Moon Lily Picture

This was an assignment for a class called The Rise of Super Heroes and their Impact on Pop Culture. Given by the Smithsonian Institute.
I'm really proud of how she turned out so I decided to share her here.
She is supposed to be based off a Tupi Guarani (brazilian native tribe) moon goddess called Jaci (JAH-CEE), but more based on a legend that revolves around the goddess and a warrior maiden. This is the legend...

It was said in the tribes of the Tupi, that the great moon goddess Jaci would come down from the heavens from time to time, and she would select the most beautiful and strong maidens to become stars in the sky with her. There was a girl, the most beautiful and the best warrior and hunter in the tribe, and she dreamed about the day the moon goddess would come and take her with her to the skies. She became so obsessed with her longing that she stopped eating and roamed the dangerous forest at night praying Jaci would find her. One night while she wandered at night and the moon was full, she came by a lake and seeing the reflection of the moon on the water's surface, she plunged herself into the lake and drowned. But Jaci who was high in mercy, saw the maiden's devotion and sacrifice, and turned her into a star, but not like any other star. She became a star of waters. A water lily which would bloom only at night and turn pink during the day.

Hope you guys enjoy it <3
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