Captain Marvel Redesign (Update) Picture

Part of a series of Superhero redesigns.

Notes -> I'm totally ignoring the new52 continuity here. Words cannot express how I completely hate what they did to the character. He's annoying and aggravating. He's lost all of his charm. And then there's the hideous costume. He's not electrical either, he's a magically imbued physical character! I realize they did this to emphasis his distinctness from Superman and visually distinguish the character also, but it wasn't necessary and doesn't work. Fans knew the difference and loved him just the way he was. If they wanted an electric character in the league, they could have focused more on Black Lightning as part of the league -- god knows they could use the diversity. I could go on for hours... ugh.

[Update]I needed to mirror the boot structure in the hands more so I played with the cuffs a bit. I also wanted to run the white through the costume more so I swapped the belt to white instead of yellow and added some sleeve detail and put more white into the boot ridges.

Also tweaked his eyes a bit. They were bugging me. Not perfect but good enough to not drive me crazy anymore. [/update]

The redesign focused on:

Practicality -> First of all, I had to get rid of the stupid hoodie. The idea behind the hoodie is that kids wear them and that makes perfect sense, but the concept behind Billy has always been that his transformation is a wish fulfillment that makes him the man he's always wanted to be and idealizes -- and the odds are that that man isn't shy or aloof needing or wanting to hide under a hoodie. It was a good idea but poorly thought through.

I also got rid of the electricity. He's not electric period.

Costume: I wanted to modernize him obviously, but for me, that meant taking design cues from more modern tactical suits and cuts instead of trying to tie him into ancient Egypt. I considered drawing inspiration from Arthurian legend, Greek and Egyptian mythology but in the end I decided that he's kid psychology would be the dominant aesthetic influence when his costume forms around him.

The obvious design changes are the asymmetrical cape and his white collar -- which have merged with his emblem and become shoulder detail respectively. Again, people will either love or hate this I guess.

Colour palette is totally iconic.

Iconic elements: Classic cap has the center seamed boots, gold sash, and the gold bracers. I chose to update the bracers and mirror that in the boots. I kept the center seam in the boots also. I went back to his golden age belt, without the falling sash element which was too dated. The belt is his nostalgia "timeless" piece of costume I guess.

Physical Appearance: He's big! Again, Billy's transformation was always meant to embody his idealized self as a full grown man. In fact, when he transforms he looks just like his father because his father is his hero. It made sense that a little boy would look at men and their bodies from a more exaggerated perspective and his transformed form took this direction -- his ideal self not only looks like his father but is also massive and impossible to bully.

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