Percy Jackson, Son Of Posidon Picture

I wanted to do water practice and then it was let's do Percy Jackson practice, he's practically synonymous with water. XD
This was the Percy Jackson project I mentioned on my Jason upload.
This tall glass of sea water is so awesome it's not even funny. The first series was so amazing, but I liked that Heroes of Olympus told the story from different perspectives. You got to see more of how the characters acted and thought and what they perceived of each other. Plus the Big Three Boys are so adorkable, total bro's. XD
Plus in HoO you really got to see more character development with the seasoned and newbie characters.
I love the books and highly recommend them if you love ancient mythology and/or the Greek and Roman cultures.
But if you think the movies are the same as/better than the books, then I recommend jumping into Tartarus because the fanbase is after you and want mortal blood, and I won't shelter you.

Percy Jackson (C) Rick Riordan
art (C) me
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