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Once again i drew something for fun and practice that's not group related. This relates to Fire Emblem Awakening, I mean come on, it's such an AWESOME game 8P The style may not be the same, but hey, it looks good to me so can't let that go to waste |'D So you guys maybe wondering, who is this gorgeous woman?? Well meet Shawn's future daughter, Athena, the daughter of the Servent of Justice. Like Lucina, she wields her father's lance to remember him after his death. So now her bio

Name: Athena
Nickname(s): Speargirl, Blue lady, Light of Justice, Shining Hope
Age: 18
Class: Spearmaster
Class Description: Powerful warriors with amazing strength and skill with their spear.

Athena is the daughter of Shawn and his wife (Most likely Sumia maybe). Like Shawn, she too had a curse that will weaken her if they fight the Grimleals. It is shown on her right eye (which is red instead of brown). She was born in Ylisse few years after the war of Plegia. In her time, her father (Shawn) taught her all the basic training of becoming a lancer, tutored her with all the basic tactics from him. She is a hard working woman, wanting to fight alongside with his father and mother to make a world a better place. Despite at such a young age, like his father, Athena began to swing spear with elegance. Looking at her, Shawn knew that Athena has so much potential in her, which soon she will be one that can bring an end to this chaos. Athena knows that she won't be strong as his father, but she will know that she can help his father and mother during war time. Therefore she is willing to learn from his father and mother. However, she couldn't learn all of her parent's skills, this is because her parents died before she grow up to a young adult. After the War in Valm, there was another battle going on with Validar and the Grimleals, her mother died from the Grimleals. As for Shawn, she doesn't know who killed his father, but she heard it was one of Shawn's closest friend (Robin who had been possessed by Grima). With that, she felt so much anger, despair and fury in her, which she will kill anyone who follows Grima even if she has Grimleal's Curse.

Without her mother or father to help her, Athena had no choice but to train herself to improve herself. Without them, she have much knowledge of their skills, but the only technique she knows is one of Shawn's very own skills, Dragon of Justice. Years of training, honing her skills on her own, Athena had become a skilful lancer by just creating and improving all by herself. However, she felt that if her father and mother were here, she will know that Athena will become more better as her mother and father, and wished to prevent this chaotic future from happening. Then, there's a solution that can prevent this future from happening. Athena knows all the knowledge of the leader of the Divine Dragon, Naga. She even knows that Lucina and the others want to prevent this from happening. Although she thinks she is not ready to wield her father's Loyal Dragon, but this is where the future must be change, it's her turn to take the role as a spearmaster. With that, equipped with the Loyal Dragon, Athena decided to tag along with Lucina to save their family from peril.

Pleading the Divine Dragon, Naga, to bring them back before the war in Valm. Granting their wishes, Lucina, Athena and the others went back in time to before the deaths of their parents. However, for some reason, when she arrived back during the war in Valm, Athena had been seperated with the others. Having no clue of their whereabout, the only option she has is to continue with the objective while finding the children.

Searching for the children as she carry out her mission. She had been ambushed by a number of Risens (Mainly it was meant for the Shepherds)! All by herself, without any allies, Athena raise her father's spear and get into her defensive position, knowing that she had been outnumbered. All Risens begin their assault on Athena, but for her....As the Risens attack on her, she is able to dodge, defend all of their attacks and fights back. Killing a numerous of Risens, there are more undeads advancing towards her. Trying to endure all their assault, Athena is begininng to feel a little tired to endure. However, not knowing about this, an unknown group of people arrived at the battlefield spotted the tired young spearmaster. They all advanced forward to assist her, killing all the undead warriors. As the tired Athena was about to thank the group, she recognised those faces before. She is seeing her mother and father! Even Lucina! This could only mean that, Athena must have stumbled across the Shepherds! So happy to meet her parents one more time, so Athena decided fight alongside with her parents, Lucina and the shepherds. Now all that's left is to search for the missing children from the future. It seems her adventure is about to begin.

Romantic Supports:
-Morgan (Can also be her brother)
-Avatar (Male)

Other Supports:
-Athena's Mother
-Avatar (Female)
-Morgan (Can also be her daughter)

Class Set:
-Mercenary- Hero, Bow Knight
-Thief- Assassin, Trickster
-Myrmidon- Swordmaster, Assassin
-Archer- Sniper, Bow Knight
-Knight- General, Great Knight
-Cavalier- Paladin, Great Knight
-Wyrvern Rider- Wyrvern Lord, Griffon Rider
-Pegasus Knight- Falcon Knight, Dark Flier
-Troubadour- Valkyrie, War Cleric
- Bride

The name Athena, comes from the Greek goddess, Athena, in Greek Mythology. In which she's the goddes of wisdom, courage, strength, war strategy etc.
Athena is portrayed as a shrewd companion of heroes and is the patron goddess of heroic endeavor.

Fun facts:
-Shawn and Athena are the only people that is able to have a class, Spearmaster
(To be added)

Drawing and Character belongs to me
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