Jay Bluefang ref V2 Picture

Whoo~ new design for my Jay, I think this is the final time I update her looks, I love her anatomy now and the style, so I think i’ll stick with this~

P.S. theres some blood 'n guts, ya'll can take it.


Name:Jay Bluefang




Weight:560 lbs

Species:Caine (Canine/Simian mix)

Nickname: "King Raijin"

Breed: Eastern Caine

Type: Daemon/Thunder elemental

Mate: none yet

Family: Original parents are unknown

Step father: Eber Ironside

Step mother: Rush Ironside

Step brothers: Aakav, Hao, Jie

Step sisters: none

Warrior spirit, likes a challenge, likes to fight. Loyal to a fault, hard working, smart/calculating, is a strategist. When it comes down to it, she's very serious and emotionally detached from others. Has a Childhood schizophrenia (its the same as schizo, but is developed early in childhood.) Has a nosebleed when nervous/scared.

To fight, winning against powerful opponents, kinship, family, forming long lasting friendships, reading, New things.

Admitting defeat, When her schizo pops up, Losing bets, Seeing her dead friend (which pops up whenever she’s having an episode)

Naturally controlling lightning/ doing anything with it (her eyes also turn blues-ish when she uses it), Great physical strength, Great agility

Other Info:

Her use of lightning often tears up muscles/tissue with prolonged use as a side effect.

Her schizo, comes from accidentally killing her friend from not being able to control her powers and watching him slowly decay; I.E. she could no longer move because of using so much power at one time tore up alot of her muscle's, so Jay watched him decay/ be eaten by animals for about a week and a half before she was found/taken by slavers as she was still unable to move.

Is a mercenary/general/king, in that order; worked as a mercenary for "King Culhwch" until she was favored the title of "General Raijin" and with all the countries/villages she helped take over/ eliminate, she was able to grant herself her own kingdom with money/force submission of other kingdoms and was thus labeled "King Raijin", though "king" is a male term, daemons don't label it based on gender, but on how one acts, Jay acts like a hotblooded male and thus is a "King" in their eyes.

Jay was an orphan so her real parents are unknown, but she was found/taken in by the Everard, a beastly wolf clan of warriors and was taught their ways and traditions. But she does not take on the last name of Ironside, the family that took her in, as they do not allow it.

Israeli name
In Israeli, the name Caine means - spear hunter. Other origins for the name Caine include - Israeli, French, English.The name Caine is a unisex name and can be used for a boy or girl name (male or female).

EVERARD m English (Rare)
Means "brave boar", derived from the Germanic elements eber "wild boar" and hard "brave, hardy". The Normans introduced it to England, where it joined the Old English cognate Eoforheard. It has only been rarely used since the Middle Ages. Modern use of the name may be inspired by the surname Everard, itself derived from the medieval name.

RAIJIN 雷神 m Far Eastern Mythology
From Japanese 雷 (rai) "thunder" and 神 (jin) "god, spirit". This is the name of the god of thunder and storms in the mythology of Japan.

CULHWCH m Welsh, Welsh Mythology
Means "hiding place of the pig" in Welsh. In Welsh legend he was the lover of Olwen the daughter of the giant Yspaddaden. Before the giant would allow Culhwch to marry his daughter, he insisted that Culhwch complete a series of extremely difficult tasks. Culhwch managed to complete them, and he returned to marry Olwen and kill the giant. This tale appears in the Mabinogion, a collection of tales from Welsh myth.

Daemons are benevolent or benign nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and gods, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature or the gods themselves.

Art/Character are (c) by Kumotogi

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