Pteradon Picture

Again same as the Hiero piccy, although this time done on A5. Next stop A3?

I figured it was high time that this guy got his own proper coloured ink drawing.

Pteradon is a villain from Genma Visage, a creature formed from Psychic Powers who is under the employ of Jacobi, the current arc's main villain. His specialties include sabotage and assassination as evident in those sharp claws. However his profession is more that of a spell caster, using sorcery, poisons, mind control and manipulation in his goals. He works with Leviathon to try and take down Ryuken with the use of a specially applied Hostage to get under the skin of Ryuken's "take no prisoners" approach. Although he is slain at the end of Book 3 his ectoplasmic form remains alive, and as it is hinted that Leviathon will return, so too we will also see Pteradon again. In fact in the preceding Book 0 he is briefly mentioned to have been killed, something we know to be false.

Pteradon is a creature of pure chaos for want of a better word, both in the insane state of mind and definition. Although Jacobi refers to him as Chaos demon of Onca (cat people) mythology, no one really knows what exactly he is. He's neither a proper Youkai, or a Chovmod, or even one of those demons summoned by the other villain Grail. So chaotic he is that he is even able to defy the comic's art style, occasionally able to go really cartoony in an otherwise "serious" comic. * One proposed theory is he is in fact what they call a "Popobawa:" A one eyed monster from Tanzania that likes to run around shagging people (normally men) up the bum and getting them to announce it. Sounds like Pteradon to me. Worth noting that Pteradon does in fact have one eye under that visor and is Bisexual as shown in the comic.

Asides from squeezing in a lot of drugs in his past time, Pteradon is probably another member of the Cult of Lamia, and appears to have the hots for Lum-riya, as well the Jezebel sisters in general.

When thinking of a name for this guy i wanted something to fit his nature, something both menacing and irrelevant. Pteradon was probably the first and only name that sprang to mind. I couldn't picture anything else.

Judge Death and the Alien Xenomorph were prudent influences on his design. I pictured a cyberpunk, bush headed, visor faced creature as an image imprint which generally utilized both of those designs. Mentally he's also how i originally interpreted Judge Death when i saw him. Although the Dark Judges are a force of pure nightmarish evil, they weren't what i call sadistic; they just wanted to kill everything and be done with it. In turn Pteradon would the villian i expected, a cruel antithesis that really wanted to fuck with you head before he puts you out of your misery.

His design has been stepped up a bit since we last saw him. Those decorative pipes he had coming out of his back have been upgraded into Insect like appendages.

Art and characters by me. Done in Biro and Photoshop

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