Hydrox Picture

And idea bred from a lot of walking and planning (ie thinking of what a division Omega game might be like) brought about this critter, and I must admit I'm quite happy with it. I was listening to the ninetails battle from Okami when I imagined it. Kinda shows, doesn't it? I sorta thought of it as a hidden boss, with the one-tailed variety being an early-game/first (mini)boss and this guy being a secret, post-game megaboss. To beat him, you'd have to cut off his tails, one at a time, making ABSOLUTELY sure to cauterize the stumps (otherwise they'd all grow back. Not just the one you cut off, ALL of them). That's when you'd finally be able to hurt the main head/body, but he'd change tactics at this point. Not an easy fight, to be sure!

Intended for the use of Division Omega, don't use without permission!

Ahem, backstory time!

- - - - -

In the world of Eternity's End, there are a lot of mythical creatures. Powerful, wise, good or evil, the variety is insane. And wherever there is a variety of wildlife, there are always scientists to study them. One such scientist was the esteemed doctor Heedra, an almost unmatched genius in the field of genetics and mythological study. He created hordes of monsters and studied countless ethereals for the purposes of corporations and higher understanding.

One day, however, he disappeared. A week later, a search team was sent to his personal lab, where they found blood-lots of it- but no sign of a body. A horse-sized creature was also found, killed, and brought back for study by the other scientists. The found traces of snake, chimera and fox DNA in the beast, and assumed that it had been an experiment gone wrong. Heedra was presumed dead, and rightly so. The experiment was destroyed, its ashes scattered to the winds.

But what they didn't know, was that the creature they found was only the prototype.

Deep within the lab is a stone door, covered in runes and thicker and stronger than six feet of steel. This door sits within the remnants of the lab, forgotten in time, missed by those who had searched Heedra's last resting place. Heedra, in his last moments, had managed to seal away the very beast he had created.

Fox. Snake. Chimera. The chimera DNA was only a binding agent for the experiment. Having used these common ingredients in the prototype successfully, Heedra made use of his many contacts, lucrative or not, to gain some of the most valued and ancient DNA samples he could find.

The scale of the Hydra, the very same that had nearly slain the hero Hercules with its regeneration and acidic venom.

A claw of a chimera, owner unknown, with powers surpassing those usually seen among chimera.

And finally, the hair of a nine-tailed fox, a beast feared far and wide for its incredible cunning and power.

Heedra had intended to create the ultimate beast for a mysterious commissioner, who had given him untold riches and samples to experiment with. He had wanted something more intelligent than anyone could ever imagine, more powerful than any beast before seen, and with abilities so unknown that not even the most genius of minds could comprehend or imagine. And he got just that. However, the beast, even though weak after having just been born from its test tube, was already smart enough, ambitious enough, to want a future of its own. The terrible creature slew its own creator, viciousness unwittingly bred into it. However, it has never seen the light of day having been sealed.

Everyone in the field of ethereal biology knows of the tragedy of Heedra, and of what happened to his 'experiment'.

However, no one, not even the company that commissioned this beast, knows that they were duped, by none other than themselves. The Hydrox's existence is known by nothing but itself.

Deep, deep, within the desecrated lab of a scientist, it waits for an adventurer unwitting enough to stumble upon it.

Tails chanting spell of invincibility, the beast hungrily, patiently awaits the day, which it knows will come, when it ill be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
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