11. A world of Imagination Picture

Austin: Well, this is new *carefully observing the valley where they have appeared* what do we do now Doc?
Doctor: Oh, you know Austin. The usual things. A little of this and a little that... look for our young writer, finally be able to take possession of his book... *he stops for a moment to reflect* Oh! We should find us some horses!
Austin: Horses?! For what we need horses?!
Doctor: We are the good ones of the story Austin! The heroes always make their grand entrance on horseback!
Lily: A shape-shifter... *not listening to the speeches of the other two*
Austin and Doctor: What?! *confused*
Lily: You said that there was something strange in the book that the child had with him *addressing to the Doctor* somewhere I had read of objects that could turn into people...
Doctor: Mythology, we can find many examples even just in the Greek one.
Austin: You can't believe that it...
Lily: Kevin saw his mother. Whenever he wrote in the book she appeared at his side!
Austin: But is mother is...
Doctor: Whatever it is, it's taking advantage of him. He separated him from his father and stepmother, he has turned him away from his friends ... he has locked us here.
Lily: Kevin is getting weaker and ill...
Austin: You believe that... *worried*
Doctor: It is feeding on his life force.
Lily: He is just a child. He is so small. *thinking of her nephew*
Doctor: We have to go back!

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