Heracles and The Nemean Lion Picture

I was intent to present Heracles (known in Roman mythology as Hercules) in proper accordance with tradition. Heracles was the ancient Greeks' most beloved folk hero, the ultimate symbol of masculinity, virility, power, and bravery. To be true to legend Heracles must be a towering, bulging, beastly man, hairy, and bearded. Heracles was like this big, tough, mean vagabond sort of character, stomping from town to town in effort to complete his many and mighty tasks, always sleeping with (at least) one local woman in every town he visits, sometimes even screwing a man here and there (it's ancient Greece. You know...) Before his exploits in the 12-tasks-of-Eurystheus stage of his life, Heracles did...something...some kind of good deed for this old guy, who happened to have 50 daughters, whom he then let Heracles ravage one a night for 50 nights until Heracles had fucked them all (in some accounts Heracles bangs all 50 in one night). This guy is just a great big mound of man.
I wanted to portray Heracles wearing his famed lion's-pelt cloak he fashions for himself after killing the Nemean lion, not only because it allows me to incorporate another monster/ task of Heracles in the completed "Heracles" image,
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