Your name is MOERAE VIDENO

You are quite fond of horror and monster films. You seem to be drawn to events where UNSUSPECTING PEONS MEET THEIR FATES, and are often disappointed when that one couple more often than not survives in the end. Maybe one day you can impress the world by making some quality horror movies? No, probably not. You live with your LUSUS who takes the form of a large, three-headed white canid, in a deep, craggy valley.

You seem quite interested in dreams and destiny; they are both quite confusing but are laid out before you to read. You have taken to reading the fates of those around you, whether they like it or not, and divulging it to them in a cryptic manner. You also have quite an odd fascination with DEATH and the afterlives of those around you, whether they like it or not. But you dare not view your own fate, THAT WOULD BE CREEPY. You hope to one day be a GREAT ALTERNIAN ORACLE. However, your seeing skills are not yet versatile enough. You wear a weird looking eyepiece to help keep your powers in check, otherwise you're sure to go mad.Your trolltag is augursFolly and you feel that life is too short to be bothered by punctuation and you have a habit of sxriking out the words you type and you sometimes have a habix of replacing crossed letxers.

You have been invited to play a game called SGRUB, where great quests were promised and the possible demise of many a great hero. But your prophecy already told you of these events, it is simply up to you to decide if whether or not you’ll follow through with them.

What will you do?


Also "Moerae” is the collective, Latinized name of all three Fates in Greek mythology. Moirae translates as the "Apportioners” and “morta” is Latin for “death”. “Videno” is Latin for “seen” or “seeing”. Seeing Fate.
Note about quirk: crossing letters where they shouldn't be crossed (like her replacing some "t"s with "x"s and striking out her letters, represents a fixation on death. This quirk, as well as her lack of punctuation, disappear when she reaches God Tier.
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