MangaDCU: Model Behavior Picture

I collected the various fashion model themed characters of the MDCU for a Supermodel Runway showdown!

left to right:

Ms. America, Vixen, Mirror Mistress, Witchfire, Darci, Holiday, Looker, and Satin Satan.

Ms. America…

Real Name: Joan Dale

Abilities: Hypnotically unlocked Mixed Martial Arts Skills

Group affiliation: Metabrawl; Glamslammers

As a member of Roulette's Metabrawl, Ms. America had an enormous following as one of The Glamslammers. When her agent discovered her exploits, he confronted Roulette, who only spared his life when he revealed that her popularity in the ring would only rise if he could get her back to her former status by getting back to the top of the fashion modeling world. Roulette agreed, but Joan's agoraphobia and PTSD still presented a problem. Roulette had Sonar unlock the Ms. America persona to facilitate her ability to perform her old runway skills, but when some of the newer models tried to establish dominance, the display triggered Ms. America's ring persona and she began to use her fighting skills against the perceived threat. Satin Satan observed these combat skills and was able to take advantage of the fact that she was hypnotically susceptible and coerced her compliance in some of her ventures. It wasn't until Witchfire and Vixen's investigation occurred that they were able to break the trance and elicit her assistance in taking Sultress down...after, of course, and obligatory catfight on the catwalk; Metabrawl style!


Real Name: Jiwe Mari

Abilities: Omnitotem; Possessing the power to mimic the abilities of any animal she comes into physical contact with.

Group Affiliation: Wild Things

fter spending entirely too much time cooped up with Animal Man, Khongo, Xero, and Bobo; Mari blows up at the boys over their antics. Bobo, sensing that she desperately needed a break from their testosterone filled environment, decides to re-enter her in to the modeling circuit that she was in when they met her; for a special charity event hosted by PETA. Billy is the only one that gives her a hard time about leaving and attempts to lay a guilt trip on her (as he is afraid that if she leaves, she may not want to come back). she leaves angry with him, as Xero guides her to the event. Once there, she gets to experience some of the glamour she was missing along with the treatment she had come to envision after discovering her being an actual princess. She reconnected with one of her friends from before, who was attempting to keep her around. She started to notice some strange things going around backstage with some of the other models and even though she was considering giving up on the life of heroics, she apparently couldn't let it go. She wound up teaming up with some of the other models to take down the culprit responsible for the shady activity. The experience showed her that she may have been over-romanticizing about her past and there were negative sides to the modeling world , but also that she could find a balance in being both; but her priorities currently lied with Billy and the others, and she called for Xero to bring her back home.

Mirror Mistress…

Real Name: Samantha MacCulloch

Abilities: Possesses mystical, Shinjūkyō; the Deity and Beast Mirror: Grants various powers over mirrors, including the ability to travel through them and trap others within them, also summoning distorted versions of others reflected in them.

Group Affiliation: The Rogues

Samantha "Sam" MacCulloch was a high profile supermodel, who was in such demand that she could afford homes pretty much on every continent. She became bored and while on a fashion circuit in Japan, Sam ventured out into a seedy area located in Chuutokai Province. She was assaulted by a group of thugs, but had her life spared by the intervention of the masked hero known as, The Flash. Entranced by the adrenaline rush of the moment, she decided to chase the high and became a costumed adventurer. she used her exploits to boost her fame. Flash (Rei Tanaka) suspected something was up and investigated, and discovered that not only had she engineered her original attack, but she was also setting up her own crimes to foil. After exposing her, essentially ruining her career and reputation and losing her many endorsement deals, she vowed revenge on him. She had been blackballed by the industry until she was contacted by Sabrina Sultress for a new venture. Not only did she salvage her career as a model, but she gifted her with a Hell Realm relic that would also allow her get revenge on all those who wronged her by allowing her to return to her other identity...Mirror Mistress.


Real Name: Reichiko Kaidan

Abilities: Witch; control over elemental magic.

Group Affiliation: Magi; The Power Company

Reichiko was attempting to discover more about the coven that attempted to control her when her powers first emerged, and investigated some strange happenings that contained ties to mystical activity. As it turns out, it was the demonic energies being utilized by the promoter of the modeling troupe she had infiltrated. Not only was Sabrina Sultress, who also went by the name Satin Satan (due to her sinfully good looks and how good she made the material look when it draped her alabaster skin), powerful with her own demonic powers, but she had swayed other models with powers of their own to join her. Reichiko knew she wasn't powerful enough to take her on alone, but when she discovered there were other powered beings present she gathered them together to help take her down. She had discovered Mari conducting her own investigation and suggested they pool their resources. They discovered Ms. America's involvement, and after and an obligatory scuffle she joined them. They convinced Darci to Join them and when they confronted the Satin Satan, she was attended by Holiday, Mirror Mistress, and Looker. A battle ensued, but during it, Sultress was able to sway Darci over to her side and she turned against her makeshift team. In true super-villain fashion, Sabrina revealed her plan to her captives prior to dispatching them, only to have Looker turn the tide and free the girls for a final assault against Sultress and her cohorts. Witchfire used her magic to exorcize the demon from within her, ending the conflict. Mirror Mistress, Holiday, and Darci were able to disappear in the confusion.


