Nightingale's daughters Picture

Something I've been itching to sketch, the daughters of the infamous Nightingale the robber - a Russian mythological monster like man.
As you can see I was so geeky to give each on of them their own gimmick, Neveya being the shaman, Nenila being the warrior and Pelka being the fisher.

Neveya is more from the variation where a girl that could turn into a raven sat on the top of a pole waiting for Ilja to come in through the gates and then she tried choping his head of.
Nenila is inspired from the tale where the girl faces Ilja head on trying to hit him with a large log or metal plate she picked up. Thought usually this girl's name is Pelka.
Pelka is this girl who took people across the river. She saw Ilja with her father on the other shore and taking her father's advice tried to run, but Ilja made his own bridge in a few seconds from taking down trees and well he gained on her.

Anyway, they all died from Ilja's hand, Neveya pierced by a spear, Nenila was thrown on the ground hard and probably broke her spine, Pelka was hit to death by a lash.

This is kinda sad; Nightingale really loved his daughters like...

EDIT: upon better research of the characters I found that actually Pelka was a warrior and Nenila was a boats-woman. Maybe one day I'll redesign them to fit their profession or just switch their names
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