The Last Werewolf Picture

"You're not human! You're better than them!"

- Leilah Jacobsen

Owyn McKell, the blacksmith hero from my Amaranth story, in both human and lycanthrope form. As the story opens, he really has no idea that he's morphologically gifted; all he knows is that he has a short and incendiary temper and a remarkable knack for understanding dogs. Werewolves in the Amaranth universe don't obey the traditional mythological laws--they can consciously shapeshift at any time (regardless of moonlight) and they're as mortal as any human, just vastly more powerful. The dark shapes coming out of the wolfman-form's arms are the "blade" extrusions of Owyn's Raven-symbiote, which is... difficult to explain. So much simpler just to call it "magic" and be done with it.

Really had no idea where to put this (digital vs. traditional) since the base sketch was done by hand but everything else--inking, coloring, and aftereffects--was done on a computer. So I just put it in digital art. This is my first attempt at image-editing using GIMP (free, open-source software analogous to Photoshop), and so far I'm really pleased with it (both the software and the image). Owyn's sort of my alter-ego, which is why he looks so much like me.
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