Guardian of the Skies Picture

Look a pegasus! I'm at it again. Only this time it's not a direct "Fantasia" fanart piece, but a reference piece to both Fantasia and "Hercules". Yep, this lovely character here is none other than Pegasus, the loyal winged steed of the hero Hercules.

Well, ok... so he looks a little different than most other fanart pieces of the winged stallion: he is bulkier, and he has dapples, and blue on his wings. Let me explain myself for this use of creative liberties: I drew Pegasus in a style more closely related to Fantasia, for two reasons: I personally don't like the 'leaner' look that he was originally designed in, to me it makes him look a little scrawny. And the other reason is because of his white and blue colour scheme, I think he'd fit in amongst the Fantasia flock rather easily with those colours.

I made him dappled to give him some body definition and texture, rather than making him look to grey and "plastic" in appearance, and it just made sense to put some pink on his face aswell. The blue on his wings, well that's a reference to his style in Kingdom Hearts 2 that gave him blue on the outer wing tips ([link]). And he has a long mane because I give all my horse artworks long manes.

There is also a reason for his wings being flared up and behind his head the way they are. I had originally drawn his wings in the same style as his "Hercules" version, folded up behind his head like a peacock tail fan when almighty Zeus quoted "He is a magnificent horse, with the brains of a bird", and just to prove the point Pegasus went "pewee". Youtube it, it's hilarious! If you want just a picture representation, go to the link I have included for "inspiration". I wanted to keep that bird brained magnificence intact, but the original wings just looked far too silly... I redrew them once in the hopes of creating a "fan" with full feathered wings, but my attempt made them look broken. This was my final attempt, abandoning the idea of a "fan" but maintaining the idea of them flared behind his head. Overall I am pleased with the result.

Took me a couple of days to come up with a background too, but in the end I just went with clouds. He's a Pegasus and a legend of Greek Mythology...who says he would not be able to physically stand on the clouds as if they were solid ground.

Artwork (c) FlightDesigns
Pegasus, "Hercules", and "Fantasia" (c) Disney

Tutorial to help with overall wing shape (c) Uzlo = [link] (I couldn't have gotten the wings right without this!)
Premade mane pieces (c) MustangStock = [link] (colour edited ofcourse)

Inspiration = [link]
Loose body reference = [link]
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