Demigod Ally: Hera Picture

Another one of the Greek Gods. This one was tough to design, but over all I'm happy with it.

Meet the Queen of the Gods and God of Marriage and Women, HERA!

Quick Bio: Ever Since Zeus and his fellow Olympians won against the Titans, Hera and Zeus have been together. She and Zeus have watched over the gods and guided throughout their days on Mt. Olympus. During the War, Hera stood by her husband's side and fought along side him and her fellow Olympians. She was there when Pandora was created, and was there when she received her punishment for opening the box. She didn't all to agree with it, but nonetheless stood by the decision of the God Kings. Hera was one of the first to welcome Max Cairo into the gifted role of the Demigod, and has been a strong supporter ever since. As Queen of the Greek Gods, Hera acts as a mother figure to her fellow Olympians and to those of the Asgardians and Heliopolians. But Hera has a dark vengeful side to her as well. As the God of Marriage, she believes in the sanctity of it, and as history serves she has been very cross with Zeus's many mistress. Still, she loves her husband and the mortals, and wishes Demigod to look after both.

-Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Invulnerability
-Master of Magic
-Queen of Olympus, Goddess of marriage and Women
-Able to travel between the mortal realm and Mt. Olympus

For her design, I went for Classic Greek meets Royalty. Purple and Gold are colors of Royalty, so they were an obvious choice. I added a crown headdress to keep her hair up with. Also, since one of Hera's symbolic animals is the Peacock, the blue and green thing below her waist are meant to be Peacock feathers.

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Hera is (c) of me!
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