Rape is not art. It’s not art. It’s not artistic, it’s not creative, it’s not innovative, it’s not expressive, it’s not praised by world class critics. Pulling up ancient art wherein rape is depicted is something to do with the artists showing the EVILS men have the potential to CARRY OUT.

People are flayed, tortured, and eaten alive in pieces art!!! You don’t see anyone defending acts of brutal torture here!!! Why? BECAUSE YOU DONT FUCKING FLAY PEOPLE.

In mythologies rape was EVIL. The villains raped!! In history, only the primitive and barbaric raped!!

Don’t try to convince the masses that art depicting rape is to be celebrated for what it subjects. Because you’d be hella fucking wrong.

And you know what the fuck else? The fact of the matter here isn’t to tell you fuckers what you can and can’t like. Honestly, nobody cares about what you like. This campaign is made to stop spreading images of children’s heroes sexually assaulting others. GUESS WHAT? KIDS CAN USE THE INTERNET NOW!!

So when you argue against this fucking cause, or try to compare your shitty offensive webcomics to classical statement pieces, you’re being so selfish I can’t even think of you as a person.
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