Real Name: Darci Mason

Abilities: Android; Enhanced strength

Group Affiliation: None

Toyman aka Hiro Okamura, was encouraged by fellow S.T.A.R. Labrats Will and Michael to attend the upcoming school prom at Harumi Karin's school , just for the experience (as he spent much of his life isolated). The process of trying to get a date for the affair proved too frustrating, so he gave up on asking girls out. He realized that despite his wealth, he wasn't exactly the current ideal for his contemporaries, as well as the fact that he couldn't find anyone his age to engage intellectually. Hiro realized that he would never find the perfect companion, she he took matters into his own hands and decided to create one! He created an android in the image of the popular vintage Darci doll. However, the android was built with far too much free will and was granted sentience. She showered Hiro with affection, which initially was great, but eventually became old...especially when she began smothering him. He decided to go to the dance after being teased by Gizmo, and stunned everyone in attendance when he showed up with Darci. The girls all felt insecure and the boys were all fawning. Some of the boys tried to encourage Darci to ditch Hiro, and after they didnt take her insults as enough reason to back off, she responded violently. Hiro scolded her for her actions, as they were just normal kids, and she could've caused them serious harm. he walked away from her, and eventually spent some time talking to Harumi, which caused Darci to experience jealousy, creating a short circuit in her neural net. She attempted to eliminate her perceived competition and attacked Harumi, Hiro flew to her defense and held her off with the assistance of his toys. Unfortunately, this led to the android deciding that she didn't want to stay with Hiro, who she felt was only interested in playing with his toys. She fled and became a fashion model working for Lana Leiko, who had relocated to Komakaitoshi, and eventually became her star model.


Real Name: Peiji Shouyou-Niirosawa

Abilities: Kunoichi; weapons and ninja skills are based on holidays

Group Affiliation: Epoch Clan of Hitoshirenu

(whose weapons and ninja skills are based on holidays )is the sister of Chronos; The patriarch of the Epoch Clan (who is also known as Daiki Shouyou, CEO of the Zorigami Corporation) . She is the wife of Calendar, who uses a mystically-attuned "day planner" to create events in his favor anytime in the future. The Zorigami Corporation utilized their resources to recreate the Project Chronos time-travel gate from the 2010s, to attempt to locate her wayward nephew, Jikan; who had escaped to the past with the Myriad Year Clock. Obsessed with fashion of every era, she could not pass up the opportunity to join the circuit and become a part of fashion history that she was so enamored with.


Real Name: Emily Brigg

Abilities: Psionic Powered Vampire

Group Affiliation: Outsiders

A mousy banker seduced and turned attractive super-model by a vampire. After making a name for herself, a crazed stalker fan disfigured her face. She convinced her vampire lover to turn her and make her beautiful forever. During the act, a vampire slayer arrived and "saved" her by staking the vampire through the heart. Now unable to continue being a model because of her vampirism (since she cannot be photographed), Emily Brigg now runs her own modeling agency and uses her vampire powers to protect models from the evil elements of the fashion industry.

Satin Satan

Real Name: Sabrina Sultress

Abilities: Hell Realm Persuader Class Demon

Group Affiliation:

Sabrina Sultress was a popular fashion model. The demoness, Sataroth (one of the 113 escapees from the Hell Realm, freed when an attempt was made to release Amanozaku from her Tenshu Obake Karuta Card prison) chose her as her mortal vessel. Operating from a club called, The Studio, she dealt in human trafficking masked by the pageant and modeling circuits. The girls would congregate at The Studio and harvested the bodies of healthy men they had procured for their mistress. After abducting Reichiko's manager, Paulie, Witchfire began investigating.

- The only constant in Ms. America's many costumes is her mask. Everything else is subject to change.

- Holiday is based on the BTAS original character, Calendar Girl. Since The Epoch Clan outline that Red-Rum-18 came up with had her as the wife of Calendar, it made sense...she's Calendar's Girl...get it?!

-Holiday's outfits and accessories from the cartoon will be the foundation for her ninja based holiday themed skills.

- The magic "day planner" that Holiday's husband, Calendar uses is based on the Death Note. The only drawback to using the planner is that when the user dies, they come back as a super-strong zombie, with different powers that alternate every day of the week; the only other person known to have used the planner, now torments the JLA's era as Solomon Grundy!

- Vixen will get a team boost of estrogen when the MDCU equivalent of Swift, from the Authority joins their merry band.

- Vixen was fortunate enough to have some exotic animals as part of the fashion show, that she could synch with her Omnitotem amulet.

- The Japanese Shinjūkyō (神獣鏡?, "deity and beast mirror") is an ancient type of round bronze mirror decorated with images of gods and animals from Chinese mythology. The obverse side has a polished mirror and the reverse has relief representations of legendary Chinese shen ( "spirit; god"), Xian ( "transcendent; immortal"), and legendary creatures.

- Reichiko was an orphaned girl who grew living up with nuns, she was always ignored. one day she found a spell book and using the spells and magic's she learned she became a big MDCU diva (she uses the spell's to augment her own physical abilities mostly). She's also very impatient since she likes getting what she wants when she wants.

- The character and design of Darci comes from the Superman animated series.

- As an android, Darci was built of materials stronger than flesh and blood and is therefore superhumanly strong. She also displays greater than normal agility and speed

- I swapped out the Winslow Schott Toyman for Hiro as Darci's creator.

- Looker will join the ranks of The Outsiders.

- I combined Looker's initial look with her vampiric arc for her design.

- Sataroth is the daughter of a high ranking Demon Prince, Satanni. He retained the skills of the Onmyōji, Hiroshi Tsuchimikado (Kid Eternity) into his services.

-There are indications that Witchfire's exorcism was unsuccessful, and that Sabrina just used the event to allow them to think they had won. This will come to light when she is visited by Blue Devil.

- In the original mainstream story, Zatanna performed the exorcism on Sataroth.

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