Toy Girls - Shelf Series 23: Sakura Kinomoto Picture

Friday again, and I give you the welcome, again, to Toy Girls, bringing another work for the Shelf Series. Remember you can always ask me for a request in the comments or by note. But, to be sincere, I can’t wait anymore, let’s publish this work.

As a boy, I think it was a duty of my sex just to support unisex and male TV Shows only, and treat like corny crap “The Girly Shows” by default. Sadly, this wasn’t always a prejudice, because once in a while I found a really stupid TV Series which only porpoise was pandering the estrogen (in really weird ways). However, even as a little chauvinist kid, I had to shut up and watch with joy “girly show”, that actually were really good, and, even until this day, I remember them with such charm and respect, and I can’t even feel ashamed when I say I watched it, and that it’s even a big part of my childhood. This is one of those ”girly shows”, and this is its main protagonist. For this Friday:

Sakura Kinomoto, from “Sakura Card Captor”.

At first stance, I just wanted to treat this show for what it looked like: a really corny piece of shit that puked pink to the extreme, having nothing worth for boys. Also, it didn’t help the fact that this show had elements I still despised until today, like the girl with the crush who acts like a complete idiot when she is near to her beloved boy, the few violence, comparing it to other animes (which I used to call “cartoon with on-screen hits and blood”), and a lot of feminine elements. HOWEVER, and I mean it, that didn’t stop me from watching this show every time it aired.

Even if I was in a plan of hating it, and I used to support more to Shaoran, I couldn’t help but to be entertained by the anime. Even with elements that I loathed, the show had a well constructed mythology, really funny characters, and a story that got more and more interesting.

It wasn’t even a case of being trapped by the fanservice. The biggest crime of that case would have been the really short skirts for the little girls of the show, but, beyond that, neither of the characters was sex symbols, and had a lot of personality, and were so memorable and likeable.

This showed hooked me so much, that, even to this day, I consider the airing of its movie that also was the Big Finale of the Show, like one of the Most Legendary Moments of the History of Cartoon Network.

What about the main character? Let’s talk about it.

Even if I really prejudiced Sakura in the beginning, I realized how really good character Sakura is.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you want to make a “Girl Power Show” is to turn the Female Lead into a Sex Symbol Mary Sue. However, the creators were really smart here.

Like I said, the furthest thing this show touched was short skirts and dresses. Beyond that, Sakura was represented more like a cute girl than a sexualized girl. Without boobs, without panty shots, and without ecchi moments, the creators focused more in giving her a personality than turning her into a Preteen-Boys-Attractor.

Even if I never saw her being beaten or even being hurt like the Shonen Heroes, Sakura was far from being an Untouchable Perfect Girl. She got a lot of weakness, insecurities and limits, but her improvement in her duty as a Card Captor made her so likeable and identifiable. Also, she was a really funny person to look at, with a lot of comedic expressions, and all the funny moments she ended up, she was a joy to watch.

Even if she was really annoying when she expressed her undying love for Yukito, I just couldn’t get tired of pairing her with Shaoran. With the deception of Taiora, I thought this was going to be another disappointment. HOWEVER…the second to last episode came…and then the movie…AND I WAS THE HAPPIEST BOY IN THE WORLD!!! One of those moments when I squee like a little girl.

For all her nostalgic value, of course Sakura will be a Toy Girl. By the way, I call her Sakura Kinomoto because she kept her surname in the Mexican Dub, which I saw because I’m from that country.

Whoa! This was one of the most complex and hardest works I have made for Toy Girls. Do you want to hear something funny? Anime characters, especially girls, are really MOTHERFUCKING detailed.

Man, Sakura had such a complex design. First, THE HAIR! One of the biggest differences in between the Cartoon and Anime characters is how multipart the Nippon Characters got their hair. It wasn’t only a case of having a big bunch on the forehead, and the rest behind, but Sakura got plenty of locks over her eyes, on the sides, on the top, further the sides, and even some kind of primitive pigtails. It was like making a Toy Girl only for the hair. It was a great pain in the ass, not in the hand drawing, but in the digital illustration!

Then, there was the clothing. First, a really loaded navy shirt, with even a little pin on the shoulder, then a skirt with a lot of strokes…THAT WAS BLOWING IN THE AIR!!!

The Bird Cane, or whatever its name is, is simple in elements, but drawing it was really hard for its perspective.

Also, the pose didn’t help in a little. It was really hard to make Sakura look good, and Legs in Perspective are my Achilles’ Ankle.

But you know what’s really funny, to Dead Baby Joke Levels? Even if it was a really hard, long and tiring work only to draw Sakura with her iconic weapon in this pose, I really felt this work uncompleted, and I really felt it lacked something. What was that? Cherry Blossoms’ Petals raining, that Anime Cliché we all love, and we all associate to it. Let’s forget Sakura mean “Cherry Blossom”, when I saw Sakura in this pose, I just couldn’t help but to picture those petals falling around her, or even flying on the wind with her. Even if this work was tiring already, I wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t drew them, and I just love how cool they look.

Yeah, this work was long, hard, tiring, and sometimes stressful, but it was so WORTH. Like a Graphic Designer, I really want to consider hard work more like dares than misfortunes. Opportunities that can make me improve like an artist. I don’t regret having made this work, normally, the most complex works are the one I feel more proud of, because “Cuteness shall last”.

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