Jonno Ref 2013 Picture


Full Name: Johnathon Cormac O'Donnell
Pronunciation: John-a-thon O-don-ell
Nickname/Alias: Jonno
Meaning: "Stuff"
Origin: Creator was 13 and wanted an OC
Title: N/A
Pet Name: Many from his wife, like Puds
ID Number: TBA
Signature: Squiggly

Gender: Male
Gender Role: Masculine
Orientation: Straight
Real Age: 24
Age Appearance: Late teens/early 20s
Birthday: December 28
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: Belfast
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Zodiac Sign: Rooster

Immediate Family: Mother and father
Distant Family: Aunts uncles and cousins
Parenting: Easy going and fun-loving but protective parents
Infancy: A bit awkward after a dangerous surgery but still nurtured
Childhood: Found it difficult to fit in
Adolescence: Very shy and introverted, until he met his girlfriend
Adulthood: Very extroverted and easy going like his father
Coming of Age: Around 17
Evolution: Becoming more outgoing and confident

Species: Canadian Coyote/Irish Black Wolf cross
Ethnicity: Caucasian(?)
Blood Type: N/A
Preferred Hand: Right handed
Facial Type: N/A
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Color Grey/black fur
Hairstyle: Wild and long
Skin Tone: N/A
Complexion: N/A
Makeup: None
Body Type: ?
Build: See above
Height: 5ft 7inc
Weight: 237lbs
Cup Size: None
Facial Hair: Fur on maw styled like goatee
Shoe Size: 9
Birthmarks/scars: A few scars
Distinguishing Features:

Health: Fine
Energy: Lots to spare
Memory: Normal memory, blanks certain things now and then
Senses: Naturally strong sense of smell
Allergies: None
Handicaps: None
Medication: None
Phobias: Scared of being alone
Addictions: Slightly towards alcohol
Mental Disorders: Aspergers Syndrome

Style: A mix of rocker, metalhead, goth, hipster and nerd
Mode of Dress: Keeps shirts untucked
Grooming: Messy
Posture: Slouchy
Gait: Fast and strong
Coordination: Under average, though has a lot of stamina and higher reflexes
Habits and Mannerisms: Has difficulty with eye contact, often fidgets and thinks out loud
Scent: Light scent

Mood: Laid back, joking
Attitude: Lightheartedly and jokingly interacts with others
Stability: Is prone to breakdowns if pressured too much at once
Expressiveness: Either hides or lets out emotions
When Happy: Struts, hums, makes jokes, becomes very spontaneous
When Depressed: Sits on his own to think, puts music on
When Angry: Either screams into hands or pants deeply

Current Residence: The Garbert-Smith mansion outside Belfast
Community: Lots of rich and well-off locals in the area
Family: Wife (Lori), two parents (Jack and Emma), two step-parents, 1 adopted son (Jarod), 1 adopted daughter (Mylou), 2 biological sons (Dominic and Micky), 1 biological daughter (Veronique, or Vee)
Friends: Band mates and friends of family
Enemies: Duncan, Lori's ex-boyfriend
Bosses: None
Followers: None
Heroes: N/A
Rivals: Ashley Potter
Relates to: N/A
Pets/Familiars: Many, includes a husky, a panther, a hamster and a panda-cat

Wardrobe: Band shirts, jeans, wrestling shirts, video-game shirts
Equipment: 2 revolvers and a katana
Accessories: Seen above
Funds: Individually not much, but in-laws are incredibly well off
Home: Lives in his wife's family's mansion estate, very well kept
Neighborhood: See above
Transportation: Has his own car
License Plate Number: N/A
Collections: Many things
Most valuable possession: His car
Prized Possession: His wife

Lovers: Has had a life-long crush on Lori
Marital Status: Married
Sex Life: Very much alive
Type: ?
Turn-Ons: Shorter, chubby, cute, has similar interests, long hair
Turn Offs: Self-centeredness, constant longing for sex
Position: Ranges
Plays: N/A
Fetishes: N/A
Virginity: Long gone
Element: TBA

Occupation: Musician, monster hunter, WWE wrestler
Work Ethnic: Works hard, enjoys his jobs
Rank: N/A
Income: Decent income
Wealth Status: Individually middle
Experience: Often got into fights with Duncan, national wrestling champion
Organizations/Affiliations: N/A

IQ: 118
Education: Has passed college
School: Was bullied often
Grade: High
Special Education: None
Social Stereotype: Nerd/loner
Degrees: None
Intelligence: Musical
Extracurricular Activities: Studied wrestling and marksmanship

Religion: Atheist
Morals: Does not abandon loved ones
Crime Record: None (yet)
Motivation: Love and acceptance
Priorities: Family then friends
Philosophy: Your future is what you make it. Don't be scared to take chances.
Political Party: N/A
Etiquette: Not very well
Culture: Likes to drink and party
Influences: Mainly his then-girlfriend
Relates to: Lori
Traditions: Celebrates holidays like Christmas with family
Superstitions: None, he likes to challenge superstitions, e.g. walks under ladders

