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No, as much as you may have wanted me to be, I'm not dead yet! :3

This image is frickin' huge. This is what I've been doing over the past little while. I don't have an art block per se, more like a "finishing anything worth a damn block". Yeah.
Anway. You might be wondering what the hell all that stuff up there is. If you aren't, don't read the rest of this comment.
1] DEAR LORD. >.>;; Nostalgia fest. I was looking through my old sketchbook and found this page. Middle bottom was the first drawn, top right the second, bottom right the third, bottom left the fourth, and top left the fifth. Improvement CITY.
2] Again, part of the nostalgia fest. I've recently been going and looking at my old petpages, and Demonflare's was... Lacking, to say the least. So I started by revamping his appearance a little and hauling down the eyeburning corpse of a petpage. I don't intend to make him an angst muffin or anything, but he will be less of an unfeeling jerk.

3] Maria... Maria and Landon. The explanation of this pic was that I'm writing a fanfic about Danny's daughter. (AAAAUGH! SUUUUUUUUUUUEYAAAHEEEEEEAH! *faints* DON'T KILL MEEEEEYAH! ) So yeah. This was the character design sheet, and I should do a colour version of it.

4] Plantzilla! XD Came from a comment I made at some point on the "Ask Strange Questions" thread over at the Butch Hartman Forums. I should write a fanfic for it. Also: I didn't intend for Dante up there to look so angsty, but he did. XD So mister
5] Another DP fan character. He's a british exchange student, whose name is Arthur Smith. He's the reincarnation of Arthur Pendragon, who's surname he uses as a
hero alterego when he comes to the US. He's been cursed by his mentor Merlin to be inable to touch or use any weapon other than Excaliber, and so out of spite Arthur signed up for the student exchange. He took his sword with him and voila! A fanfic that actually doesn't have many mary-sue (Gary Stu?) qualities.

6] The top of number six is a bunch of different versions of Chibi, who is a ghost who appears to be ten and idol worships different people in the show at different times. What you see up there are respectively Chibi Sam, Chibi Phantom and Chibi Tuck. Also, there is Danny and a fish. I can't recall where this is from, but I think it has to do with another piece of fanart I had seen at the time... Also, there is a small Doppelganger up there, who is another ghost relating to the same unwritten fic as Chibi. Doppelganger is a ghost of indeterminate gender who likes to go around making people's lives miserable by doing bad things while using the cover of their appearance. He (We'll use a masculine pronoun for simplicity's sake) does this out of simple spite, no horrific past involved. (In life he was a pathological liar and a phsycho, ha.
7] My Elfquest fanchar, who's soulname is Lan and who doesn't have an Alias. Suggestions?

8] A doodle of the cover for Chibi and Doppelganger's fic, "Evil Twin Syndrome".

9] At the top, a reference to Lenore, which is a wonderful comic. A bit twisted, but that's what makes it so good... A bit down is how I intend to appear half way through the summer. I realize how goofy I'll look wearing glasses and goggles, and I don't much care. (Coloured contacts are too expensive.) At the bottom we have Merlin, who insists that everyone call him Frank. At random he picked out the surname Sinatra, which is a running joke in the Arthur fic "Excaliber is Now Redundant".

10] Tess, because that sun guy tattoo thing rocks.
11] Uploaded for the sole reason that the hair was drawn well. The angst... Relates to a fic but not enough for me to explain it here without thoroughly confusing you and myself, as it's still only a vague brain spasm that pops up sometimes when I'm falling asleep. (Most of my fics start that way, actually...)

12] My neopets character, Flazerein. He's never really had a petpage or a personality before, but I when I visited his page I remembered thinking of a character for him and realizing that I'd have to swap his gender to make it work. XD So yeah, he's not gay or bi or anything... Or at least he doesn't think so... And he doesn't much care at this point either. (Hey, sexual orientation isn't everything, right?
13] Terioch, another neopet. :3 He's so cute! He's really innocent and fairly sweet, and is curious about everything. In fact, he's so curious he mixed a couple different morphing potions and the paint from paintbrushes together, and this is what the combination was. He doesn't really heal very well, hence the stitches and bandages from his less successful ventures.

14] Another offspring from the Kilt convo. XD You see, Gulstab didn't like being drawn in a kilt. And Trefor though I should stop drawing him as a flowery wolf-pup with a giant bow on his trenchcoat. (It actually wasn't so bad... .-.;; ) So they were both teasing me, and this is my revenge. :d Trefor gets drawn as Trefor the Barbarian in Cutter's skin tight outfit from Elfquest, (from a different convo, relating to norse mythology and movie trailers) and Gulstab gets a severely dramatized take at his rather low, baggy grey jeans. (Bits and pieces of the stuff written was from Trefor. XD He says it's okay if I draw him flowery now so long as I don't draw him as a beast again.)

...And that's it. I'ma go sleep now. (All of these were drawn in my english class. I'm a bad student who gets B grades.)

Pictures (c) to Darkling Loki
DP (c) to Butch Hartman
Neopets (c) to neopets (duh)
OC characters (c) to me (steal and I'll rip your guts out, break your skull and feast on your runny brain meats. -.-;; )
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