[sketch] All my animals OCs Picture

I think it will just be a sketch because there are too many characters on it to finish the picture. ;o;
I wanted to draw my animals OC so bad ;o; I kinda miss them (and I know that some of you miss them too) but I have way too many characters to draw them all, I have like 30 humans characters (most of them are characters I've created with Lyona -so they're Lightberry chara-) and a bit less than 20 animals characters.
I'm sure that some of you don't know them. XD So here are :

Dog (Spiece : Fox terrier dog)- Yeah Dog is really his name, he's not really a OC, he was more a character that I played in our games when I was younger. I created him when I was at elementary school and I thought that "dog" sounded cool for a dog name even if it's stupid. First he was a bull terrier but I changed his breed to fox terrier years ago. Believe me or not but he was Ash's ancestor, they're both short temper and related to the lightning element. Dog is also one of my plushies.

Osisse (Spiece : Breed mix dog)- He's not an OC neither, he was one of my favorite dog plushies as a kid but I started to draw him as a character. He is Dog's adopted brother.

Ash Knightmare / Thunder Fang (Spiece : Wolf) - Ash previously know as Thunder Fang (or Thunder) is the very first OC I created on deviantART, he was the main character from an old project inspired by shonen manga with animals, after he became my fursona and now he is my main animal character. He is really important to me and I still love his two (the old white and purple and the actual one) designs. He is a wolf who looks like a dog. Even today he's one of my most important characters even if I don't often draw him.

Alex Dowolfo / Oceanclaw / Umi (Spiece : Dog-Wolf-Fox mix but she looks more like a dog with a fox's tail )- Alex Dowolfo is the official sister of
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