Hobbies/Interests: Playing music, hanging out with friends/family, wrestling, playing video games, going out to town, training
Skills/Talents: Plays electric guitar, drums and ocarina, powerful wrestler, skilled marksman
Likes: His friends/family, metal, wrestling, guns and swords, partying
Dislikes: Men hitting on his wife, being interrupted, crap music
Sense of Humor: Ranges from dark, dry, witty, sarcastic, dirty, childish and ironic
Pet Peeves: People touching him/his things without permission, being interrupted
Superstitions/Beliefs: Believes in ghosts
Dreams/Nightmares: Many, some make no sense at all
Quirks: has a bounce in his step, runs fingers on poles as he passes, bops his head softly if he's thinking of a song
Savvy: Music and wrestling
Can't understand: Most pop culture
Closet Hobby: Playing ocarina
Guilty Pleasure: His wife

Strengths: Loyal, confident, outgoing, strong
Flaws: Easily flustered, loyal maybe to a fault, pressured easily
Perception: "It's full of assholes, and often the occasional cool guy."
Conflicts: None
Instincts: Showing love to his wife/kids often, especially when they're upset
Lures: Wrestling, video games, metal
Soft Spot: Kids and animals
Cruel Streak: Has a small one, but not to a fault and is often just joking around

Powers/Abilities: Has demon DNA, the ability to grow claws and wings, nearly invincible bones, super strength and stamina
Origin: As an infant he was struck with a rare blood disease that made his blood thin as water, and needed a transfusion or he'd die. The surgeon unwittingly used demon blood as the substitute.
Source: Usually from hands and back (Claws and wings)
Ability: As of now, very skilled/controlled
Weaknesses: Supernatural weapons and attacks
Immunities: Strong bones are not as easily broken as normal bones
Restrictions: If in demon form for too long he starts to get headaches
Extra Anatomy: None

Favorite Colors: Black, purple, red
Favorite Animals: Dogs, cats, hamsters, pandas
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Dragons
Favorite Places: Belfast, Finland, Japan, anywhere with his wife
Favorite Landmarks: Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, The Rocky Statue
Favorite Flavors: Anything sweet or chocolatey, or meaty
Favorite Foods: Meat, potatoes or junk food
Favorite Drinks: Chocolate milk, most alcohols
Favorite Characters: Lori
Favorite Genre: Action, comedy, sci-fi
Favorite Books: The Enemy, Hunger Games, Harry Potter
Favorite Movies: School of Rock, Ted, Tenacious D,
Favorite Games: Many, Pokemon the most
Favorite Shows: WWE
Favorite Music: Metal
Favorite Bands: loads
Favorite Songs: Loads
Favorite Sports: Wrestling
Favorite Stores: Fresh Garbage, HMV, CEX
Favorite Subjects: Music
Favorite Numbers: 69
Favorite Websites: Youtube
Favorite Words:
Favorite Quotations: "There isn't a person on this planet who deserves to let a past nightmare dictate their future dreams." - CM Punk

Least Favorite Colors: None
Least Favorite Animals: Large insects
Least Favorite Mythological Creatures: None
Least Favorite Places: School
Least Favorite Landmarks: None
Least Favorite Flavors: Spicy, sour
Least Favorite Foods: most Vegetables or fruit
Least Favorite Drinks: None
Least Favorite Characters:
Least Favorite Genre: Romance
Least Favorite Books: Most autobiographies
Least Favorite Movies: Never say Never, Camp Rock, High School Musical
Least Favorite Games: None
Least Favorite Shows: Most Disney shows
Least Favorite Music: Pop, rap
Least Favorite Bands: Most new artists
Least Favorite Songs: "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" it makes him uncomfortable
Least Favorite Sports: Everything except wrestling
Least Favorite Stores: Most clothes stores
Least Favorite Subjects: English, maths, R.E
Least Favorite Numbers:
Least Favorite Websites:
Least Favorite Words:
Least Favorite Quotations:

Languages: English only, only knows swears in other languages
Accent: Northern Irish, mainly Belfast
Voice: Low pitched
Speech Impediments: Often trips over words from talking too fast, or stutters when nervous
Greetings and Farewells: "Alright, what's the craic?" "Alright, see ya!"
State of Mind: "I'm alright mate."
Compliment: "You have LOVELY shoes!"
Insult: "Nice car ya fuckin' tramp!"
Expletive: "BOLLOCKS!"
Laughter: Has many types of laugh
Tag Line: "Sweet!"
Signature Quote: "You've/it's fufilled it's/your purpose in life!"

Reputation: N/A
First Impressions: Scruffy
Stranger Impressions: He might sound ok
Friendly Impressions: Nice guy
Enemy Impressions: "Why is he alive?"
Familiar Impressions: They loves him
Compliments: Sweet, kind, good listener
Insults: Stupid, doesn't listen, idiot
Self-Impression: Thinks he's decent enough

Drawn by my best girl <33333
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