siege mentality], being abandoned, dropped, or turned upon [from his abandonment complex], losing independence, appearing weak.
COMFORTS: Eating, and shopping. Seriously. Also wandering around at night, through his streets.
DONE ANYTHING TO GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW: Hates rule-breaking more than anything nowadays, but was quite the rebel and trouble maker pre-1947.

- - - - - HOW DO THEY ACT WHEN THEY ARE:: - - - - -

SAD?: Usually just smiles sadly and becomes quite demure, for he hates crying. Once it becomes too much though, he will cry, much to his displeasure.
HAPPY?: Depends on the "happiness": will either smirk amusedly, or with smile gently, and laugh lightly. It takes something quite great for him to get visibly "over-excited".
ANGRY?: Depends. He will either give a death-glare-twitchy sort of look, become almost conceitedly cruel and sarcastic, or will get really, really harsh with how he is acting.
AFRAID?: Eyes will widen, and he may shake. If it's something he can protest, he will quietly, and become more frantic the more "dangerous" it becomes. If it is overwhelming, he may possibly cry.
LOVE SOMEONE?: Try not to act any different, will usual become more gentle around them though, and smile a lot more.
HATE SOMEONE?: Become extremely cold and despondent toward them. Either that, or act pleasantly, but discreetly insult them and such in a very indirect manner.
WANT SOMETHING?: Will not say much of anything if there is no way for him to get it on his own, he'll just look, admire, and compliment.
CONFUSED?: Will stop, take a figurative step back, and attempt to analyze and piece it together. Will not ask anyone unless he has to.

- - - - - HOW DO THEY REACT TO:: - - - - -

DANGER?: Will become very defensive, and start planning anyway to avoid the danger.
SOMEONE THEY HATE WHO HAS A CRUSH ON THEM?: Depends on the "hate"; will [lightly] tell them off if their announce their feelings while acting how he usually does with someone he hates. He may feel a tad bad for them though.
A PROPOSAL FOR MARRIAGE?: Flustered like mad, and not be very coherent. May even start crying depending on the situation, marriage means nothing yet also a lot to him [someone who is unwilling to abandon him for "eternity".]
THE DEATH OF LOVED ONE?: Will become quite stone-faced, shocked-like and silent. It may take a few days, but finally, when he is alone, will also probably cry, for quite a long bought of time.
A DIFFICULT GAME//MATH//ETC.?: Become quite focused and concentrated, trying really hard. HATES giving in. Hates it.
INJURY?: Will bear it silently, and depending on who inflicted it, may even smile while doing so. May scream if it's painful enough.
SOMETHING IRRESISTABLY CUTE?: Become very interested, and act animatedly about it. Will deny accusations of thinking it is cute though. [As it's "girly".]
LOSS OF HOURS OF WORK?: Stare for a long, long time at what was lost. Possibly may start shaking out of anger, but will take a breather, go walk around, then come back and start working on it once again.

- - - - - EDUCATION:: - - - - -

LANGUAGES: Fluent in English, Singlish, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. Can also speak various dialects and creoles relatively well, including Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese, Baba Malay, Papia Kristang. Also knows varying amounts of Malayalam, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, and Japanese. He's beginning to forget much of what he's learnt though.
SCHOOLING LEVEL: Quite smart by both English and Asian standards.
FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Language classes. xD;
INTERESTED CAREERS: Actually, wished to continue practice in the military. Diplomatic endeavours are things he finds interesting, however.
EXPERTISE: Languages... xD;
PROBLEM SOLVING: Quite good, in the academic sense.
CHEMISTRY: Very good.
MATH: Very good.
GEOGRAPHY: Asia and Europe he knows very well, otherwise, he isn't bad, but not the best.
POLITICS//LAW: Very good [at understanding it, that is].
COOKING: He love to cook more than anything.
SEWING: Not... the greatest. Can do it, though.
MECHANICS: Very good, he's had to rebuild his entire country more than once. Is also extremely technologically advanced in terms of arms, as well.
BOTANY (FLOWERS): ...Not very good at all... he is getting better, with how he's organized green spaces in his city.
MYTHOLOGY: Err... doesn’t really remember anything that others have taught him.
DRAMATICS (ACTING, SINGING): It's one of his better arts.
HOW GOOD ARE THEY AT PLANNING AHEAD?: Extremely good, he is all about planning now.

- - - - - RELATIONSHIPS:: - - - - -

MOTHER: None, Singapore itself had no real "predecessors".
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG?: Not applicable.
FATHER: None, Singapore itself had no real "predecessors". Thomas Stamford Raffles was about the closest thing, and he wasn't exactly "fatherly".
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG?: Not applicable, but he has a great respect for Raffles despite the fact Raffles had not interacted much with newly "reborn" Singapore.
SIBLINGS: Malaysia and Indonesia are his "siblings", although not really fully "blood" related.
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG?: They act more like neighbours. Ties have been strained with them for ages, and only recently did they try and work on their relations... although they really still do secretly hate each other’s guts.
CHILDREN: None. [No districts or islands are "sovereign" enough to require personifications, he is a city-state after all.]
HOW WELL DO THEY GET ALONG?: Not applicable.
OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Well, there is honorary "big brother" England and China"-gege". Honorary little brother Brunei definitely counts, as well. The other 3 "Asian Tigers" may also be considered a sort of honorary family as well, in a sense.
CURRENT LOVER: ...dfndsdfmdslfLOL.;;;

- - - - - ROMANCE:: - - - - -

DO THEY TAKE INITIATIVE?: No for the most part, as he does not wish to be rude; on the contrary, can also go into seduction!mode, so.
HOW DO THEY ACT? (SHY, ETC.): Doesn't like to act differently from how he usually is, but he'll try not to tread on thin ice around said person.
GENTLEMAN//LADYLIKE VS. KLUTZY: Definitely gentlemanly. But if something that will induce a flustered state in him happens, then, watch out. /laughs.
GO SLOW VS. JUMP INTO: Would rather go slowly [he's afraid of jumping the gun] but if seduction!mode clicks in, well, it's all game there.
TRUE LOVE VS. TESTING DIFFERENT PEOPLE: After all of the dumping around he's faced, he almost expects to be dropped right after anyway, so, no hopes up for him.
PROTECTIVE: As in worrisome? Yes. But, again, he doesn't expect them to stay around, so.
ACT LIKE FRIENDS OR LOVERS: Doesn't really know how to act like a "lover", so.
WHAT KIND OF PRESENTS DO THEY BUY?: Tries to pay attention to the other's likes and wants, and would buy that.
TYPE OF KISSER: Tentative at first, but can get pretty heated after that.
DO THEY WANT KIDS?: Not really.
DO THEY WANT TO MARRY?: Is not really sure.
MAKE GOOD OR BAD DECISIONS?: Uh... it really depends.
ARE THEY ROMANTIC?: He is not good at it... at all.;;
GET JEALOUS EASY?: Yes, actually.
WOULD THEY MARRY FOR MONEY?: He actually would, if he needed to, and had given up on the value of "marriage".
WHAT WOULD HAPPEN ON THEIR DREAM DATE?: Not exactly sure. General going out, either having fun or being peaceful, he isn't exactly picky.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lol done! 8'D TL;DR, MUCH. But yeah... it was amusing, filling this out. I laugh since there are so many answers I could have filled out in different ways... xDD It's interesting, how the stereotype of Singapore varies depending on if you live near or far. it's almost split personality lols... xDD;; it was kinda hard incorporating that, aha. BUT EITHER WAY. :U

Time:: 7 minutes [for the art. xD;]
Media:: Easy Paint Tool SAI.

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