Azurite -Gemsona- Picture

:33 I'm a blue berry!

Full Name: Azurite
Pronunciation: Ahh- Zoo- Right
Nickname/Alias: Puff Ball
ID Number: 2539

Gender: Genderless (Female Pronouns)
Orientation: Pansexual
Real Age: 3049
Birthday: Late May
Birthplace: A back Water Planet in the Orion Spur
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Zodiac Sign: Rat

Species: Gem
Ethnicity: Copper Carbonate
Blood Type: None
Preferred Hand: Right
Eye Color: Blueish black
Skin Tone: Periwinkle
Complexion: Crystine
Build: Short and pudgy
Height: 4'9''
Weight: 89lbs
Shoe Size: Size 4 in kids
Birthmarks/scars: None.

Health: Not a crack or a scratch
Energy: Hyper bouncing off the walls 24/7
Memory: She'd forget her own name if it wasn't stuck to her chest.
Senses: She has terrible hearing but an acute sense of emotions with in people.
Allergies: None
Handicaps: Bad hearing
Medication: None.
Phobias: She has a terrible phobia of deep water.
Addictions: She use to be addicted to stardust but is now rehabilitated.
Mental Disorders: ADHD

Mood: Usually very happy and fun.
Expressiveness: She usually expresses herself through extreme facial expressions.
When Happy: Has a big old grin and will make squeaky sounds.
When Depressed: She will hide herself under the couch or a bed and cry herself to sleep.
When Angry: She will scream and throw a tantrum, tossing things and stomping on the ground.

Wardrobe: None.
Equipment: She has a Megaphone as a weapon.
Accessories: She always carries around fruit gushers.
Grooming: Never... loves to be covered in dirt.
Habits and Mannerisms: She has a nervous habit of mumbling.
Scent: She smells like a shoe box.

Upbringing: She was born from a kindergarden in the Orion cluster. Azurite was assigned to be a basic foot soldier and was loyal to blue diamond. During an exposition to a enemy planet she was left after the battle. She was stuck on the miserable planet for 1500 years until a gem names Rhodochrosite rescued her on a Recon mission. She never left his side and clung to him like an annoying fruit bat, constantly messing up his plans and causing him to fail multiple missions. The last straw was when she caused and accidental ship implosion that killed multiple gems. They were trialed for their crimes and was sentenced to be sealed in a gem machine in order to pay back gem society. She was in control of the west side of Earth's Sea Spire's pipe lines, while Rhodochrosite was in control of the east. Eventually when the Sea Spire sunk the wear and tear jarred Rhodochrosite loose enough for him to escape. He found Azurite and took pity on her, freeing her. They now live wondering around Earth like the no home boys.

Occupation: ??? Eh?
Work Ethnic: She procrastinates till the last minute.
Rank: Low low foot soldier.
Income: Whatever she can steal.
Funds: Very little
Prized Possession: Her weapon.

IQ: 200
Education: She finished Homeworld Boot Camp
Grade: C-
Social Stereotype: The loud mouth clown
Degrees: None

Current Residence: None. She's a nomad.
Bosses: Rhodochrosite?
Followers: None,
Heroes: She looks up to the Goddess of planets Luna.
Rivals: She considers cheetas to be her eternal rivals.

(Uhhh NSFW part)
Lovers: Rhodochrosite.
Marital Status: Unfused but seeing somegem.
Sex Life: To much.
Turn-Ons: Big Muscles, Loud, Angry and ready to fight!.
Turn Offs: Boring, quite, slob, dirty.
Position: Sub
Fetishes: Domination, bdms.
Virginity: Meh
Element: Earth

Religion: She is a Luna Dea

Morals: She belives in karma and lets it bite back and or reward.
Crime Record: Shoplifter
Motivation: She's motivated by praise.
Philosophy: She belives what you give is what you get.
Traditions: She enjoys the human tradition of Christmas.
Superstitions: He is very superstitions about breaking mirrors.

Main Goal: She wants to live it up and become a space pirate!
Career: None.
Desires: She desires love and happiness overall
Greatest Achievement: Graduating boot camp.
Biggest Failure: Getting sealed in what basically was a toilet.
Secrets: She never told anyone how she secretly hates pearls.
Best Memories: One time she was gathered around a leader ring and was prasied by one of them for doing a good job at her last mission.
Worst Memories: Getting left behind on a ravaged planet for a thousand years.

Hobbies/Interests: She likes to collect stamps and stickers.... Well more or less licking them.
Skills/Talents: She has a strong singing voice and can paint very well.
Likes: She loves wrestling and eating.
Dislikes: She hates dirty cities.
Sense of Humor: Laughs at Slapstick and pain.
Lures: A good way to lure her is to put some candy under a box with a string.
Soft Spot: She has a soft spot for bunnies and baby goats.
Cruel Streak: She is very racist towards Pearls and other sea spawned gems.

Powers/Abilities: She has the basic gem powers and her weapon is a Megaphone that she can use to send out high decibel sound blasts.
Weaknesses: She can easily be poofed like other gems and is not physically strong.
Extra Anatomy: She has a scarf around her waist that she pretends is a Cheeta tail

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Animals: Goats
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Fairies.
Favorite Places: The woods and beach
Favorite Flavors: She loves the taste of fruit gushers,
Favorite Foods: Chinese.
Favorite Drink: Clean water.. or pink lemonade.
Favorite Song: Dark Horse.

Favorite Quotations: "It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all."

Languages: English, Homeworld Dialect 9,12, and 15.
Accent: She speaks with an American accent,
Voice: Very high pitched and annoying.
Speech Impediments: Stutters on long words.
Greetings and Farewells: HEY!! HI!! HOW ARE YOU!?
State of Mind: (How are you Azurite?) "Feeling like the bees knees!"
Compliment: "Ohhh you're pretty!"
Insult: "YOU DUMB HEAD!!"
Expletive: "GOG DAMN IT!"
Laughter: She snorts and can't breath.
Signature Quote: "All Pearls are stuck up snobs!"

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