Seven Sins - Lucifer, Prince of Pride Picture

I'll be posting thise two at a time to save on hassle. I've already got designs for four of them, and the other three will be done when I have the time.

See, following Tiamat's official character reveal, I started thinking about the other denizens of the Underworld. Naturally, my thoughts gravitated towards the 7 Princes of Hell which I know other people have done. Nonetheless, since they have important roles in the Heroes of Yonder storyline, I knew I'd have to design them eventually and in a way that doesn't blatantly copy off other people. So I started sketching them out, and I couldn't stop myself.
The Princes of Hell are known as the Seven Sins, and two of them lead the "main" antagonistic party of the Yonder Storyline, the Legion of the Nine Circles, which broke away from Hell when Lucifer decided to go through with his plans to take back the "global server" he'd been banned from. Some others started following him for their own reasons and the Legion was formed. The rest of the Princes ended up going their separate ways, and though all of them were involved with the Legion in some way or another, they had different reasons for leaving, but all of them connected to the fact that any motivations they had for siding with that particular party would ultimately be wasted.
The other main idea I had was that at the start of my mythos, they were originally one being, the Seven-Headed, Ten Horned Dragon God and (former) Beast Titan, Therion. But the different personalities within him conflicted with one another, to the point that Therion tried to defect from the creator, Deos, to prevent him from getting involved in his pain. It was later prophesied by the God of Adaptation, Behemoth, that should he continue down this selfish path, the power of all life would rise against him, and he took this to mean an uprising. Hence, the Permian/Triassic extinction. Therion was torn to bits by his siblings as a result, and thus we have the Seven Sins, though they didn't coalesce all at the same time, as we'll see soon enough. The point is that all of the Seven Sins had some relationship to Therion, and each of them represents a different part of him that was separated from the original whole during his dethroning.
My intentions with the Seven Sins are a sort of middle ground between two different extremes. Some artists choose to illustrate the temptations that lead mortals to sin in the first place and turn them on the princes' designs. Others prefer a more repulsive angle that illustrates the bad things that can happen when such sins take place. The way I decided to design the princes is two-sided, as a means of illustrating a cause and effect: At first glance you see the incentives to sin, but then you take a closer look and discover the consequences - literally, the devil is in the details. I also chose to flesh out their personalities a bit, including major flaws. Many demonology works give demons some human traits to their personality, so that should make them more interesting as antagonists or neutral characters instead of making them flat-out Villain Sues like some religous works do.

Lucifer, the Prince of Pride and the Soul of Therion, is the CEO/emperor/overlord/general of the LNC. He looks, acts, and speaks like a king because, you know, he's the one who started the whole heavenly war in the first place and led the demon army against the angels. The incentive to feel pride is in his way of praising and complimenting those who serve him; being complimented by a king would be one of the highest forms of honor after all. But the deconstruction is that pride goeth before a fall, as they say - sooner or later he'll reveal that he has fed you empty compliments to keep you satisfied, and he'll crush your soul before killing you off once you've outlived your usefulness.
Since Lucifer is the progenitor arch-demon, I tried to make his design as close to the traditional depictions as possible, with the horns, cloven hooves, spade tail, and so on, while still keeping within the fallen-angel motif. His wings still have feathers because he tries to emulate his fomer status (he was once a seraphim, a 6-winged high-ranking angel, according to some mythologies), and his horns look like old depictions of halos (back when they were radiant dishes held up behind people's heads). Lucifer himself is enthroned in his own pride; some people choose to trap him in ice in the 9th circle of Hell like in Dante's Inferno, but since I wanted him to actually be out and about and lead the Legion, I decided to have it manifest as a sort of cursed, animated armor. It protects him in battle and certainly looks fabulous enough to make him feel proud of himself. I remember putting an eye in Lucifer's false halo, and on a whim I decided to put eyes everywhere for surveillance. They're windows to the soul and whatnot, and it's also a way of ensuring that nobody tries to jump him and remove his armor by force. Only one other character was able to peel off even part of it, and if Tiamat she hadn't gotten caught up in the battle that ensued, she would've noticed that under that armor is a degenerated, shriveled corpse that can't even function without the armor - only his head remains youthful and exposed to public view. Lucifer swears to keep that secret to the end of time because once it's taken off, his inner weakness is exposed for all to see, and he will lose not only his own power but also the faith of the rest of the Legion when they see him for who he's become.
The major flaw regarding Lucifer's character is that he refuses to acknowledge or rectify his own faults and problems (Pride, remember?), which is represented by the fact that his own human face doesn't have eyes at all. He's too vain and selfish to respect his peers, and he refuses to honor others' feelings at his own expense. He's also too proud to acknowledge is that his siblings also know his inner weaknesses, even though most of them have made it a point never to tell it to his face to remain in his good graces. So far, only two of them have ever done so, and they've been pretty much perma-banned from the Legion since then - not that they really care, since neither of them are particularly fond of Lucifer's disregard for their well-being in pursuit of his own self-righteous goals.
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