Grimmwoods Diarmuid O'Dyna reference Picture

I write for this character.

I'm very grateful to Fate/Zero for introducing me to various mythologies, in particular Celtic mythology (which I consider to be INCREDIBLY underrated). I particularly became interested in the Fenian cycle in general and The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne in general. That led me to include the warrior in Grimmwoods, originally as a brief cameo, but making him a recurring character. Design-wise, I originally made the character looking completely different, but I wound up redesigning him, using the design of one of my oldest OCs (don't ask). I also made his famous love spot a small heart symbol rather than...well, a spot on his forehead.

He was the greatest fighter in the Fianna warrior band until his lord's wife fell for him (partially due to his love spot, which makes women fall in love with him on sight) and they ran away together. The two lived in peace for many years, having many children, but he met his ultimate end at the tusks of a boar and his lord "trying" to heal him. Due to his achievements, he was permitted into the Isles of the Blessed until he was resurrected by Gwendolyn White to fight for her. Feeling gratitude to her actions, he swore his loyalty to her. He's hero-worshipped by Rikki Tikki, whom he's also fond of. Captain Hook also views him as a threat due to his love spot.
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