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I've found that with some movies, tv shows and video games there are a lot of characters that are very underdeveloped, have little to no backstory and make very brief appearances and yet I still find them extremely interesting for some reason. I decided to make a collage of some of my favorites. You will notice that many of them are Power Rangers monsters.

Top Row:
Mikela and Voffa (otherwise known as Iggy and Pupperazzi): These were two monsters that appear in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. They are first and briefly seen in the episode "Lost and Found in Translation" when Connor, Ethan and Kira are watching the Japanese version of their own show, known as Abaranger. In Abaranger Mikela and Voffa are the monster makers of the villains and have some backstory and are the comic relief villains. They appear again in Dino Thunder during the Team Up episode: "Thunderstorm" as two monsters that Lothor brought with him out of the Abyss of Evil. They were really powerful but mute monsters that fought the Rangers and even faced off against the two Red Rangers in the final battle and destroyed by their Battlizers. Later on another monster simply referred to as the "Ugly Monster" is actually the combined form of these monsters in Abaranger. I just found these two characters to be interesting and I wish they had bigger roles in Dino Thunder like they were in Abaranger, but I guess I can understand why: Dino Thunder already ahd 3 or four really strong, well-developed main villains and Mikela and Voffa were silly-looking and would have probably not fit in with the rest of the villains.

General Crunch: This guy was one of Venjix's "generals" from Power Rangers: RPM. I'll admit he's a little annoying but I found him to be really funny too, obviously the comic relief villain of the group. I kind of feel bad because his Sentai counterpart, Kitaneidas from Goonger, had a much bigger role. Crunch had some character-development, but not much, he was shown to be mostly dumb but could think of logical ways of fighting the Rangers (and he was pretty good at it too) but in one episode when Crunch questioned Venjix about his battle strategy Venjix angrily blasted him to pieces. There was also an episode where he, Shifter and Tenya 7 were rummaging through the remains of a building and he found a Red Ranger helmet and excitedly exclaimed "Maybe I could be a RANGER!" like a little kid and I found it really amusing (I even included a photo of the scene). There was an episode of Goonger that makes me like his Sentai counterpart too, Episode 31, where he and the other two main villains formed a band. Anyway I feel really bad for this character since he was really downplayed in the show, more so than Kitaneidas.

Actually I'd like to point out Power Rangers Monsters in general. One of the main reasons why I watch Power Rangers is for the monsters. Mainly the monsters are meant to be used for one episode each week (hence the term "Monster of the Week") meant to challenge the Rangers, ocassionally they have more development than usual. In the early years of Power Rangers the monsters were much more developed and even really minor monsters in the Sentai version were given big roles (like Hydro Hog for example). Nowadays even the more main villains in Sentai are downplayed to be "Monsters of the Week" in Power Rangers and simply used as cannon fodder by the villains.

Dr. Nuvo Vindi: I don't know if this guy really belongs on the list since he does actually have backstory and character development. He's a villain from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, was hired by the Seperatists to resurrect a deadly disease to infect entire planets as a plague. I have noticed that Vindi has enjoyed some appreciation from fans of The Clone Wars, including my favorite video editor Dangrievous.

The Huntsclan Professor: This character appeared in an episode of American Dragon: Jake Long, The Academy. He was a teacher at the Huntsclan Academy, teaching students to slay dragons. We learn nothing about this character but you can tell from just looking at him he has had an interesting life, cybernetic arm, monocle, broken dragon skull helmet, what was this guy's life like? I'd like to think of him as an older, retired, more bad ass version of the Huntsman, and both are voiced by Jeff Bennet. In my Fan Fic I actually gave this character a bigger role and named him Prof Mythosbane.

Second Row:
Usurper King Zant: Okay, like Vindi I'm not sure if this guy should belong on the collage. He actually does have backstory and some character development, and you are made to think he's the main villain. I guess the reason I put Zant on this list was because I feel like he could have been even more developed, I kind of get the feeling that he is like a less-developed version of Ghirahim from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, like he could have been what Ghirahim ended up to be? I'm guessing since Skyward Sword came after Twilight Princess the creators of the Zelda series wanted to make up for not developing Zant by making an awesome villain character like Ghirahim.

Eldin: In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword during the latter half of the game you need to seek out three elemental dragons that the various lands are named after and learn a portion of the Song of the Hero from them in order to proceed to find the Triforce. Eldin is the Fire Dragon and he is my personal favorite of the three dragons (well I do also like Lanayru the Thunder Dragon, he was a really likeable character but Faron the Water Dragon was a real you know what, although if I had made the game I would have made Lanayru the name of the Water Dragon and Faron the name of the Thunder Dragon because in Twilight Princess Laynayru Province was a more water-oriented part of Hyrule since it is where the Zoras live and where Lake Hylia is located, in this game Faron woods is the Water-oriented place, then again Lanayru Province in Skyward Sword USED to be an ocean so...anyway I'm digressing). Eldin receives the least amount of character development, Faron has the most (you have to first give her some water from a sacred spring to heal her so that you may proceed to the next dungeon, one of her scales is one of the main items in the game and later she tests you to get her portion of the Song of the Hero) and Lanayru second (you find Lanayru dying so you have to give him fruit from the Tree of Life so that he can teach you his portion of the song plus he gives you a series of tests so that you may earn the Hylian Shield), Eldin is just sort of there...He doesn't have a big role to play other than teaching you his portion of the song (although he does explain that the volcanic eruption from before you find him was him releasing his power). Fire is my favorite element and Fire Dragons are my favorite and in my personal opinion Eldin has the most pleasant singing voice of the three dragons, his portion of the Song of the Hero is my favorite. I heard some people on YouTube joke and say that Eldin eventually becomes Volvagia in Ocarina of Time or what not and it's kind of a funny joke too, although I hope it's not true because that means you're killing one of my favorite characters (in the manga version of OoT though it is explained that Volvagia was a baby dragon Link bought and freed when he was a child but then Ganondorf corrupted Volvagia and turned it into a monster, forcing Link to kill it).

Bonzilla: This thing was the focus of a joke from an episode of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, as you can probably guess he's a parody of Godzilla. In fact I should say I love nearly every parody of Godzilla that has been made in tv and use Bonzilla as the representative.

The Japanese Dragon: In the final episode of American Dragon: Jake Long we see the gathering of all the world's dragons, one in particular is the Dragon Protector of Japan. You can't help but be drawn to this character, he has no lines and is on the screen for a few seconds. But look at him, he looks really awesome and he even uses weapons, swords even, even though he's a dragon and doesn't really need weapons. I wonder what kind of backstory he has?

Bottom Row:
Inuyasha demons: One of my favorite animes is Inuyasha, it's a really interesting show steeped in Japanese mythology. The heroes often fought different creatures on a daily basis, easily tearing through enemies, giving them the "Monster of the Week" like status. A lot of these characters I really liked, namely Goshinki (the purple beast on the left). Goshinki had some backstory, being the literal son of the main villain and was difficult to defeat since he could read his enemies' minds. He was even responsible for a significant plot twist in the series (breaking Inuyasha's sword Tetsusaiga) and revealing that the sword held Inuyasha's demonic side in check. He is then easily slaughtered by Inuyasha, afterwards though Sesshomaru uses Goshinki's teeth to comission a new sword for himself.

T-Rex: This is just that, a T-Rex, from Futurama. In one episode the main characters visit a petting zoo and one of the animals in the petting zoo was a T-Rex which Fry rides. Nothing much to say about this character but couldn't help but include it.

At the end I used the "Big-Lipped Alligator Moment" as I saw appropriate since these characters fall into the category. On thatguywiththeglasses.com there is a running gag between the Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick about certain moments in movies. "The Big-Lipped Alligator Moment", a term invented by the Chick and named after the alligator scene from "All Dogs Go to Heaven", is a scene in a movie or tv show where a scene comes out of nowhere, has no relevance to the plot and then abruptly ends and is never mentioned again in the story.
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